Arctic Drift

Arctic Drift Arctic Drift sees Clive Cussler s greatest hero Dirk Pitt fighting his enemies in the cruel Arctic A foundered Victorian ship looking for the fabled Northwest Passage holds a secret in its icy grave

  • Title: Arctic Drift
  • Author: Clive Cussler Dirk Cussler
  • ISBN: 9780141038919
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arctic Drift sees Clive Cussler s greatest hero, Dirk Pitt, fighting his enemies in the cruel Arctic.A foundered Victorian ship looking for the fabled Northwest Passage holds a secret in its icy grave When Dirk Pitt of NUMA is almost blown to pieces in a lab explosion, he suspects sabotage The lab in question belongs to a scientist hoping to use a rare mineral to coArctic Drift sees Clive Cussler s greatest hero, Dirk Pitt, fighting his enemies in the cruel Arctic.A foundered Victorian ship looking for the fabled Northwest Passage holds a secret in its icy grave When Dirk Pitt of NUMA is almost blown to pieces in a lab explosion, he suspects sabotage The lab in question belongs to a scientist hoping to use a rare mineral to combat greenhouse gases but who would want to destroy our one chance to save the planet But there are those who will do anything to control such a valuable prize Pitt s investigations take him to the Arctic in search of a clue to the origins of this precious mineral There he and NUMA colleague Al Giordino must battle for survival against the hostile elements and an evil megalomaniac who is about to plunge the North American continent into war .Arctic Drift is a white knuckle ride of a novel that once picked up you won t want to put down It is the twentieth of Clive Cussler s bestselling Dirk Pitt novels the series that also includes Raise the Titanic and his first novel, Mayday and is co authored with his son Dirk Cussler.Praise for Clive Cussler Clive Cussler is hard to beat Daily MailBestselling author Clive Cussler has thrilled readers for four decades with his classic adventure novels filled with intrigue and plot twists As well as the Dirk Pitt series there are also the NUMA and OregonFiles, the Isaac Bell adventures and the Fargo series Other Dirk Pitt titles available in Penguin paperback include Atlantis Found, Valhalla Rising, Trojan Odyssey, Black Wind, Treasure of Khan, Crescent Dawn and The Kingdom.

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    1. Clive Cussler has penned a life's work of novels about Dirk Pitt and NUMA. Most of the novels start the same way. Cussler tells a tale about some ancient well known historical disaster, or made up disaster, then ties a modern day search to find something in connection with the past.The earlier novels were more action packed, as Dirk Pitt and his trusty sidekick Al Giordano fell into various situations. Yet the action was only part of the story as Cussler's books were always more about Pitt and G [...]

    2. Artic Drift by Clive Cussler & Dirk CusslerCussler’s books are like my favorite maple glazed donuts, tasty not filling but oh so delicious. Global warming and unrestrained greed are addressed in this Dirk Pitt and kids book. Cussler always does a terrific hook at the beginning of each book. He sets forth a mystery that you really want to explore and then carries you into the main story. Dirk Jr. and Summer have a side bar story that occupies about 20% of the book but ties tightly as the bo [...]

    3. I pulled a mental ‘uh-oh’ when the preface to this novel retold the story of Franklin’s 1848 Arctic expedition in the ships ‘Terror’ and ‘Erebus.’ I had just finished Dan Simmons “The Terror” and not sure I wanted to revisit this subject right away. I should have known Clive wouldn’t let that happen. (Thanks Clive. You had me in mind, right?) He only uses historical incidents as a spring board for his ‘heldentenor’ Dirk Pitt—not to be confused with his co-author son Dir [...]

    4. Our story begins in the nineteenth century, as two sailing ships, the Erebus and Terror, battle frigid temperatures, starvation, scurvy and a strange madness that besets the men as they struggle to breach the cold Northwest Passage. Eventually, the two vessels separate with the pack ice and open water, and the doomed men stand silent vigil as the arctic slowly freezes all of their hopes and dreams of riches.Over one hundred fifty years in the future, the Earth stands poised on the brink of globa [...]

    5. I have always been a sucker for Clive Cussler's books and I don't think I'll ever stop reading his books. Clean, pure adventure is how I can describe it. The adventure plus the positive note that his books always end in is what I look for whenever I pick up one of his books. The 'Arctic Drift' was an audio book - my second attempt - which ran to a monumental 13 hours. I can tell you from experience that audio books and I don't get along well together. ;) I found myself getting distracted, sleepy [...]

    6. I always thought that Clive Cussler was a "man's writer" and that I would not be interested in his books. So wrong!This is my third Clive Cussler book, and I am ready for MORE - I want to read all of his fiction.This one has a lot about greenhouse gases and climate change. Excellent story weaving real history and science with wonderful characters and fiction.

    7. I had forgotten just how quickly Cussler draws you into a story and then keeps hold of you until the last page. There is nearly always a historical link at the start of these books and in this case it is the ill-fated Franklin expedition to find The North West Passage. I have no idea when a documentary I saw recently was made, but it showed one of the two of Franklin’s ships to have been found on the seabed not too far from King William Island off the coast of Canada. Pitt and Giordino find th [...]

    8. This is my first Clive Cussler novel, and was recommended to me by my uncle. Though I'm not sure how others in the series compares, I found this novel to be very quickly paced and a page-turner. You have a 160 year old tale of a ship that gets mysteriously lost at sea, and stories of how the shipmates became mad, which they blame on a mysterious ore they collected onto the boat. And a modern day scientist makes a startling discovery of that same said ore, that can reverse global warming (sounds [...]

    9. In Clive Cussler's newest Dirk Pitt novel,Arctic Drift , Global Warming is happening all over. Gas prices have hit ten dollars a gallon and the year is 2011. It seems a cure to global warming is impossible. But when a breakthrough to reverse global warming has been found, the lab that holds the key to reversing it blows up. Across the world, in Canada, Dirk Pitt JR and Summer Pitt are sampling the water when they come across a ship still afloat in the waters. Somehow, they trace the deaths to Te [...]

    10. Back to the old Clive Cussler ways. Some of his newer books we're getting a little cheesy, but this one brought me back to his early days. Great stuff and interesting historical connection. If you've read "The Terror" by Dan Simmons, you'd get a kick out of this one, if you haven't, go read it!

    11. Dirk Pitt Senior and Junior are back for another adventure on the high seas. Dirk Jr. and his twin sister Summer are cruising the western Canadian coastline testing the water for acidity when they come upon a ship of death. All the occupants have died horribly, yet have not a mark on them. When they stop in the village of Kitimat, they meet the brother of the captain of the death ship, who is determined to find the cause of the deaths. He and Summer more than hit it off, and the three of them be [...]

    12. Billed as an adventure novel, Arctic Drift is a big book of 515 pages. Dirk Pitt, the protagonist, is the director of the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) and has political connections in high places. The USA is in crisis because of an energy shortage combined with the need to reduce the use of fossil fuels in order to stem the tide of global warming that threatens the globe. Mitchell Goyette, the antagonist, is referred to as the environmental magnate. Already a billionaire, he seek [...]

    13. Robert TrombettaMinniear10/11/10Eng 9 Arctic Drift The book I read was called Arctic Drift and it is by Clive Cussler. The setting is in 2011, Canadian Arctic, and Washington DC. The main characters are Dirk Pitt Senior, Dirk Pitt Junior, and Summer Pitt and the point of view is in the third person. Dirk Pitt Senior is the head of NUMA, or the National Underwater and Marine Agency. It is a United States government agency that studies the world’s oceans and everything in them. Dirk is adventuro [...]

    14. This is the first Dirk Pitt book I've read and it was a great romp full of adventure. It takes place primarily in British Columbia and in Canada's Arctic and the basis of the story is global warming and climate control. We start off with a mysterious and lethal fog bank that kills the crew of a boat, followed by the murder of an MP, disguised as a boating accident. The villain has his fingers in many pots, including natural gas and oil deposits and the up and coming industry of disposing of indu [...]

    15. After about 150 pages into this book I was very confused. There seemed to be two Dirk Pitt's in the story and I felt like every chapter was introducing new characters. It turns out this is no fault of the authors but of my own. I didn't realize these are ongoing characters in Cussler's books.After making this discovery the reading went a lot smoother. It was intriguing and adventurous and I have to admit had me on the edge of my seat for the last couple hundred pages, I did not want to put this [...]

    16. In 1849, Captain James Fitzpatrick, commander of the British exploration ship Erebus, abandons his ice locked ship and many of his men, driven crazy by some unseen force. In the teeth of a blizzard he leads his remaining crew across broken ice to their sister ship, HMS Terror. Thus begins the tale.Jumping to 2008 and Steve Miller is captaining his trawler through the Northwest Passage when a white fog envelopes his boat, killing him and his crewman. Just by chance, Dirt and Summer Pitt are takin [...]

    17. Two ships are looking for the Northwest Passage in the 19th century and one of the ships have sailors who have all gone mad, but no one knows why. The other shipmates are helped by the Inuits and have brought back tales of the madness in the sister ship. Both ships are lost at sea. Fast forward to now and a mysterious vapor has instantly killed all on board. Dirk Pitt and kids are on it. Enter the zillionaire who wants to build a green energy plant, but this installation has all the firepower, g [...]

    18. Read this for a book club and I can't make the discussion so I wrote a little review.I actually enjoyed reading it even though I suspected I wouldn't like it merely based on my prejudice about the author (just not my type of thing) and the subject matter (how can global warming be that exciting?). I thought there was plenty of general good-natured cheesiness and too-convenient coincidences but overall it kept me entertained all the way through.The characters were a bit one dimensional, especiall [...]

    19. This book was just okay. I had trouble getting into it, which I think was mostly due to unrealistic plot and the outlandish "bad guys". The plot was all over the place, but mostly it pitted (pun intended) Pitt Sr and Pitt Jr against a greedy business man who was secretly doing terrible things to the planet under the guise of environmentalism. His evils included releasing CO2 clouds at random (sometimes killing people), manipulating Canada's Prime Minister into letting him control all their natur [...]

    20. Arctic Drift by Clive Cussler. What can I say but "meh"? It was OK. This is my first Cussler and I'm not super impressed. It was reasonably entertaining, but the side plots killed me. There's this surplus of story lines and characters that just litter the otherwise engaging main plot. Dirk Pitts kids face harrowing ordeals that just don't matter that much. The Canadian minister of natural resources faces an ethnical dilemma head on and you just don't care. Some guy name Trevor goes all James Bon [...]

    21. My love hate with Clive Cussler continues. A few years ago I swore off these novels after the horrible Valhala Rising. But after forgetting a novel for a trip I picked up Treasure of Kahn and loved it. I picked up Crescent Dawn and loved it too. Could this be Dirk Cussler stepping in and cleaning up the more contrived plot points and stock bad guys? Nope. Arctic Drift comes between Kahn and Dawn so maybe not everything has been fixed yet with this series. Drift has a global warming conspiracy pl [...]

    22. A very clean book. I was surprised at the lack of curse words. It is very action packed at the beginning. It really bogs down in the middle though. It became very repetitive with a lot of talking and descriptions of things we already knew. The story made me think of an old comic book, incredibly far fetched and silly at times. There were way too many characters. Including Clive Cussler himself. The main bad guys henchman's answer to everything was to blow it up with dynamite. All along there wer [...]

    23. A cheap novel.Most annoying is the premise and lecturing on global warming. Also irritating is the authors' lazy use of technology details and facts of nature. His butchering of facts concerning ruthenium is just one example. The truth is that there are approximately 12 tons of it mined per year, in multiple locations. Perhaps it would have been more credible to have used a fictitious element instead of ruthenium, which he repeatedly calls a "mineral". But again, Cussler and his co-writers have [...]

    24. One of many Clive Cussler, and in particular Dirk Pitt novels I have read. After so many, it is easy to take them for granted and perhaps get a little underawed by Pitt and his adventures. After all, we know he is going to save the day, get the girl or pull off the one in a million, miracle shot. He's been doing it for 20 novels now and has never failed yet! Perhaps sensing this sameness, Cussler has chosen a more contemporary and topical plot involving global warming and the world energy crisis [...]

    25. Very engaging exciting book. It hooked me quickly and kept me interested right to the end. Though it was written three years ago, I think it models today's political climate very well with a greedy wealthy person who feels they can do anything they want no matter the cost to others or the planet. (Makes me think of the Koch brothers and their political machinations that most people remain ignorant about.) Most of the action takes place in Alaska, Canada and the Northwest Passage, an area I have [...]

    26. reviewing a Clive Cussler book is somewhat pointless usual, the writing itself varies between poor and atrocious, but the far-out wild conspiracy schemes, and how these are tied to historical events, are always fun and fascinating. these Dirk Pitt books are kind of like a chocolate bonbon in my literary diett particularly good for me, but highly enjoyable. apparently the Cusslers have gone green, as the villain this time is a fake-eco energy tycoon who is trying to monopolize something or other. [...]

    27. Clive Cussler, even with all his collaborations, can't seem to write a book I don't like. I learned a lot about the Northwest Passage and the potential issues that are arising from "green projects" and the landgrabs and seagrabs going on between the US, Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia. The history related to the 19th century's adventurous types is also fascinating. I have had close relatives in Barrow for the last 30 years, so it struck home.

    28. Another Cussler offering somewhere between a 3 and 4 star. This book had a better feel than the last couple Dirk Pitt books, but it lacked the real crazy twists of earlier Cussler work (though it made a couple of attempts) and I have felt since they were introduced that adding Dirk Junior and Summer detracts from the stories. However, Cussler and his son really do a good job putting a story together and that kept this book in the realm of "solid read"

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