Sports Camp

Sports Camp Riley feels like the smallest kid at sports camp In fact he is He just turned eleven in April but most kids here are twelve and a few are even thirteen and gigantic It s hard enough for a shrimp li

  • Title: Sports Camp
  • Author: Rich Wallace
  • ISBN: 9780375840593
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Riley feels like the smallest kid at sports camp In fact, he is He just turned eleven in April, but most kids here are twelve, and a few are even thirteen and gigantic It s hard enough for a shrimp like Riley to fit in He just doesn t want to be the weak link as his bunk competes for the Camp Olympia Trophy.Riley knows he s no good at strength and accuracy games like bRiley feels like the smallest kid at sports camp In fact, he is He just turned eleven in April, but most kids here are twelve, and a few are even thirteen and gigantic It s hard enough for a shrimp like Riley to fit in He just doesn t want to be the weak link as his bunk competes for the Camp Olympia Trophy.Riley knows he s no good at strength and accuracy games like basketball and softball But when it comes to speed and endurance events, like running and swimming, he s better than he looks He s pretty sure he can place in the top ten and bring in major trophy points in the final mile long swim race across Lake Surprise But he doesn t count on being followed by the shadow of Big Joe, the giant vicious snapping turtle of camp lore Wasn t that supposed to be a legend

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    1. Summer camp novel for the pre-teen set. Riley is away at a summer camp for the first time and though not an all round athlete he's able to hold his own in the endurance events. If books about summer camps, bad food, barfing and ghost stories are your cup of tea then this is the book for you. Probably perfect for those male reluctant readers.

    2. a quick little read about some boys at sports camp. Rich keeps the story going quickly with different twists and turns and mystery as well as the main theme of the cabins competition.

    3. What a great book to read over the summer with my sports-crazy son! Riley is heading to Sports Camp, and there's nothing more important than the Big Joe Trophy, for which cabins compete in a handful of sports--swimming, softball, water polo to name a few. Sure, Riley has a few middle-grade-y problems here and therehe doesn't quite fit in, he gets sick right before competing in what should be his best event, and he is worried about living up to the pressure put on him from other cabin-mates. But [...]

    4. This book is about a 12 year old boy who is sent to a camp, where he knows no one, and is seen as the runt. I really liked this book and how it incorporated many sports, to me this gave a competitive feel to the book that kept me wanting to read. The imagery in this book also helped the action come to life, it almost made me feel like I was playing the sports as well, which I liked very much. I would recommend this book if you love sports, because if you didn't have an interest towards sports I [...]

    5. From April 2010 SLJWhen 11-year-old Riley Liston arrives at Camp Olympia, he quickly realizes that it’s going to be a long two weeks: as one of the youngest and smallest campers, he doesn’t have the strength that the older guys do in basketball and softball. Normally, he wouldn’t mind—he knows he’s a good swimmer and runner—but the cabins are all competing for the coveted Big Joe Trophy (named after the legendary snapping turtle that inhabits the lake), and Riley doesn’t want to be [...]

    6. Sports CampBy Rich WallacePublished by Alfred A. KnopfCopyright © 2010Welcome to Camp Olympia, an all boys summer sports camp and home to the largest, fiercest snapping turtle in the world!Rich Wallace is well known for his sports novels filled with teen drama. For sports camp Wallace has stuck with the sports but gone rather light on the drama. He gives us a character who knows where he fits into the sports world right now but who doesn't necessarily know how to fit in with other boys, and we [...]

    7. I picked to read the book "Sports Camp" because I like to read about sports, and the main sports that were played at the camp were basketball, softball, water polo, and swimming. The main character Riley, was not as strong as the other guys for basketball and softball and sometimes got picked on because he was weaker in those sports. My favorite part of the book was when the final swimming race took place to determine the Big Joe Trophy winner of Camp Olympia. Cabin 3 and Riley were in third pla [...]

    8. Perfect read-aloud for the end of the school year. Riley is experiencing his first sleep away camp. He's younger and smaller than most of the boys on his "team"-but he's a strong swimmer! Fun look at camp: the bad food, competitions, and ghost stories galore."Riley feels like the smallest kid at sports camp. In fact, he is. He just turned eleven in April, but most kids here are twelve, and a few are even thirteen—and gigantic. It’s hard enough for a shrimp like Riley to fit in. He just doesn [...]

    9. For the reader who is a sports-fan, any kind of sports-fan, Sports Camp takes him or her away to two weeks in the summer where sports jocks of all kinds, shapes, sizes, and ages are pitted against each other to win the ultimate prize, The Big Joe Trophy. Riley Liston is one of the youngest and smallest at the camp, but he does his Cabin 3 teammates proud when he uses his prowess at swimming to seal their fate this summer. Sports Camp takes on a kind of play-by-play tone with a recap in the form [...]

    10. I read the book Sports Camp. Its about people whogo to a camp. Then they play a lot of sports. They also have a lot of fun there at the camp. They play Alot of sports like football and other sports. Like Vollyball, Baseball, and soccer. Out of all the sports they play they liked baseball the most. I would read this book if you like sports. But over all its a really good book. I gave it four and a half stars. If you like sports this book would fit you the best. But if you like the indoors Its pro [...]

    11. Riley goes to sports camp for the summer. He is younger and smaller than a lot of the other campers. There are 6 cabins that compete in various sports for points and one cabin wins the trophy at the end of the summer. The book seemed to wander without knowing where it was going. Was it about the sports competitions, a boy trying to fit in with his peers and finding himself, or a book about summer camp with all the ghost stories attached. There were too many elements that didn't seem to flow toge [...]

    12. At first I thought this was going to be a story about bullying. Then I thought it was going to be sort of a summer camp horror story book. But nope, it's just a very straightforward, realistic portrayal of 11-year-old Riley's experience of a few weeks away at sports camp. Lots of play-by-play descriptions of water polo, basketball games, etc. Not a lot of suspense or drama, but older elementary/younger middle school hard core sports fans might be into it. Also, it's a short and easy read.

    13. I read this to add to a series of book talks I was doing. It was short, which will probably be a selling point - especially for boys - but pretty boring, overall. It would have been a better short story in a sports anthology than a novel.

    14. This book is about a kid who goes to sports camp and plays sports. Good for most ages and anyone who likes sports.Age group: 9+Violence: Some pranks and stories about ghosts on the lakeSex: NoneProfanity: NoneAlcohol etc.: Fake cigarette by one kid, otherwise nothing

    15. This was a quick read and I enjoyed it. The story was a fun, play-by-play look at an 11-year-old's time at a sports camp. I can definitely see some of my reluctant readers picking this title up. It's short and appeals to the sports fan in everyone.

    16. I really liked this book. It was slow going early but the first page hooked me in pretty good. After it got through the first few chapters it got going and I started to fly through it. There was some really intense parts and some not as intense but it was still a really good book.

    17. Eleven-year-old Riley Liston tries to fit in at Camp Olympia, a summer sports camp where he is one of the youngest boys.Not the best book, but great for older boy reluctant readers, especially those into sports and competition.

    18. This book was good. I would have liked if it was longer and in a series. Other than that, I enjoyed it.Riley went to camp Olympia and is not the best basketball or softball player. But, he's a good swimmer and runner. Using these, he helps his cabin to first place in points.

    19. This is a great "boy sports book". It reads a little formula-like, but th4e characters are strong and boys and girls will relate to the need to fit in through sports.

    20. Not really my cup of tea, but I'm not a 4th or 5th boy who likes sports - and that's the clear audience for this book. It just might be perfect for them.

    21. I love this book. Rylee is a great swimmer and a good friend. I love that he never gives up. Even when hes losing. I wish there was a second book.

    22. Fast read. Book talk it to boys and reluctant readers. Kids who have been to camp, and anyone who wanted to reach a goal or be accepted by peers will relate.

    23. This book was decent but did not have very much rising action. If you like sports, you would most likely enjoy this novel.

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