Exit Wound

Exit Wound Three tons of Saddam Hussein s gold in an unguarded warehouse in DubaiFor two of Nick Stone s closest ex SAS comrades it was to have been the perfect victimless crime But when they re double crossed

  • Title: Exit Wound
  • Author: Andy McNab
  • ISBN: 9780593059524
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Three tons of Saddam Hussein s gold in an unguarded warehouse in DubaiFor two of Nick Stone s closest ex SAS comrades, it was to have been the perfect, victimless crime.But when they re double crossed and the robbery goes devastatingly wrong, only Stone can identify his friends killer and track him downAs one harrowing piece of the complex and sinister jigsaw slotsThree tons of Saddam Hussein s gold in an unguarded warehouse in DubaiFor two of Nick Stone s closest ex SAS comrades, it was to have been the perfect, victimless crime.But when they re double crossed and the robbery goes devastatingly wrong, only Stone can identify his friends killer and track him downAs one harrowing piece of the complex and sinister jigsaw slots into another, Stone s quest for vengeance becomes a journey to the heart of a chilling conspiracy, to which he and the beautiful Russian investigative journalist with whom he has become ensnared unwittingly hold the key.Ticking like a time bomb, brimming with terror and threat, Andy McNab s latest Nick Stone adventure is a high voltage story of corruption, cover up and blistering suspense the master thriller writer at his electrifying, unputdownable best.

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    1. Exit Wound, in my perspective, is again taking us all to that nasty and dark place. Not many writers can take you to that same place that Nick Stone dwells. The book starts off on the other side of the Berlin wall, and there is a short moment of Nick using a flashlight. This may not sound interesting to average person, but after he's finished "using" it, he turns it on and proceeds to search for something, which is what the creator intended it to do. Later on in the novel, Nick meets up with two [...]

    2. Number 12 in the Nick Stone series and Andy McNab is still at his best; he never fails to deliver. Another terrific story, full of twists and turns. A small group of old army mates, who decide include Nick Stone, attempt to steal some solid gold gates Sadam had had made before his demise. Stored in six crates, they no longer 'belong' to anyone, and as no one else seems to know about them, no one will miss them. When things go wrong (as of course they always do), a deniable ops mission develops. [...]

    3. The final Nick Stone episode (for now) and one of the best, reminded me of the film 3 kings at the start. The book was fast paced and tense, good ending and glad that once the finale happened there was a few pages to finish off the story which I have found frustrating with the Nick Stone series in the past. Overall a very enjoyable read and hopefully not the last we will hear of Nick Stone.

    4. This is my favourite Andy McNab book so far, I still have several more to read! Its amazingly written, action packed, right from the first page and kept me on edge until the very last sentence. I took the time to google army jargon and lyrics of songs as I went along, and I felt even more like I was really there.

    5. I have enjoyed all of the Andy McNab books thus far in the Nick Stone series. Though "Exit Wound" is by far the best book. About a third of the way into it it takes a great turn and a good book became a great book.

    6. Exit Wound by Andy McNab is a thriller novel, 12th novel in the series of Nick Stone. Three ex-SAS comrades go on a mission of stealing three tons of Saddam Hussein's gold in Dubai. These guys have gone on a similar mission before, during the Soviet Union reign in 1989.This time, the mission fails in a catastrophic way and two of the friends of Nick Stone, who also tells the entire story, get assassinated without Nick being able to find them ever after! So in retaliation for this, the British in [...]

    7. Il mio sedicesimo libro di McNab. Questo significa che l'autore mi sconfinfera, è coerente e mantiene la qualità alta. Questo libro dell'ennesima avventura di Nick Stone parte un po' lento per poi accelerare sempre più, mantiene la crudezza e l'ironia che caratterizza McNab (inglese, ex agente SAS) e porta a spasso il lettore come sempre tra azioni di spionaggio, scene di strategia militare e puro desiderio di vendetta. Un essenziale, duro, potente desiderio di vendetta, nient'altro. Nick Sto [...]

    8. This book was pretty meh. There was some action, but not a lot. Overall, it didn't really hold my attention. It was still good enough to finish. Maybe the problem was that I hadn't read any other Nick Stone books. But I won't be reading any more.

    9. Another good middle of the road entry into the Nick Stone series. With a lot of the backstory concluded in the tenth book the series now feels like its flailing around for direction. However we do have a new MI5 boss this time, Julian, who'll hopefully be giving the series the grounding it desperately needs in future novels.For the most part this time out the book felt like a more classic spy novel than a Nick Stone adventure. Here we find Stone doing his James Bond (er, Manley, Jim Manley) impr [...]

    10. Even in its genre, this is a particularly poorly written book. Normally I read such books during travel, and don't really care its worth less than toilet paper. This time it ended up on my freshly bought E-reader, as part of a welcome package. It was the first book I tried, and it made me hate the new thing only exceptionally bad books are able to do that. Luckily the next book made me enjoy it again.

    11. This was the first McNab book I'd read in years and my first Stone novelked the details which with some books I don't. it shows how methodical he is. after all it is told from a first person prospective. The story/plot is intelligent and builds nicely once you get halfway through. Since reading this I've read five more Stone books and the excellent Tom Buckingham Red Notice.

    12. There are nothing "wrong" with this book per se, except that I'm getting the vibe that Andy McNab is sick of the series and he's now just doing the run of the mills. His writing techniques are still incredible, and if this is the first Nick Stone book I've read I would've loved it; but it lacked the souls of the previous books.

    13. A typical Nick Stone adventure, with the usual graphic action, secret agent tactics etc. Major difference from most other Stone books is that: he doesn't get crossed by his handlers (kinda), most of the people on his side he meets along the way actually survive, and at the end of it all he actually "wins". It's a nice change, but I can't help but feel it'll all go to shit in the next one!

    14. I can't get enough of nick stone!!!!!This book takes you too through all sorts of emotions, pain , heartache , but I could not help myself going through it with him ! I thank Andy mcnabb for bringing me a such fantastic novels ! Nice one

    15. Nothing really exciting happend aside from only one part at around the first 3rd of the book. The ending was anticlimactic and you knew all the way throught the book. I barely gave it a 3/5 and i was forgiving.

    16. First Andy McNabb book I've read, pity it wasn't one of his best. I may come back to him again, but not in a rush. I certainly didn't hate it but had several periods of ennui where I had to push myself not to skip over bits. It was relatively easy reading (when I wasn't bored) though.

    17. Explosive readingSlow to get the storyline started. Lots of abbreviations that complicated the narrative. Once the storyline was established the narrative was compelling. Good structure and side stories. Ending was thrilling.

    18. This was my first Andy McNab book and I enjoyed it! I thought the scenes are very descriptively written that put me right in the thick of the action. There were a few dull moments in this for me but the more explosive parts more than made up for that. Will be getting the other books!

    19. A good action romp with a simple enough plot. Great for those times when you want to take a break from something complex.

    20. First Nick Stone book I have read and have to admit I really enjoyed it, lots of action, twists and turns

    21. A reasonable action page turner. Somehwat formulaic, but hey sometimes a trashy action book is what you need :-)

    22. There was a bit too much military jargon especially at first. The story was ok, but reading it was not as exciting as one would think it would be.

    23. highly disappointed! lacks a lot of the smooth plot of other McNabb books, jumps all over the place and was confusing

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