Women of the Old Testament

Women of the Old Testament From the beginning women have been at the very heart of God s plan Women of the Old Testament focuses on twenty remarkable women representing different ages economic circumstances family status an

  • Title: Women of the Old Testament
  • Author: Camille Fronk Olson ElspethYoung
  • ISBN: 9781590387917
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the beginning, women have been at the very heart of God s plan Women of the Old Testament focuses on twenty remarkable women representing different ages, economic circumstances, family status, and cultures All of them had challenges, but each had a divine potential to contribute to the Lord s work Bestselling author Camille Fronk Olson brings these women to life, gFrom the beginning, women have been at the very heart of God s plan Women of the Old Testament focuses on twenty remarkable women representing different ages, economic circumstances, family status, and cultures All of them had challenges, but each had a divine potential to contribute to the Lord s work Bestselling author Camille Fronk Olson brings these women to life, going beyond the traditional scripture story to provide insights that are amazingly relevant today Elspeth Young s exquisite, full color illustrations also reveal something about each woman s life and the customs associated with her culture A Points to Ponder section at the end of each chapter offers thoughtful questions to consider individually or in a discussion group.

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    1. This book has a great deal to recommend it, but it has some failings, too. It seemed to me that Dr. Olson struggled to decide just what kind of book she wanted it to be and, rather than leave something out that might be of worth, she ended up including almost everything. The paintings are beautiful, though as others have mentioned, sometimes the models are a bit too blond-haired and blue-eyed for me to believe in their strict historical accuracy. I liked Elspeth Young's section at the end where [...]

    2. I knew I wanted this book when I first saw it was available. Camille Fronk Olson is one of my favorite LDS authors and Elspeth Young is my favorite LDS artist. So a book by the two of them focused on Women of the Old Testament? I was very pleased when my in-laws bought it for me for my birthday. Each chapter focuses on a woman from the Old Testament, each chapter is accompanied by a painting by Elspeth Young (at the end of the book, Young explains her paintings and why she painted them the way t [...]

    3. Took a couple of years to read this substantial work that I suspect merely graces people's coffee tables. It is so rich in history and conceptual load thatI would pick it up while having breakfast, read a section and ponder the ideas. Fronk has done a stellar job of seeking out interesting and sometimes more obscure women in the Old Testament and bringing their stories to life. As a gospel doctrine teacher, I feel this book really helped me contextualize the role of females in the Old Testament, [...]

    4. Elspeth Young's artwork is so astonishinly gorgeous, it makes reading the book a pleasure. She is going places, let me just be the first to tell you. Enjoying it so far. Whew! It took me awhile but it was worth it. page 72: a very insightful paragraph on barrenness: In many way, barrenness is symbolic of any unrealized righteous desire or unforeseen difficulty that strikes everyone sooner or later. In the imagery of barrenness, each of us is unfruitful without Jesus Christ. 101 Criticism and cha [...]

    5. Excellent read! We used this in an Old Testament study group, and I cannot say enough good things about it. It didn't hurt that our study of women of the OT group was excellent as well. I really learned a lot and it literally changed my entire perspective of women in biblical times. I was a little disappointed that this did not have Ruth, Naomi or Esther (Kinda big women in the OT, wouldn't you say?) but someone mentioned to me that they are covered in the second book, Women of the New Testament [...]

    6. I love this woman. She knows so much about so many things I wish I could spend the afternoon with her and ask her everything I can think of.This book is a fantastic resource for anyone who is interested in ancient Hebrew/Jewish culture. Olson puts context behind each of the women she highlights, which is really helpful. I don't agree with some of her personal opinions, but I value her stance on the moral applications and sensitivity. That's a nice relief from a lot of other bible commentary out [...]

    7. Great book! There was some speculation as to what really was happening with these women, as scriptural reference is somewhat scarce, but it was educated speculation. She provided historical information about what was going on at the same time period and place. In addition to learning more about these women and women in general from those times, the historical and archaeological information gave me more insight and understanding of the bible in general.

    8. I really enjoyed this book. The knowledge of the history with possible insights and the beautiful artwork all combined to make it a wonderful book for me. What I most liked however was the way the author was able to connect age old relationships with God to me now. I felt connected to the women of the Old Testament. I felt like we had common dilemmas and that I too can look to God and endure joyfully.

    9. At last. A comprehensive look at women of the Old Testament. I loved reading more about the culture and politics during the times they lived. It gave me a much greater understanding knowing the time and place and conditions of their lives. If you ever wanted more than a passing glance at the women of the Bible, I highly recommend this book.

    10. I haven’t read the whole book yet, but I read and re-read the chapter on Miriam which was OUTSTANDING! What impressed me the most about this book was the way Camille Fronk Olson was constantly weaving in Jesus Christ and current gospel principals into the Old Testament. It is an impressive work. I highly recommend it.

    11. Such a wonderful book - I incorporated it with my personal scripture study and appreciated getting more in-depth background on regions, cultures, domestic rituals, etc. on the Old Testament women highlighted here, in particular the "anonymous women" chapter, the daughters of Zelophehad, and Abigail, but each chapter is excellent. My one quibble was the scriptural reference errors within the chapters, which were more numerous as the book went on - some were off by a verse number, some by several [...]

    12. This is the best book I've read on the subject of women in the scriptures--a must read. Olson does an amazing job of synthesizing scripture, history/archaeology, modern revelation, and personal inference. The time periods and scriptures were so well-researched to make this a reliable account. The author's personal opinions and inferences were usually within the bounds of logic, though sometimes drifted slightly into supposition. Throughout the text, there are also exquisite paintings of all the [...]

    13. I loved loved loved this book. It is such a great book. I really can't say enough good things about it. Since I live in Utah I am lucky enough to be able to check out a lot of LDS books from the library, but this is one I want to own. I was first attracted to this book because I love hearing stories about women who do hard things. I was definitely not let down. There are stories of some amazing women in this book. But the whole point of the book, which is so important, is that all these women we [...]

    14. This book wasn't quite what I had expected at first--many of the LDS books which feature paintings that I read are sort of generically spiritual and upbeat. This one was full of scriptural and historical detail. Once I recovered from my surprise, I dug in and loved it. I read the scriptures cited and took reams of notes. I was very interested in the stories included from the Jewish Talmud--although we as Saints don't necessarily believe this source was inspired, there is still a lot of fascinati [...]

    15. Olson provides wonderful historical detail and background for the various stories of women in the Old Testament. She brings out the gospel principles that these women exemplify and provides questions for further personal study and reflection.Why I started this book: I've been called as a Sunday School teacher, and the Old Testament is not my strong point.Why I finished this: Olson was clear on what the historical record showed and what were her assumptions based on educated guesses. While she ha [...]

    16. This book is incredible! Camille Olson developed an institute class specifically on Women of the Scriptures, then decided this information should be available for everyone! Each named woman (and some unnamed) in the Old Testament is given a chapter describing her life, circumstance, spiritual lessons learned, and faith promoting experiences. It has amazing historical insights and very thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter. Along with beautiful pictures depicting traits and parts [...]

    17. This book is laid out like a school book with beautiful art, photos, maps time lines, questions to ponder I loved it from the start. I did not read my scriptures with it in the beginning like suggested, but by the prophetesses I was so into it that I decided to read the passages from the OT as well, but reading it this way put me to sleep! It become too repetitive for me, so I just enjoyed this one without any guilt. I loved the Jewish additions and historical background to all these stories.Els [...]

    18. This is one of my "go-to" books when I'm studying the Old Testament. I've read it before but forget the details. Today I'm re-reading it & it's even better the 2nd time. Beautiful art. I suggest reading it in tandem with your Bible and be prepared to make notes in your scriptures helping with details for the next time you happen upon that passage & would benefit from Olson's commentary. I especially like the timelines and verse listings that help pull the scriptural character through the [...]

    19. This book is really wonderful. The paintings are lovely and really give you an idea of the personalities of these great women. The writing is scholarly and in depth and very well done. Olson is terrific! It really gave me a fascinating glimpse into the world that these women came from and what their stories have to teach us. They are great examples to women of today, and their examples can be so much help to us. I appreciate how this book, through word and pictures, really helped me to see these [...]

    20. I loved this book. It read like a novel and was absolutely fascinating. I loved the appendix, which lists every single woman mentioned in the Old Testament, even those for whom names are not given, and the meaning of each woman's name. There were so many interesting historical, cultural, and political facts given, and for each woman, the background of her story was detailed. I thought the selection of women was great, as well. From Eve, the most famous woman of all-time, to Huldah, whom I had ne [...]

    21. I think it's super important that readers realize that those women who were in Jesus Christ's ancestral line are minimally covered in this book because the author goes into their lives in some depth in her other book, Women of the New Testament. She states that at the beginning, but apparently that fact gets overlooked a lot.So far I have enjoyed the beginning of this book the most but find I am turning to it as a resource book for those women who come later. That said, I really enjoyed her insi [...]

    22. What a great book! I learned a great deal from it. Camille Fronk Olson not only teaches the stories of the women from the Old Testament, but she shares a wealth of historical, political and cultural information to put the stories in context. The book contains a vast amount of research as well as spiritual insights. Reading this has helped me in my understanding and love of the Old Testament. Also, the paintings are beautiful and add to the book. Be sure and read the stories behind the paintings [...]

    23. It was an interesting read. Gives more detail. I especially liked her comments in the conclusion: "They were ordinary women who made extraordinary contributions despite their challenges and foibles--because of the grace of the Lord." She also made the observation that with just seeing a "snapshot" of a woman's life that it is easier for us to make a judgment and "assign a label to define the woman's entire life." We need to be careful there. We all have weakness and strengths.

    24. Loved reading this. Loved making the historical connections between the women and their surrounding time/era. Sometimes a bit too much side information, makes me lose track of the women's stories. Also, because there is so little to go on in the Bible, there is plenty of speculation as to what they must have done/felt. But still, all in all, a very solid book and I'm looking forward to reading the companion book, Women in the New Testament.

    25. I have to admit that I haven't quite finished the book yet. I've decided that I will use it more as a study companion. What I have read, I have LOVED! I am learning so much about the beloved women of the Old Testament. The pictures are beautiful and research that was put into writing this book, well, it really amazes me. I've love reading about a particular woman, closing the book, and discussing it w/my husband. I would recommend that this book be a part of any of my friends personal library.

    26. This was probably 4.5 stars. I really liked it but it took me forever to finish. Not because it wasn't good but because it was broken up into chapters about individual women so when you finished 1 chapter it seemed almost like you finished the whole book. I read the 1st half of the book really fast then got into some other books and almost forgot about this one. I finished it and learned a lot and I liked the author's use of historical documents, it made it so much more interesting.

    27. Educational. And don't get me wrong, some of Olsen's byuspeeches are my favorites. But I feel like the book played favorites and left out a lot of people I wanted to know about(Ruth, Esther, Rahab). Also I felt like there were a lot of blondes And, don't get me wrong, I love blondes. But I'm pretty sure that everyone in the Old Testament wasn't blonde and, if they were, their hair/appearance was a bit more gritty than that. :)

    28. I loved how she took each woman of the Old Testament and not only brought the perspective from the Bible, but also from Jewish texts and recent LDS scholars. I feel I gained more insight into the ancient world. It was intriguing and inspiring. (and I loved the portraits they had painted for the book!!)

    29. This book was a nice look into the women in the Old Testament - those named and unnamed. ms. Olson provides a look into the history and culture to give context to these women and their lives, but does so in a way that's accessible for the average reader.

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