Afraid WELCOME TO SAFE HAVEN POPULATION Nestled in the woods of Wisconsin Safe Haven is miles from everything With one road in and out this is a town so peaceful it has never needed a full time police

  • Title: Afraid
  • Author: Jack Kilborn Phil Gigante
  • ISBN: 9781423383109
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Audio CD
  • WELCOME TO SAFE HAVEN, POPULATION 907Nestled in the woods of Wisconsin, Safe Haven is miles from everything With one road in and out, this is a town so peaceful it has never needed a full time police force Until nowA helicopter has crashed on the outskirts of town and something terrible has been unleashed A classified secret weapon programmed to kill anything thatWELCOME TO SAFE HAVEN, POPULATION 907Nestled in the woods of Wisconsin, Safe Haven is miles from everything With one road in and out, this is a town so peaceful it has never needed a full time police force Until nowA helicopter has crashed on the outskirts of town and something terrible has been unleashed A classified secret weapon programmed to kill anything that stands in its way Now it s headed for the nearest lights to do what it does best Isolate Terrorize Annihilate.Soon all phone lines are dead and the road is blocked Safe Haven s only chance for survival rests on the shoulders of an aging county sheriff And as the body count rises, the sheriff realizes something even terrifying maybe death hasn t come to his little town by accidentWELCOME TO SAFE HAVEN, POPULATION 907 906 905AFRAID by Jack KilbornAre you afraid of the dark You will be.

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    1. I like cozies. I might as well be honest about that. Also happy ever afters. Further, in the interests of full disclosure, you should know that I read AFRAID by Jack Kilborn (with a view to a review) because Joe Konrath dared me to do so.He has a thick skin, and a strong stomach and anyone who reads AFRAID needs both.This is not a book to take on a fishing trip, especially if you've left your loved ones at home, alone. In fact, this book ought to come with a free membership of the NRA. You'll wa [...]

    2. At the end of this book is this "About the Author" blurbJack Kilborn prefers not to share personal details about his life. He could be living anywhere. Possibly near you Considering what he writes, that is a very scary thought.Fortunately, I do know where he lives. He resides in the body of author J. A. Konrath. During the day he is harmless. But at night, he sneaks out and makes Mr. Konrath write these deliciously disgusting little books. Or at least that is the way I imagine it.The one thing t [...]

    3. This was the first Jack Kilborn novel that I read and I was instantly hooked! I loved this book--the suspense, the graphic gore and violence was good from beginning to end. You can't go wrong with a Jack Kilborn novelif you have the guts to read one!

    4. AFRAID is a bungee jump into pure terror, a story that plays brilliantly on all our primal fears, and stands shoulder to shoulder with the very best of Harris, Koontz, and King. A classic horror novel.

    5. Afraid is the first horror novel from Jack Kilborn, aka thriller writer, JA Konrath. While this novel is touted as horror, I see it more of a horror/action hybrid that travels at an unrelenting pace, and is inhabited by likeable heroes and vile villains. Set during one harrowing evening, Afraid pits the citizens of the sleepy Wisconsin Northwood's town of Safe Haven against a special forces unit programmed (with implanted computer chips and chemical enhancements) to torture, maim and kill whoev [...]

    6. Jack Kilborn knows that a small town in America's heartland is the perfect place to set a horror thriller: remote, surrounded by shadowy woods, and sparsely populated by residents who still live by an unlocked-door policy. After reading this book, residents of small towns everywhere will be locking their doors with deadbolts and going to bed with .357 Magnums under their pillows. I know I would.The evil that descends upon this town, literally, in a helicopter, is motivated by the worst of all ni [...]

    7. Rating: 5/5OH MY GOD THIS BOOK!!! I have no words but I'll try to find some, just so I can write a review.Afraid is the first book by Jack Kilborn/J.A. Konrath that I've ever read, and let me tell you it's not going to be the last. I was in the perfect mental state for a book like Afraid. I really wanted to read something action packed, with a military experiment gone bad, and a group of people trying to survive. And Afraid was exactly that, plus it was terrifying and totally gory, which I adore [...]

    8. Safe Haven, Wisconsin. Population 907. . . 906. . . 905. . .A military helicopter crashes in the tiny Wisconsin town of Safe Haven. Unleashed is a Red Ops group of serial killers-turned-soldiers who go from house to house, business to business torturing the townsfolk for the answer to the question: Where’s Warren Streng?A sheriff, a firefighter, a single mom, and her 10-year-old son band together for survival and seek the answer to their own question: Why would the military drop on their quiet [...]

    9. This was like watching SAW; pretty gruesome torture scenes, although the author doesn't go into many gory details. However, there is plenty of shocking stuff through-out the book. I don't love that kind of stuff, but it's like watching a train wreck; I just had to keep turning the pages because the story was so good! I really cared about the characters and was rooting for the small group of people (and scene-stealing Woof) fighting the evil that had come to their town. Nothing supernatural going [...]

    10. One word describes the first novel from author Jack Kilborn: relentless. Much like the works of Jim Butcher and David Morrell, Kilborn’s premiere work, AFRAID, is non-stop tension. Each section break, while short, somehow manages to ratchet up the suspense to the point that you wonder how much more you can take. You won’t want to put the book down once you start it and a small part of you will wonder what possessed you to pick it up in the first place. The story is a non-stop horror ride…o [...]

    11. This is probably my first one-star rating. After being told I needed to keep up with more contemporary horror writers a few years ago, I bought a selection of novels, Afraid included. Here's the first sentence:"The hunter's moon, a shade of orange so dark it appeared to be filled with blood, hung fat and low over the mirror surface of Big Lake McDonald."In my opinion, this is all you need to read of the novel to know exactly how badly-written the rest is going to be. This novel has an average of [...]

    12. A truly masterful story written in a small town with a host of characters that made me nervous. I kid you not, I was trying to figure out two things from the start of this novel.t, what is going on and then, how will I ever keep all these characters straight in my head? As it turns out the author did an amazing job in fixing these characters in my mind and as I learned to get to know them and invest in them emotionally the story started to unfold.Graphic scenes, might make this not the best book [...]

    13. “Afraid” written by Jack Kilborn is one hell of a ride. No not a ride, more like an express elevator to hell. It starts fast and only picks up speed. It is relentless with enough horror, gore, action and twists to keep even the most hardcore adrenaline junkies satisfied. These are very bad people doing very bad things. You’ll have a toe sucking good time. Don’t worry, you’ll figure out the reference. Kilborn is the pseudonym for JA Konrath writer of the “Jack Daniels” series of boo [...]

    14. This book really sucked me in right from the start. I was trying to figure out what was going on and then once I realized something was very wrong, along with Maggie, there was no going back. I felt sorry for everyone in this book as they were just going on with their lives and then were thrown in hell where there were no rules, you did what you needed to, to survive. All of the people in town were faced with such horrific choices that in most cases you had to choose the lesser of the evils. As [...]

    15. AFRAID was my introduction to Kilborn and I was extremely impressed by the style of writing he brings to the table.I will say that I am not easily shocked, perhaps even a bit jaded with splatterpunk, and so was overjoyed the book was able to turn my stomach in some scenes. The brutality was so unrelenting, and the plot well thought out and executed. I will definitely read more of this author's work, and I strongly recommend to anyone with a strong stomach who isn't easily offended. Thanks to Mal [...]

    16. Transhumanism is the idea that human life can be made better with the help of technology. Now imagine controlling the human brain by electrical stimulation and making it function more like a computer. Forget years of study and practice, simply download information directly into a person’s brain and, depending on the program, anyone can have any skill set desired. In Jack Kilborn’s Afraid, "transhumanistic neuropathology" is the underlying concept behind the development of his modified soldie [...]

    17. Afraid means filled with fear or apprehension and is much too mild a word to describe the feelings of the residents of Safe Haven, Wisconsin when five men invade the town. These five men are members of a Red-Ops group. The five all have backgrounds of violent behavior. The group have been specially trained and programmed to kill. Now the five want an answer to one question.No one in the town seems to be able to answer the question so the residents die and no one dies an easy death. Safe Haven is [...]

    18. What is THE BEST story line ever that I love and will never get enough of?'When Military Experiments Go Nuts and Wreak Havoc & Terror on Everyone!'AFRAID by Jack Kilborn is the perfect amount of story between the gore.A helicopter crashes on the outskirts of a remote Wisconsin town of Safe Haven, a population of nine hundred and seven residents, but not for long. A small group of lunatic Red-Ops soldiers survive the crash and go to work torturing and mutilating the people of Safe Haven. The [...]

    19. This book was "Black Hawk Down" meets Stephen King. You know how in many King books he spends 3/4's of a book building up a town and the tension and then has it all explode in the last 1/4? Well, this book was all explosion. From start to finish, horror thriller all the way baby.Did it work? Mostly, but it felt more Koontz than King and that is not a compliment.Once the killer(s) identity is revealed early on the book becomes a lot less interesting but still, this book had some of the best actio [...]

    20. I decided to read Afraid based on the fact it was written by Jack Kilborn, AKA J.A. Konrath. I’m a big fan of his Jaqueline "Jack" Daniels series, so I figured it was a safe bet that Afraid wouldn’t suck. However, I was apprehensive. I just never enjoy any book or movie about covert ops, government/military cover-ups, rogue soldiers/scientists, or the like. Yawn-o-rama. OKfull disclosure is over.Afraid was incredible! Gripping, fast-paced, absolutely frightening, and beyond gory (um, whoa!). [...]

    21. Rarely has Wisconsin been so intersting. I kid, Wisconsin - you know how I feel about you. From the opening sequence, when the intruder responds to the old lady's question: "what are you going to do to me?", this book is brutal, and it never lets up. Kilborn does a great job of creating atmosphere (mostly of dread) and the characters are likeable and/or interesting. A special forces unit of unknown origins is dropped into a small town in Wisconsin, and they systematically spread throughout the t [...]

    22. Quite possibly the worst peice of crap I have ever read. Not only was the story convoluted and far fetched the writing was horrible. For example, in the middle of escaping a burning building, several serial killers and a town held hostage the author was describing clothing down to what color Fran's scrunchi was. The other 2 people were talking about what kind of fish they pulled out of the local lake. This sort of inappropriate narative was all through the book. I see the about the author page s [...]

    23.  After reading AFRAID it is very easy to see why “Jack Kilborn prefers not to share personal details about his life.  He could be living anywhere.”  Of, course he doesn’t want THEM to know where he lives.  He knows too much!  Only someone who is very aware of the secrets of our government could have written this book.  That’s why Jack likes to “stay off the grid”.  He knew that the “Red-ops units didn’t crash here accidentally”.   Of course they might run JA Konrath’ [...]

    24. Loved it!This book is not for the tweaking heart, but I loved the non-stop action and I especially enjoyed Woof and the monkey, I even teared up at several parts at the end (weirdly enough), because I came to like the characters so much. Great book! I read it at Blake Crouch's recommendation because I love his books and he said this one was good; he was right! Recommend!

    25. Full blown, all-out, balls-to-the-wall terror!There were many, many times throughout reading this suspense story that my mouth dropped open in horror, surprise, or simply in some cathartic attempt to produce a sound that would somehow interpret and reconcile with the appalling and roller-coaster feeling of my whole inner being. AFRAID is so downright guilelessly gripping and fast-paced that I read it in ONE sitting, and literally on the edge of my seat, not getting up even once!There were NO bor [...]

    26. Were it not for some poorly timed heavy days at work and a host of social commitments outside of those hours, I don't think I'm exaggerating to say I would have blasted through Afraid in less than 24 hours. Fast-paced, extremely readable, and (for those with strong stomachs) a whole lot of fun, this was a great introduction to the writing of Kilborn/Konrath. He perfectly dangled questions and uncertainties for the reader to ponder over and then gradually revealed all as the book progressed. This [...]

    27. AfraidWritten By: Jack KilbornPublished By: Grand Central Publishing, 2009, First Edition, 384 pages, mass market paperbackISBN 978-0446535939Afraid is a fantastic book; I just couldn’t put it down! The fast-paced plot and emotion-driven story is very convincing; it’s so fiendishly nauseating that it makes your skin crawl! The suspense is palpable and the atmosphere is rife with tension and fear; just what you would expect from a book with a title as simple yet as powerful as Afraid. When th [...]

    28. To be honest Im probably being a bit harsh giving this book 2 out of 5 stars. Prob more 2 and half. This book just didnt do it for me. I think I was recommended it or it was one of someone's best books, not entirely sure. The storyline was Ok but it just took too long to get into. The beginning captured my attention and was Ok for a while but I think the death rates got bit OTT. The middle dragged a bit but I did enjoy the last quarter id say. Good ending. Quite mixed feelings about it hence two [...]

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