My Darling Caroline

My Darling Caroline Remarkable emotionally enthralling story Readers will embrace these entertaining characters Arnette Lamb A true classic My Darling Caroline marked the debut of USA Today bestselling author Adele Ashw

  • Title: My Darling Caroline
  • Author: Adele Ashworth
  • ISBN: 9780061905872
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Remarkable emotionally enthralling story Readers will embrace these entertaining characters Arnette Lamb A true classic, My Darling Caroline marked the debut of USA Today bestselling author Adele Ashworth and now it s back to enthrall historical romance fans once again An enchanting tale of a most unorthodox marriage of convenience, My Darling Caroline won the p Remarkable emotionally enthralling story Readers will embrace these entertaining characters Arnette Lamb A true classic, My Darling Caroline marked the debut of USA Today bestselling author Adele Ashworth and now it s back to enthrall historical romance fans once again An enchanting tale of a most unorthodox marriage of convenience, My Darling Caroline won the prestigious RWA RITA Award for Best First Novel, heralding the arrival of the extraordinary talent who Lisa Kleypas proclaimed, A thrilling new discovery certain to become one of romance s most beloved writers.

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    1. Lady Caroline Grayson love and study for botany has pushed her to create roses and plants not yet seen, but her dream is threatened when she’s forced into an arranged marriage with Brent Ravenscroft, never did she think her new husband would support her and her talented mind, and never did she think she would fall in love with him. There’s been many reissues of books of late, and to say am happy I picked this book would be an understatement “overjoyed” would be close enough~! Adele Ashwo [...]

    2. I love Adele Ashworth's books. Why are they out of print? I just finished Winter Garden, which is arguably one of the best ever written, and now I can't decide which one I like better. I'd like to own both, but you better get out your walletey are BOTH out of printhhh! My Darling Caroline is a book about Caroline Grayson, a positively brilliant mathematician and botanist who has experienced much prejudice and shunning based on her gender. She is forced into an arranged marriage with Brent Ravens [...]

    3. Caroline was a born genius which during the time frame of this story was one of the worst things that could happen to a woman. She wanted to study at university, but of course that wasn't accepted for a woman. She was a botanist and a natural mathematician. All her life though she was the odd one with no friends or suitors. Here 4 sisters were blonde, blue eyed and beautiful while she was brown haired and brown eyed and thought to be plain.When Lord (Brent) Ravenscroft comes to her father to buy [...]

    4. DNF.Normally, I don't rate DNFs, but if I don't rate it, then future potential readers won't be aware of the sheer wrongness of this novel.Before their arranged marriage, the hero makes big deal out of the heroine's virginity. Then says, he has to marry her whether she is ruined or not. And that if she is pregnant with a child from another man, they would have to dispose of the child after his/her birth.Meanwhile, he has a daughter from a French courtesan, which he does not disclose to the heroi [...]

    5. It was perfect for me.My Darling Caroline is one of the best books I have read in months, wonderfully written, emotionally satisfying book with characters I cared a lot about.There were quite a few moments I found myself laughing out loud or tearing up while reading. if you like good writing, great characterizations, and like slow building relationship , then you will definitely love this book.This is definately a keeper

    6. Do you ever feel like you can't wait to get home and snuggle into bed and read your book? You look forward to it all day long at work, and think of the characters and what is going to happen next? That's how I felt about this romance. This book was recommended to me from a friend at LibraryThing who said it was her favorite romance novel and I really wasn't sure what to expect. Set during the Regency period in England, I thought it would be another steamy type of regency romance, lightweight and [...]

    7. Oh. My. God. A romance novel where the tragic misunderstandings MAKE SENSE within the framework of the plot and characters!?! Be still my heart!Seriously though, this is a fantastic marriage2true love story. The attraction and affection between the characters makes sense and you just can't stop rooting for them. Every mistake they make makes sense for their personalities. Strong female character, strong male character, and a simply wonderful story. Highly recommend.Oh, and it doesn't hurt that t [...]

    8. I felt betrayed because the hero had an illegitimate daughter who was 4 years old and got married without telling the heroine about his daughter.The book blurb didn't mention this and I usually avoid books with kids.I kept reading anyway but I didn't feel any romance between the hero and heroine. I gave up about halfway through.

    9. Summary:No man's darling . . .One by one, Lady Caroline Grayson watched her four sisters celebrate their betrothals, truly sure that marriage was not in her future—and perfectly pleased with that fact. Or so she thought.Brent Ravenscroft, Earl of Weymerth, nearly gave his life for the Crown. He returned to England a hero with no intention of taking a bride, certain his brusque demeanor would intimidate any young ladies drawn to his good looks—or so he thought.Bound by a business transaction, [...]

    10. My Darling Caroline is a darling of a romance. Complex characters as well as a deeply layered story. Although towards the end I was thinking things were wrapping up a bit to conveniently in the end it all came together perfectly. Caroline is an interesting heroine she is a brilliant woman born with a gift for numbers and a love of botany. She is married off to Brent our hero who does not wish for a wife but is immediately attracted to Caroline. Both find that they are falling in love but who wil [...]

    11. This book was different from the typical historical romance. Caroline is clearly brilliant, and there is more than just the usual frustration with gender roles; it is outright bitterness that her intellect will never be acknowledged. Brent is just as strong as other heros, but he has a much softer side that isn't usually so exposed early on. He has a heightened sense of self, and his willingness to share that with Caroline make her attempts to push him away that much more frustrating. But Caroli [...]

    12. BookBuyingAddict for my BlogWell Brent is a hero you lust after, then you love him, then you hate him, then you want to kick him in the nut sack, repeatedly, then you love him and want to do anything for him. "Oh, Brent, please take me now!!!" Caroline is a Botanist, she is some what of a Genius at breeding flowers, and mathematics. But alas, she is a woman and it's not acceptable to have breasts and brains back then. Caroline is one of five blonde delicate daughters, and she's the only brunette [...]

    13. One of the best books I’ve ever read! Brilliant plot and brilliant writing indeed.Updated 25/10/2011This book has made a list to be one of my favourite books! So overall, the story is lovely and darling indeed. Caroline is a kind and gentle woman regardless of her dream to become renowned botanist. I loved her especially when she teaches her deaf daughter to learn sign language, her presence makes Brent and her sister finally fond with each other again after years in resentment, and her love t [...]

    14. ★★½This story picks up a lot of issues, but fails to do enough justice to them all. Caroline is passionate about botany and has tried to do numerous researches on plants. But being a woman, she gains neither a proper education nor any recognition for her efforts. She is eventually married off to an earl, Brent.Brent is a typical tortured hero who suffers from not only PTSD due to war, but has also been hurt deeply by his own mother and sister. He is initially distrustful of Caroline. There [...]

    15. My second "new" writer is Adele Ashworth. This book was written in 1998 and is the 4th book I have read by this author. I had 2 on my TBR pile and decided to read all my "A" books this summer. Well I loved the 2 on my shelf, found the other 2 in the series, and went and ordered other books from the library. I only found this one, but I will keep looking. Her heroine is a genius, who was just looked upon as odd. I do not want to give anything away, but this book has the BEST epilogue ever!! The h [...]

    16. This book was painful. Erratic behaviour from both H&h, offensive, cruel and implausible seductions, historical inaccuracies so large you could drive a barouche through them. I couldn't finish it - the romance was stilted, the writing poor and the back story so laughably plotted, it made my teeth ache. It felt like some sort of a horrid throwback and I'm glad I only borrowed it from the library, rather than paying good money for it.

    17. Adored it to the max!!! What makes Adele Ashworth's novel so yummy are the wonderful hero and heroine. The heroine is strong willed. She is forced into an arranged marriage with Brent Ravenscroft. She never realized that her body, soul and mind attracted strong to her husband.Brent is a good man and respects Caroline's intelligence. I loved how he confesses to everyone that his wife was brilliant. Better get out your wallet before this novel out of print ;-)

    18. My Darling Caroline has interesting and deep characters, which I liked. What I didn't liked to was the endless misunderstandings the two leads had throughout the book. One good conversation and all this crap would have been fine. A decent book, but not a keeper for me.

    19. What a darling book!Este é o segundo livro da Adele Ashworth que leio. O primeiro, eu gostei, mas ele não conquistou meu coração, não como My Darling Caroline!O tema de casamento por conveniência é super comum nos romances históricos e por esse motivo os livros com esse mote acabam por cair na mesmice, mas quando o autor sabe combinar esse tema a personagens com grande personalidade e profundidade, tudo fica bem diferente!A história aqui é o seguinte. Caroline é um gênio. Sim ela é [...]

    20. I have steered clear of romance novels as I thought they wouldn't be a genre I would enjoy. When I read some reviews for this novel I thought I'd give it a try; as it turns out, romance is definitely not for me.In all honesty, if you took out the HUGE amount of material related to sex, I would probably have given this a 3/5. All of the sex stuff just made it so corny and smutty. Some of the talk seemed so out of place for the period it was set in ('you are so sexy' and 'she's a good f**k' etc). [...]

    21. Excellent, excellent book! Wow. JUST WOW!I think Caroline may be one of my favorite heroines. I loved how her mind was ALWAYS working to analyze situations and moods, to cut to the chase and see the real problem. This book isn't a typical romance in that there were instances where the roles were a bit reversed. Normally, it would be the hero who's believed to be a cheating, manipulative, ass before he comes to senses. But in this book, it was the heroine. The difference was refreshing. In the en [...]

    22. Very interesting. The plot though is elaborate yet full of implausible elements. It's got many things that should tick me off but I still enjoyed it. Like the Big Misunderstandings and all the secrecy weren't as annoying as I thought. The characters are so interesting and even though I wanted to violently bash the hero's head against the wall many MANY times, particularly in the last third, I still cared. I felt that it could have been much better book, something on par with Winter Garden by the [...]

    23. i am so in love with this book. i love how brent and caroline were friends as they go through their married-life and in the end discovering how they cared for each other and realize that they love each other afraid of saying it. the lies and secrets they have definitely made the story worthwhile to read, even i didn't want to put the book down to know what will happen next. how i wish there is still a man like brent that exists in this world. brent being the gentleman and most romantic kind but [...]

    24. I've been a fan of regencies almost since I started reading romance, but to be honest most of the heroes fall into the same categories. Not so with Brent Ravenscroft, Earl of Weymerth. He isn't a jaded rake or a filthy rich Duke. He is actually a thick-headed, tortured soul who doesn't have a clue how to communicate with his new wife Lady Caroline Grayson. Even more refreshing, the botanically-obsessed Caroline doesn't know what to do with him either. This was truly a romance worth reading just [...]

    25. I really liked this one :) Nicely written, not your typical chic lit, but a romance. It's well structured and it's not too predictable. I quite enjoyed the characters and their development. I finished it in a few days so it reads quickly and fluently. I would definitely recommend the book if you are into romance novels :)

    26. Too many things going on in the plot - arranged marriage, hero with bad mother syndrome, hero suffering from PTS from war, genius heroine winning over step daughter, psycho killer, big misunderstanding, The hero and heroine are both likeable and the chemistry was strong. Would have been better to have a simpler plot and more focus on their relationship.

    27. After a few misses of looking for a new historical writer to try, I think I may just find one that I actually really like! I really enjoy the story and the characters, and I love the writer's style of writing. Will definitely be on the lookout for her other stuff ;)

    28. I thought this was an awesome book. There were so many layers to the two main characters and Ms. Ashworth did a marvelous job slowly revealing each complicated layer of their personalities and their lives. This is a new printing which was first published in 1998. It is a rare gem!

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