Forged in the Fire

Forged in the Fire London With the plague raging and the scent of smoke upon the wind Will and Susanna separated by class and distance struggle to re unite A powerful story about how love and belief can overc

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  • Title: Forged in the Fire
  • Author: Ann Turnbull
  • ISBN: 9781844289356
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • London 1665 66 With the plague raging and the scent of smoke upon the wind, Will and Susanna, separated by class and distance, struggle to re unite A powerful story about how love and belief can overcome even the most terrifying twists of fate.

    One thought on “Forged in the Fire”

    1. Susanna has been waiting years for William. For him to learn a trade, save funds, and escape prison. William isn’t a criminal. He’s a dissenter. A Quaker. As is Susanna. Both of them are determined to remain loyal to their Friends and their faith. And to pay the price for their beliefs.But the two are also anxious to marry.And at last William sends the letter, to tell Susanna it is time.The year is 1665. The setting is London.And two of the greatest catastrophes in history are about to test [...]

    2. This is a sequel to "No Shame, No Fear," about Quaker life in England in the 1660s. They both focus on two young people in love - in this book, Will turns 21, and Susanna is 19. This is set mainly in London during the time of the plague and the great fire. I have thoroughly enjoyed these books - they really flesh out what it was like to be a Friend in that time and place.

    3. I expected a little more from this book. I thought there would be a more tragic and desperate love that can overcome the obstacles of the plague in London in the 1600s. Yet, I was left needing more from the characters, especially the two lovers who are finally united after a few years apart. Maybe I need to go back and read the prequel (which I was unaware of) to care more about Will and Susanna.

    4. An interesting book but I expected it to be better.On a positive note, I liked the characters and the settings. However, the writing style felt stiff and unnatural and I was very tempted not to finish the book at all. Also, quite a lot of the decisions the characters made were plot conveniences and didn't seem natural.

    5. Not quite as compelling as the first book. I was disappointed in heat-of-the moment choices made by the main characters who profess to be religious and feel no remorse afterward. Somehow it doesn't feel true to the Quaker belief system to me.

    6. I actually liked this one better than it's prequel. An interesting look into the life of a quaker in the 1600's in London.

    7. Good ending to the story. I learned quite a bit about the plague and fire in London and about the persecution of the Quakers in England. The story was well told.

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The Great Fire of London was brought to life by Ann Turnbull's meticulous attention to detail. We see the story unfold through both Susanna's and William's eyes, giving us a clear insight into their thoughts and feelings. Although this book is part of a trilogy it can also be read as a stand alone novel.

    9. William akhirnya berhasil menemukan pekerjaan di toko buku London. Ia mengumpulkan setiap sen yang didapatkannya demi bisa menikahi Susanna. Di tengah wabah pes yang melanda kota itu, William merasa terancam dan berhati-hati menjaga kesehatan. Namun statusnya sebagai seorang Quaker kembali membuatnya dipenjara di antara lautan orang-orang sakit. Sungguh sebuah keberuntungan ia hanya mengidap demam Scarlet saja. Ia diselamatkan oleh seorang pedagang kaya yang juga menganut kepercayaan sama dengan [...]

    10. Reviewed by Mechele R. Dillard for TeensReadTooThe streets of 17th-Century London come alive in author Ann Turnbull's FORGED IN THE FIRE. The sequel to Turnbull's 2006 NO SHAME, NO FEAR, this well-written novel stands alone, dually answering readers' current questions while offering just enough ambiguity to pique their interest in the prequel. Romance is alive and well in the plague-infested streets of 1665 London. But, times are hard and death is rampant, especially for Quakers such as Will and [...]

    11. I've read this book twice and both times never realised that this is actually a sequel to another of Ann Turnbull's books "No Shame, No Fear". However, not reading the first part of the series didn't take away from my enjoyment of this novel at all. I'd class this novel as YA historical romance. Will and Susanna, two Quakers, have loved each other for a while and are desperate to become husband and wife, but Will wants to earn enough money to be able to properly support and look after Susanna an [...]

    12. 2008: "Quakers! Plague! New thing where I imagine "Will" as Will Turner, minus the pirate setting! Even better than its predecessor."2017: I just reread both novels back to back, explicitly intending to view the story as a Will/Elizabeth AU with fortunes reversed, but I failed to keep my intended casting in mind about 50 pages into the original and just let Will and Susanna have the run of it. I love their steadfast devotion to each other, aside from the latter's brief fit of self-deprecation in [...]

    13. To be fair, this was aimed at preteens, and I haven't been a preteen in a very long time.Overall, I got the feeling that the author wanted to have her cake and eat it, too: The romance of a historical setting but with modern sensibilities (for the record, 17th-century Quakers did not wink at premarital sex. You could get read out of meeting for that).It was utterly unbelievable that the heroine would agree to be separated from her lover for three years and then would give up on him based on a sp [...]

    14. A good conclusion to the "No Shame, No Fear" story. While others thought the book dragged, I did not. I was as interested in how a person made a living, dealt with setbacks - even imprisonment, and in general what life was like in London in the 1600s. While I can see why people didn't think this installment as good as the first, it still held my interest. The characters will still important to me, and although I could have seen several ways the story could have veered in a new directionybe given [...]

    15. Being a young adult novel this was a pretty easy read but was engaging and enjoyablecally it's love at the time of plague with a great fire thrown in towards closure and is a follow on bookI enjoyed this and found it a decent contained tale in itself however as I hadn't really the book prior to this.The tale of Quaker persecution throughout was of interest too and makes the backdrop of the central romance more interestingI'm not really one for romantic fiction period or otherwise but I did enjoy [...]

    16. I was certainly on edge after reading this intriguing historical fiction detailing a round of the plague in London and the fire of 1666. The circumstances captured many of my own fears about disaster. Although I know little about the Quakers prior to their arrival in America, I felt as I read about these characters that I had a better sense of the feelings and persecution that drove my own Puritan and Separatist ancestors to leave the Old World. The only scenes that jarred me where the romantic [...]

    17. I read this without realising there was a part one, which didn't affect my understanding of the characters or the story. Normally I'm not a fan of romance type novels but the dramatic element of the 1665-1666 events sparked my interest. The characters where engaging but a lot more 'free' than what I'd expect real people of that time to be (especally Will's rejection of his father). I enjoyed Susanna, she's so much more confident then what I expected. I loved the use of older language, especally [...]

    18. I liked No Shame, No Fear, but maybe it's because of my European History degree background, I knew where this story was going once I saw the dates at the beginning of the book. Plague and fire and London. I also was exaspertated at Susanna's preteen attitude when she saw Will in London actually enjoying himself. A better ending would have been Will marrying Catherine and Nat going off with Susanna, with a little smoldering fire (pun not intended) between Will and Susanna. Instead we got a "happi [...]

    19. You know, I've checked this book out of the library sooo many times and, although I always seem to get further and further into it, I just cannot bring myself to finish it. Being someone who loves stories set in this time period, and loves romance, I thought I would love this book. Every time I picked it up I had to force myself to read it. I don't know if it was because of the way it is written (jumping from one perspective to the other), the characters, or the plot line but I wanted to throw t [...]

    20. the 2nd book about Susanna and Will, who have waited 3 years to be married. This story examines the world of the Quakers living in England in the 1600's. In the book, just as they are about to be married, the Great Fire of London occurs in 1666. Can they survive the separation and castrophe around them? Great

    21. I don't even know why I bothered with the sequel. I hated the first one, but I was kind of hoping that the second part would make more sense and be more appealing.It wasn't.The sequel was even stupider than the first part. This is historical fiction at its worst.

    22. An interesting book. Apparently it is a book 2 of 2. I haven't read the first one ("No shame, No fear") but I found out that this one can stand on its own.

    23. This story takes place during the plague in London and the Great Fire of London. Find out whether Susanna and Will survive and whether their relationship will survive.

    24. After reading NO Shame No Fear i wasn't able so read the second book. I will never forhet i reading these books i started to have a passion to reading.

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