One thought on “Art and Text”

  1. Too little text and what text there was was dense, unapproachable and dreadfully formatted--small font, block paragraphs, unmanageable sized pages. As a coffee table picture book for those already familiar with text-based modern art movements, it's swell.

  2. Though well-illustrated, it lacks the historical and critical breadth of Writing on the Wall: Word and Image in Modern Art and comes off a little like the kind of lavish picture book one flips through looking for idea about how to renovate the kitchen. Kind of disappointing given the enormously interesting subject

  3. Great overview and imagery. Obviously too large a subject matter to really capture in one volume, yet it truely hits a lot of great artists and makes a lot of great observations about the play between language, art and written form.

  4. I found this book to be very helpful for research for my dissertation. While I found the text in the essays is a little to squashed to reading the imagery is brilliant

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