Love in Mid Air

Love in Mid Air A chance encounter with a stranger on an airplane sends Elyse Bearden into an emotional tailspin Suddenly Elyse is willing to risk everything her safe but stale marriage her seemingly perfect life in

  • Title: Love in Mid Air
  • Author: Kim Wright
  • ISBN: 9780446540445
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A chance encounter with a stranger on an airplane sends Elyse Bearden into an emotional tailspin Suddenly Elyse is willing to risk everything her safe but stale marriage, her seemingly perfect life in an affluent Southern suburb, and her position in the community She finds herself cutting through all the instincts that say no and instead lets yes happen As Elyse emA chance encounter with a stranger on an airplane sends Elyse Bearden into an emotional tailspin Suddenly Elyse is willing to risk everything her safe but stale marriage, her seemingly perfect life in an affluent Southern suburb, and her position in the community She finds herself cutting through all the instincts that say no and instead lets yes happen As Elyse embarks on a risky affair, her longtime friend Kelly and the other women in their book club begin to question their own decisions about love, sex, marriage, and freedom There are consequences for Elyse, her family, and her circle of close friends, all of whom have an investment in her life continuing as normal But is normal what she really wants after all In the end, it will take an extraordinary leap of faith for Elyse to find and follow her own path to happiness An intelligent, sexy, absorbing tale and an honest look at modern day marriage, Love in Mid Air offers the experience of what it s like to change the course of one s own destiny when finding oneself caught in mid air.

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    1. הספר הזה נע סביב 3.5 או 3.8 כוכבים לא ארבע אבל הוא כל כך הפתיע אותי בתכנים שלו שאני בהחלט מוכנה לעגל לו ל 4 כוכבים.אליז בירדן פוגשת בג'רי בטיסה. הוא בנקאי השקעות היא מכיירת כדים ושניהם אומללים בנישואים שלהם. הוא נותן לה את הכרטיס שלו ואחרי תקופת התלבטות הם נפגשים בנמלי תעופה שונים [...]

    2. As an unmistakable respite from the contemporary fiction that I typically read, I optimistically chose Kim Wright’s debut novel, LOVE IN MID-AIR. I completely immersed myself in a surprisingly interesting cache of characters unconstrained in their lucid display of similar and diverse views of love, marriage, friendship, and infidelity while attached to a suburban lifestyle which not only suggests privilege, but also ambiguity with respect to some of the mores that ordinarily unite or divide su [...]

    3. My rating: 4.5 of 5 starsThere are some books that need to be read when you’re at the right place in your life to be able to fully appreciate it. If you’re super happy in your current relationship I could see this being a very negative book, from that perspective. If you’ve had your relationship ups and downs and even occasionally daydream of simply running away from life, I believe you’d be able to understand this book more. This was a very powerful book, and at first glance not a very [...]

    4. A cautionary tale of what happens when you treat a woman like an item of househould furniture. This is a voyage into the female mind and the nature of friendships between women. Not my usual reading, but I know the author and I found it very unusual and interesting, taking my mind in directions it doesn't normally go. Kim writes in a very natural way. I always hear her voice when reading her work I am in good company in liking the work as People, Kirkus and Publisher's weekly agreed with me. Sha [...]

    5. From my blog:This is author Kim Wright's debut work and if this book is any indication, she is looking at a successful career as a writer. Because this book is a literary grand slam. From the first page, I was hooked. Hooked on Ms. Wright's writing style, hooked on the story and hooked on the characters. I literally snuck reading in whenever I could, so anxious was I to find out what was going on in Elyse's world, putting off sleep and household chores to read. Elyse was a complex character. On [...]

    6. Though the underlying plot of a woman assessing her unhappy marriage is a common one, I found this treatment of it very unusual and original. I was delighted that the book focussed on a woman making decisions about her marriage rather than finding herself left behind for a younger woman. I mean, I'm married and so obviously frown upon the idea of adultery, but the thought of living in a marriage like Elyse's where your partner doesn't really see you or hear anything you say, and is content to be [...]

    7. This book what can I say. I thought the characters were shallow. I could hardly keep their histories straight and they were all so shallow and dissatisfied with their lives. Elyce the main character I kind of hated from the beginning and I just didn't believe in the immediate connection she makes with Gerry on the plane. There was almost nothing to it and we are supposed to believe there was this huge spark between them that compelled them to become lovers. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to fee [...]

    8. (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)So why do I continue to read so-called "chick-lit" novels on such a regular basis, a lot of people ask, when I end up despising so many of them? Well, because I'm convinced that there actually are a few titles out there in the world that manage to be not only smart and unexpected but that wallow in the tropes [...]

    9. From my blogLove In Mid Air is a novel, which looks into the world of marriage, one woman's in particular, who realises she no longer cares about her marriage. While Kim Wright wrote a splendid novel, it simply made me sad to think there are women living lives such as the woman in this novel. Kim Wright's character development is well done and one can easily imagine listening to Elyse, Belinda, Nancy, or Lynn and yet I related to none of her characters. I continued reading, hoping something woul [...]

    10. Thanks for passing this on Irene! This was definitely a page-turner. Once I started reading it, I was determined to get through it. Unsettling (for me) from the very start. Kind of like seeing how the other half lives.I have to admit that I found Elyse despicable in the "Fall" section. I started getting into the characters a bit more in "Winter." Toward the end I was rooting for Phil and Lynn (and Tory).While this story is not qute my cup of tea, Wright is a good writer and curiosity propelled m [...]

    11. I started reading this book yesterday, I got behind on reading and realized, oh no, I have a blog tour tomorrow. So I pick up the book and start reading, and reading, and reading. I find myself so utterly engrossed in Elyse's life that I have completely tuned out of my own. That is what this book did for me, it let me lose myself for a little bit.I feel a strong connection with Elyse, she is strong, she knows what she wants but she just doesn't quite know how to get it. She loved her daughter an [...]

    12. I enjoyed Love In Mid Air. Elyse is the lead character and although her failing marriage to Phil and her love affair with Gerry are critical and these relationships move the action forward, Elyse's friendship with Kelly is just as significant to the novel. It's the camaraderie and friendship of the different women in the book club, despite their small differences and occasional rivalries that made the characters come alive for me.It's the dialogue that sets Love In Mid Air apart. Elyse's interna [...]

    13. I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. I usually am deeply irritated by novels about infidelity because I can never figure out why the character doesn't do the right thing and divorce their spouse BEFORE they go out looking for someone new. Of course, that tends to make for a very short novel when the characters behave in sensible and rational ways but it almost always makes me not like and not care about characters who behave so dishonorably.Anyway, back to this novel, I really liked this bo [...]

    14. this book rocks! i'm a 30 year old male, probably not the intended audience for this book. but guess what? I'm completely hooked. i won't go with the cliche line, "I can't put it down." I can put it down, i just don't want to. it really is a compelling, thought-provoking story. check it out for sure.

    15. I devoured this on my flight from New York to Roanoke. It's a fresh take on a novel about relationships. While so many focus on what happens AFTER a marriage goes awry, this one talks about HOW one goes awry in a very readable way.

    16. Elyse Bearden is on a flight on the way back from a pottery show when she makes a decision that will change her life. She switches seats with a stranger and ends up sitting next to Gerry, the man who will cause her to question everything that she's ever believed in. After a brief but chemistry-filled encounter with him, she returns home to her passive husband Phil, her fulfilling pottery business, and her young daughter Tori, but suddenly things don't look the same as they always have.Weeks late [...]

    17. Elyse Beardon is on a flight back home to her husband and daughter when she sits down next to a stranger and they begin a conversation. This man and the feelings he brings out in her will make her question where she is in her life. She has been married for almost a decade now and her husband Phil is a great man her only problem is that she has been trying for years to make their marriage work and she has begun to realize it is a losing battle.Love in Mid Air is Elyse's struggle to find some semb [...]

    18. When Elyse Bearden is on a flight home from Phoenix she meets a man that makes her question her life. She comes to realize that she’s not happy and begins to wonder what she should do about it. Should she give up so much of what she values – her home, her friends, her marriage – and take a chance, or should she stick with the safety of what she knows?Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright is the story of Elyse’s struggle. Much of the struggle is internal, but some of it is discussed with her frie [...]

    19. Readers! Have you ever been angry with the person you love? Have you ever wished 'he/she' went away far away from you for a day, a week, a month?? Do you realise how it is to live everyday and do the same routine?? Welle authoress does make us question our own relationships through this lovely storywritten fabulously wellearly bringing out the conflicts within a relationship. What struck me while reading this book isl women think the same way!! So if you are dying to read something which resembl [...]

    20. I read this one as fast as I could. The main character is a late-thirties housewife who is also an artist. After a fateful meeting on a plane on the way back from a conference, she realizes that she truly does not want to be married anymore to her husband, "a perfectly nice man who I just can't seem to love." The novel is pitch-perfect in its exploration of the emotions of letting go. Fears of losing married friends, how your child will react, whether you can make it on your own financially- thi [...]

    21. Elyse meets a man on an airplane and this one single act has changed her forever. She isn't the type of person who does the outrageous, spur of the moment, true love things like most hopeless romantics do. Now, here's the kicker, Elyse is married. She wants to trade her whole boring life for something more. This change in Elyse now has her friends wondering if life has more to offer them as well.I love it when a woman's eyes are opened and she learns that it's time to start living her life her w [...]

    22. Love in Mid Air is an introspective and honest tale of marriage and the importance of friends. Written by a woman, seemingly for women, men would benefit from reading this inside look into not just a woman's head, but her heart. Clever plot connections and descriptive intimate scenes broaden this books appeal to readers of both genders. I hope more men will read Love in Mid Air. I am certain women will.

    23. I completed this book within 24 hours. I had such a hard time putting it down. Kim managed to draw me into each character with vivid descriptions and amazing writing. The fact that this a debut novel would lead me to believe the author is going to have a very long successful career! I would highly recommend this book to anyone!

    24. I can see why this book has mixed reviews. As someone who has been in a marriage similar to Elyse's, I felt like she was in my head. The plot was rather mundane and lacking in suspense, but I still couldn't put it down. If you want a glimpse inside the head of a woman trapped in an unhappy marriage, this is a great read. If you want love, revenge and drama, this is not the book for you.

    25. I almost gave this book five stars, just for the sheer talent, wit and cleverness of the writing. Simply, this book is about a close group of southern woman contemplating divorce. Although the content doesn't seem too earth shattering, and the main character is hardly likable; the author's writing carries any lacking subject matter. This is Kim Wrights debut, and she hits it out of the park.

    26. This novel was quite dire and depressing, but I loved the style in which it was written. The language was most poetic.The relationship btwn Elyse & Kelly was the most interesting part of the story, for me. I loved all Elyse's friends and the town she lived in. I did not love the ending, but I admit it kept me thinking LONG after the last page was read.

    27. Easy on the brain thought provoking. Very much easy to relate to when you have been married for as long as me. Will probably forget this book by next week.

    28. I honestly am so stuck when it comes to rating this one. I've just finished this and need to ponder it a bit, as I currently have no definitive answer for how I feel.Did I like it? I don't know. I think so, but maybe not? Or?At the mo, I feel very conflicted, and a smidge confused, and that I may need to read another book by this author to determine anything further.Paradoxically, it simultaneously felt hyper-realistic and thoroughly fictional. The start felt like it should've been preceded by - [...]

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