Dragon Ore

Dragon Ore Clinging to life Catrin Volker struggles to regain her strength as her foes go in search of even greater power Ancient enemies threaten and forgotten alliances emerge in the exciting conclusion of Th

  • Title: Dragon Ore
  • Author: Brian Rathbone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 410
  • Format: None
  • Clinging to life, Catrin Volker struggles to regain her strength as her foes go in search of even greater power Ancient enemies threaten and forgotten alliances emerge in the exciting conclusion of The Dawning of Power trilogy.

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    1. (Full disclosure: the audiobook of Dragon Ore was given to me by the author, and he and I communicate on twitter.)As the end of the Dawning of Power trilogy and the set-up for the Balance of Power trio, Dragon Ore is in a bit of an odd position. It has to wrap up what's already gone before, but it also has to set up the new problems to come. It also has to, as a consequence of this, balance the need for giving a proper send-off to the old, and give a tantalizing hint of the next book, without ch [...]

    2. I enjoyed the Dawning of Power series quite a bit. There is a lot of character development, to the detriment of action and plot, but I enjoyed reading about it and didn't feel like the books were as slow as they could have been. A young, unknown hero sets off on a quest of unknown dimension with a ragtag band of protectors, one of whom is secretly more knowledgeable and powerful than one first suspects. It takes months to travel anywhere by foot, boat, or army; luckily the evil is just as slow. [...]

    3. I was not impressed by this series but it was just interesting enough to keep reading. the third book is the worst of the three. All of them have pacing issues but Dragon Ore was particularly problematic. Another issue in all three books are the uninteresting characters. The most appealing character by far was Benjin, and I felt he and Catrin had real chemistry, and to be honest, I couldn't really get a hold on literally any other character except Kenward. I still have no idea what Prios looks l [...]

    4. Lots of action in this culmination to the trilogy. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters. There are strong relationships and friendships throughout. I've always been a big fan of character driven stories. I like to get to know the individuals and love/hate them. Catrin and her friends are definitely likable.The villain doesn't quite become the archenemy that I expected. There's not enough of his motivation and personality that comes through. He seems more of a politician gone power h [...]

    5. This series, including "Call of the Herald" and "Inherited Danger" , was a great read. The story is fast paced, the characters well developed and the writing is mostly well done. Once in a while there was a phrase that seemed out of place for the setting of the story - a little too colloquial at times. I noticed that most in the first book, so I think the author changed his style a little by the third book.For anyone who like fantastical tales with magic and dragons and even pirates, this is a g [...]

    6. With the conclusion of the first trilogy, Rathbone has come into his own. The action keeps you turning the pages, and the heroine has her hands full with survival.While things may be a tad slow to get moving when the book opens, if you're like me, and have just engaged in a Godsland reading binge, this is a great chance to catch your breath, and think about what is going on in the world.Through this installment of the series, the main character continues to develop, and yet retains her believabl [...]

    7. The quality of writing continues through this third book of the initial trilogy. Although there are clearly more books to come, Dragon Ore rounds up the first story satisfactorily. It is a good ending and all characters are accounted for. Thank you Brian Rathbone for having the courtesy to the reader of making the story complete rather than leaving some sort of teaser in the hope of hooking the reader into the next set of books. I simply did not read the first chapter of the next book included a [...]

    8. Compressed SagaBetween the covers of this book is a tale that is just waiting to be told. Brian Rathbone could have written a LOTR style epic but instead chose to write a compact version of a yarn, that seemed to threaten, at every page turn, to burst forth into an awe inspiring and enjoyable story. Although somewhat disappointed by the shortness of this trilogy. I never the less enjoyed reading the trials of Catrin as she struggles to come to terms with her role as the Herald of Istra and her e [...]

    9. This is the 3rd, and my favorite, in the Godsland Series. I thought the 2nd left too much hanging at the end, but this one answered most of my questions and didn't feel as dark throughout. I've really enjoyed the way the author has crafted the world of the books and the history that unfolds in the stories. We learn a lot more about its ancient history in this book. All three books were action-packed adventures, but this one felt non-stop. The author has a feel for handling the fast pace of actio [...]

    10. Reading this book with my 12 year old. It's a great epic story. So far very appropriate for a younger crowd. I personally like YA fantasy, and this would qualify for two reasons, it avoids overly mature themes, and it is also very readable. This is well written, we're enjoying it quite a bit. I would say it's not an epic on the scale of GRRM, or even The Wheel of Time or Harry Potter. But the world is fresh, the characters are decent, and each book makes me want to read the next.I think it's a p [...]

    11. The first two books of this trilogy wove seamlessly into this one. I am so enjoying this series that I have now bought book 4 which is the first in the next trilogy of the Godland series. My only criticism would be that you really needed to have read the first books, as there is no precis of the previous story to bring you up to speed, (and if some time has elapsed between books it is difficult to remember all the details of the story).Having said that - I thought the story was great, and gettin [...]

    12. Book 3 of a trilogy:I read the free Sample downloaded fromSmashwords and listened to the rest of the book via the free podcasts on iTunes.There were aspect of this book I really enjoyed: like the dragon which Catrin rescues. In the battle between good and evil that Catrin gets entangled in, it is the dragon which saves the day. What I did not enjoy is Catrin has this incredible power - she can do unbelievable things when trouble strikes, yet at times would do the stupidist things.

    13. A lot of things get explained in the last 2 books that made me go "oooh". What a very creative angle on the author's part. I enjoyed how he turned that certain aspect in the book around- it was a pleasant surprise. The world and setting remained beautiful in my mind. However, I still has a bit of a problem with the characters. I feel like the book ended on a good note. I hear there is another book published in the same world. I may or may not check it out. ;) Okay, I probably will. The world was [...]

    14. Okay, this is a YA series with a lot of bloodshed. But in a good way. Here there be dragonss, dragons appear in this last of the trilogy and our Hero's journey continues against mounting odds and evil foes. with cool characters and self discovery all mixed with grand adventure in a well written account. Another page turner in this coming of age series. This third book leads into the next Trilogy which I am already deep into. I don't usually read like this book after another. I don't even watch T [...]

    15. The series was enjoyable enough that I read all three books and I think the story line was a good one. The reason I gave all of the books in this series three stars is because things just went by too quickly. The characters traveled from one place to another that was days away and I never turned a page. I think that there should have been more time spent on details and character development to give the story a little more depth.

    16. Brian continued his streak of excellent story telling and kept me anxious to tune in to hear the next episode. I really enjoyed the 3rd installment of The Dawning of Power Trilogy and will recommend it on iTunes and Podiobooks. I love the dragon in the story and the humans don't disappoint either. It is a great ending to a great story with all unfinished business coming to a satisfactory conclusion. This book is suitable for all ages, but doesn't lack suspense or content.

    17. I ripped through this trilogy and wish that there were more books left to read. In fact, I feel rather disappointed and curiously empty with no books left to look forward to. I can only hope that Brian Rathbone can continue to produce more in the Godsland series, as he envisions. I feel guilty that I bought this book for so very little money as a Kindle edition and will gladly pay full price for future books.

    18. it was alright had a bit of a problem with it for being a bit "immature" (all around) until I realized that if I was TEN - this would have been an amazing book! its a little younger than Young adult the logic is not solid and the details are a bit too well done but as a story - its a good one.The reader for the audio book was excellet!

    19. I wasn't expecting much from the third book in the trilogy, but you know what? It was pretty darn good. A real page turner, that's what. Some unexpected things happened. I like that. I don't know that I'm interested enough to read the next six books, tho. (It's a 9 book series of three consecutive trilogies. I think.)

    20. Not a bad book, a good conclusion to the series, but it seems like the biggest confrontation came in the middle, and the book just ended. I would have hoped for a bit more finality with the end of a trilogy, but it seems like there's a 2nd trilogy in the works. Worth the read, and if you go in expecting that the story isn't ending, it may feel more complete.

    21. Book 3 certainly picked up pace and I was again excited and expectantly waiting to find out what would happen next with each turning of the page. If you enjoy books with magic, dragons, action and adventure - then you'll definitely want to travel to "godsland" with Catrin Volker and her guardians and companions.

    22. Mighty mighty B.R. saves the best for last! This was a wonderful series that got better and better with every book! So much great adventure, laughter, fantastic feats of magic, and even a few tears. The conclusion and epilogue were very satisfying and wrapped up the trilogy perfectly. I highly recommend this series and look forward to more from this excellent, on-the-rise author!

    23. A bit less exciting than the first two books, this was still an enjoyable read. There was one particular end result which won't surprise anyone (view spoiler)[ (Catrin ending up with Prios anyone?) (hide spoiler)], but that's not necessarily a bad thing. A little bit of predictability doesn't ruin a book. In the end I would have liked more excitement/adventure but the plot still kept me interested.

    24. Still really enjoying the series. Great details, a well thought out plot, very realistic characters and delightfully brilliant imagery. Definitely recommend. I was very glad to see there's a new trilogy after this one! yea!

    25. A great ending to a great trilogy! I will highly recommend this one, and at the moment I'm betting I'll be recommending the follow-up trilogy as well (although at the time of this writing only the first book in that trilogy is out).

    26. I think it was a decent series. [Possible spoiler] The girl ended up with the wrong guy IMHO. It was as if the author was aiming and remembered they were cousins the last half of the book and bailed.

    27. Normally, I don't often delve into the fantasy genre, but in this case, I'm glad I did. This is an enjoyable tale that succeeded in capturing my interest. Now I'm going to have to find the other episodes in this series. This is one collection that I'm looking forward to putting on my shelf.

    28. I flew through this one just like the previous two. Character development got better throughout. I felt the ending was a little rushed and lacking in some way but still really enjoyed this trilogy. I'm sad to see it come to a close with no more stories to look forward to.

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