Lass Es Liebe Sein Roman

Lass Es Liebe Sein Roman Darcey und Nieve waren seit ihrer Schulzeit beste Freundinnen bis Darceys Freund Aiden sich in Nieve verliebte und die beiden ein Paar wurden Dieser Verrat verfolgt Darcey nun schon seit zehn Jahren W

  • Title: Lass Es Liebe Sein Roman
  • Author: Sheila O'Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9783442469345
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • Darcey und Nieve waren seit ihrer Schulzeit beste Freundinnen bis Darceys Freund Aiden sich in Nieve verliebte und die beiden ein Paar wurden Dieser Verrat verfolgt Darcey nun schon seit zehn Jahren Weder ihr beruflicher Erfolg, noch ihre kurze Ehe mit Neil k nnen sie ber die Dem tigungen hinwegtr sten Doch dann erh lt sie eine Hochzeitseinladung von Nieve und Aiden.Darcey und Nieve waren seit ihrer Schulzeit beste Freundinnen bis Darceys Freund Aiden sich in Nieve verliebte und die beiden ein Paar wurden Dieser Verrat verfolgt Darcey nun schon seit zehn Jahren Weder ihr beruflicher Erfolg, noch ihre kurze Ehe mit Neil k nnen sie ber die Dem tigungen hinwegtr sten Doch dann erh lt sie eine Hochzeitseinladung von Nieve und Aiden Soll Darcey zusagen Ist es vielleicht an der Zeit alte Wunden heilen zu lassen Und warum kann sie Neil einfach nicht vergessen Quelle Umschlagtext.

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    1. An enjoyable read with great insight into the dangers of how holding on to the past can blind you to what you have.Main characters are Darcey, who sees herself as a bit of an uncoordinated dope, a divorced wage slave with a messed up life; and Neive who stole Darcey's almost fiance and regards money as the most important thing in life. Probably a little predictable but it kept a smile on my face throughout.

    2. Ik heb genoten van Bad behaviour. Je hebt van die boeken die moeilijk weg te leggen zijn, omdat ze zo vlot lezen. Dit is er een van. Toch heb ik soms wat bedenkingen om aan een boek van Sheila O'Flanagan te beginnen. Dat komt met name doordat ze redelijk dikke boeken schrijft. Deze is bijvoorbeeld 598 pagina's dik. Ik lees liever iets minder dikke boeken. Toch ben ik blij dat ik het gelezen heb. Nu ik het uit heb, weet ik weer waarom ik zo'n fan ben van Sheila O'Flanagans werk. Bad behaviour is [...]

    3. I admit to being a big fan of Sheila O'Flanagan's, and this was no disappointment. Thoroughly enjoyable, a cut above the ditzy chic-lit. Good bit of substance to the story, excellent characterisation and a damn good read. Keep 'em coming!

    4. With the pink, girly cover you'd think this book was going to be about relationships right from the beginning. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover this book passing the Bechdel test (two women characters who talk about something other than men) for the first third of the book. And in the end this book is really about friendship between two women.Yes, a woman steals a man from her best friend, but there is so much in here about women's ambition and career lives so I really enjoyed it. When [...]

    5. Done reading this lovely story. Lots of lesson learned for me too. Enjoy the last chapter very much, but sometime a bit confusing or it's like a repeating kind of moment quite more than 2?Anyway, glad to know that 2 best friend can get along again together and happy ending to know the conclusion that her ex husband love her again? And Darcey loves him too. Je t'aime She told her ex husband

    6. I think I may have read this book before? Because I found I could guess how certain things would end. I still enjoyed reading it thoughI found it a quick to get into and easy to read book. Nieve stealing Aiden didn't sit well with me. Even though it worked out for the charachters in the end. Which, I guess was the whole point of the book.

    7. Easy read, unfortuantely found it a bit boring in places so had to keep putting it down and going back to it - bit disappointed really not as good as her other books although it did pick up towards the end. Main story line is about a woman who's best friend stole her man - not sure I could've let something like that affect my life for that long but hey everyone's different

    8. I love Sheila O'Flanagan books, another great read, good story line, it was interesting to see how a man can come between two close friends and change everything, I couldnt put this book down.

    9. i learned from this book that by living in the past and holding on to a dream you once had you may miss out on whats in front of you.

    10. This is the perfect book if you are looking for a cheesy read. I litterally could not put the book down. It was (for me at least) a pretty predictable story, but I still enjoyed reading it.

    11. I have to say I enjoyed this book - not too taxing on ye olde brain but good escapism. It's worth noting that this was published in 2007 - pre the crash. Reading it now it is quite easy to guess what might happen with one of the characters - not specifically but generally.

    12. I don't know why this book really interested me and it turned out to be a very good book considering my age when I read it. I'm a strictly romance, fantasy and young adult genre type of reader right now but I did like the economy theme or was it something about bank and stocks stuff? Anyhow it turned out to be a no-no path in my life later on but still, maybe that was the reason why I kept re-reading it after the first time.Since it has gone a few years since my last time reading this book, with [...]

    13. Darcey and Nieve were the closest and best of friends, through school, as neighbours, travelling round Europe: this was a friendship for life. Until Nieve, returning from Europe a little later than her friend, stole the heart of Aidan, the boy Darcey had fallen in love with in her absence. Aidan was going to propose the very night Nieve caught his eye, and Darcey knew it. For the next ten years she's haunted by the memory of her humiliation. No business success - and there are many - no comfort [...]

    14. Bad Behaviour, come credo si capisca molto bene dalla copertina, è un romanzo chick lit (anche se poi a conti fatti lo definirei più un romance che un chick lit). Non è un genere con cui vado molto d'accordo, anche se un paio di anni fa ho cominciato ad interessarmene e ho letto molti romanzi di questo tipo. Il mio problema fondamentale è che le protagoniste dei chick lit normalmente sono dei disastri ambulanti. E' chiaro che in un romanzo di questo genere ci deve essere qualche drammatico e [...]

    15. Boy, did I ever bounce off this author hard. I don't insist that "chick lit" books have to be beautifully written in order for me to enjoy them (though it's awesome when they are!), but I cannot cope with a writer whose writing philosophy seems to be "I guess I'll just throw four or five separate thoughts into a sentence in no particular order and let the reader untangle them".Behold:Obviously, she thought, as she stepped under the shower, gasped, and rapidly turned the dial to hot from the sub- [...]

    16. The rating I wanted to give was 2.5.This book is a long, long read, has a vaguely unsatisfactory ending (nobody gets the comeuppance they deserve and I am a sucker for things like that) and rather bleargh protagonists (one is likeable but too goody goody and the other is interesting but unpleasant ).Yet, it isn't a bad book. You keep reading because you want to know what happens and how things pan out. Can you ever forgive a best friend who betrayed you in the worst possible way? Can you ever ge [...]

    17. This was a fun read. A mix of very different personalities, switching point of views… The storyline might not be very original, but it was well-written nevertheless. I liked that the financial and economical world was dragged into this. This book mainly follows Darcey throughout her life. Best friends with Nieve in high school, travelling around Europe…but all of that falls apart when Nieve steals the heart of the boy Darcey was supposed to marry. For the next ten years, Darcey is struggling [...]

    18. I had picked the book randomlyi mean who knew. would be one of the books were u just have to know what's gonna happen next made me very much curious i can say its a DEFINITE READ u can feel the complexity of women mind. the author really made me engross in the book for sure.e story is refreshing and beautifully writtenThanks to Shelia O'Flanagan for the storyAnd thanks for the amazing quote which actually after reading the book makes more sense den ever' Maths is like love, a simple idea, but it [...]

    19. I loved the different characters and the right mixture of personalities in the book. Although the storyline does seem a bit familiar, I loved reading the book and it had me hooked on from page 1. The blurb at the back does not give out anything since I was fairly surprised at the ending of the book. I could relate more with the character of Darcey than Nieve. Although the narration does shift to Nieve's pov at times, it does not gain her any brownie points. All in all, it was an enjoyable read. [...]

    20. This was a really fun read, it kept me interested and like all Sheila O'Flanagan's book I read, this one did not disappoint. My only thought is that it was a bit too long. I love novels of real issues and daily life, this one deals with many true problems that we encounter in adulthood and in the corporate world, demanding jobs, good and not so good friends, difficult moms, etc. I recommend this book because it is entertaining but not stressful.

    21. This was the thickest book I've ever read next to Eragon, Eldest & Brisingr and the Harry Potter Series. It was very interesting. A story about a long held grudge and lost love. I thought the plot was much to develop on but really enjoyable.Great ending: letting bygones be bygones and finding a love once lost. Excellent read.

    22. This story line kept my attention until the very last page of this book. I found the main characters interesting with their passion and overall confusion about their lives and choices. This book is about love in so many ways. its about friendship, family, hard work and money. The story supports my belief that we need to go through different paths just to find ourselves. And who knows, at the end we might become someone we were always meant to become.

    23. I thought the storyline was good, and I felt like I really got to know the charecters. But I did feel as though the story went on a bit too long, and could have ended earlier. I also found the ending to be a bit predictable. Even still, I do think it was a good book and i'm glad that I read it - but it's not a book I would reread

    24. This was a fun read. I love how the financial world is included in the story. Though it was practically a mix of typical and not so atypical story, I loved how the ups and downs of economy and finance is also included in it. The end was pretty good considering Darcey ends up with her ex and she makes up with her ex bestfriend though they don't stay bestfriend after.

    25. Jag gillar verkligen ämnet i den här boken, att alltid resa sig och komma igen. Att man inte ska skylla allt på olika saker som hänt i ens liv, utan man ska ta ansvar för sina handlingar och sitt eget välmående. Resten vet jag inte riktigt vad jag ska säga om. Läs mer på bokslut/2011/06/de

    26. This story shows you how your relation with your friend how it can be affect your life. The reaction of each person for the same situation.I was agreed with the main character's decision, but each person is free to think differently than me, because like I said in certain situation people react in diffent waysCertaine personne peuvent parfaitement ce reconnaitre dans ce livre car il existe de nombreuses personnes qui ont connu ce genre de situation. Mais serai vous en accord avec les descision d [...]

    27. A caldo avrei dato il voto più alto, perchè mi ha davvero coinvolta e appassionata, è il classico romanzo che sai che andrà a finire in quel modo lì ma non importa, quello che importa è il come ci si arriva a quella fine lì. Però a freddo devo dire che è troppo lungo, ci sono troppi personaggi e molto spesso è caotico e confusionario, personalmente l'avrei visto meglio come un romanzo a due voci raccontato in modo alternato dalle due protagoniste in prima persona, sarebbe stato più ch [...]

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