Flash When two teenage brothers bungle a bank robbery their attempt to hide the evidence is witnessed aurally by Terrence a legally blind neighbor Terrence tells his girlfriend Nina and her brother who

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  • Title: Flash
  • Author: Michael Cadnum
  • ISBN: 9780374399115
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When two teenage brothers bungle a bank robbery, their attempt to hide the evidence is witnessed aurally by Terrence, a legally blind neighbor Terrence tells his girlfriend, Nina, and her brother, who then disappears with a handgun Nina is afraid of what he might do to the brothers But she also has every reason to fear what the brothers will do to Terrence.Flash ingenioWhen two teenage brothers bungle a bank robbery, their attempt to hide the evidence is witnessed aurally by Terrence, a legally blind neighbor Terrence tells his girlfriend, Nina, and her brother, who then disappears with a handgun Nina is afraid of what he might do to the brothers But she also has every reason to fear what the brothers will do to Terrence.Flash ingeniously interweaves the stories of two who are hellbent on a destructive path, two who stand in their way, and one whose actions may be the spark to set the whole thing off.

    One thought on “Flash”

    1. Have you ever read a book so interesting, you couldn't put it down? If not this is Definitely the book for you. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. This book was so good it was really intense, it had you wanting to go onto the next page and so on. So Milton and Bruce are two brothers, Milton is the older one and Bruce is the younger one. Their mom, is in really bad shape health wise and she needs money. Milton and Bruce get an idea that they would rob a bank for their mother. So they st [...]

    2. Brothers Bruce and Milton attempt to rob a bank, but they aren’t more than three blocks from the bank when the bag of cash explodes filling the car with green smoke and covering them both with green dye. Later as they attempt to bury the evidence in the woods behind their house, Terrence, a young man whose eyesight is so bad that he is considered legally blind, wanders by and senses that something isn’t right. Even though the brothers know that he will not be a reliable witness, they decide [...]

    3. To sum up in a word: awkward. The plot was choppy, characters were wooden and language wasn't used wisely. I liked the concept of the story, but everything about this made it difficult to get invested. MilTon and Bruce were overly thuggish, Nina and Terrence seemed middle-aged instead of youthful, and Carraway was hard to understand.The attempted robbery was clumsy, as were the witness' responses to it.

    4. This is the first book I've read by the author: I was not impressed! His language is "clunky" - descriptions/thoughts/dialogue. The story was interesting but the characters were 2 dimensional - I couldn't feel anything for any of them. Because it was short and "not so bad" I felt I could finish it, though.

    5. Flash is a unique tale shifting between four central characters. Told in third person, the reader still gets to know each person strongly as well as a few accessory characters that still play strong roles. Both a story of action and advancement as well as character development and progression, Flash paints a realistic portrait of desperation and skewed judgments.Bruce and Milton, brothers both as alike as they are different, are the central players in this story, focused on trying to make a quic [...]

    6. The book "the Flash" by Michael Cadnum was such a good book. It is not everyday that a book gets me so into reading that I couldn’t stop. The book drew me in and made me believe that I was there watching every single move that the characters made. I really do recommend reading this book do to how many multiple personalities you are reading about. I really enjoyed this book and I am wondering if there will every be a movie based on the book because I would love to go and watch the movie as well [...]

    7. I thought the book had lots of action. The one thing I don't understand is why Milton ran? Did he got caught? I would say some of the characters are really complex and confusing. Overall, it was satisfying and I'd finished the book.

    8. Whoop whoop! All you could hear for miles were the sound of firetrucks on their way to save some lives. Flash by Michael Cadnum was very interesting book with many exciting events. Even though this book had a good story line, there were many things I did not like. Out of five stars, I would rate this a three. This book is from the perspective of five different characters which makes it confusing. Throughout this book I don’t feel like I can connect with anything happening in the story due to t [...]

    9. The book Flash is very interesting to read. I would recommend the book to anyone, it is very interesting, has a good plot and presents events that happen in life today with teenagers. The book is told in third person and you get to know the main characters very well, their thoughts, feelings and their form of being. It may be difficult for some readers because they can get lost in the shifting between the two stories of the Bouchard brothers and Nina. The book is very related to today difficulti [...]

    10. I think that Michael Cadnum wanted to bring awareness to a topic. He wanted to show how life is becoming more influential and crime related among teenagers. The book portrayed the thought process behind two teenagers as they performed a robbery. They just wanted to fit in with their friends and be "cool." This is also true with many teenagers in the real world. Although they may not go out and rob a place, they can get influenced to do something they know is wrong. The author wanted to show the [...]

    11. Very disappointing book. There's only one character who is truly a sympathetic one, and Cadnum did not make him the focus of the book. Frankly, I wasn't sure what the focus of the book was. Most of the characters are pretty much psychopaths. The story is told in a really detached, psychopathic way and you don't really know what the story is supposed to be about. It could have been a tragic epic with a horrible climactic end or a tense thriller or something else. I got the feeling Cadnum really d [...]

    12. Ehh not feeling it. I'm sorry, but there was something too odd about this book to me. Everyone felt creepy and entirely hatable. I'm supposed to feel bad for the semi-blind kid because he brags about the fact that he's becoming blind? I'm supposed to feel badly for the murder-inclined brother because he was at war?In a good book, yes, I should have felt badly for those characters anyway. But this book entirely - and when I say entirely, I mean entirely - failed at delivering any compassion. It w [...]

    13. This YA novel focuses on one destructive day in the life of several characters: the war hero freshly back from Iraq, his sister who carries the financial worries of their family, her nearly blind boyfriend who hears about a crime and the two brothers who commit the crime and are willing to do whatever it takes to avoid getting caught. Flash is just one matchstick away from total combustionever, I felt it was weak in many places. It was interesting to read a novel that occurred just during one da [...]

    14. The book Flash by Michael Candum was not one of my favorites for sure. It was a book about two brothers that were planing on robbing a bank for money to help out their mother, their side of the book is more interesting than the other charactersis part is about a family of a brother who is coming home from the war to his sister and father. his father isnt home because he works all around the world. this book didnt appeal to me because of the constant back and forth between stories but in the end [...]

    15. This story has a great set-up, and maintains the suspense. of the way through. Two brothers plan a bank robbery, and it's all going well until the dye pack explodes during getaway. A girl and her older brother witness a bank robber fleeing the scene, but he is masked. The girl's boyfriend sees two brothers burying something. The brothers might be willing to kill to protect themselves, but the witness is legally blind. Maybe he didn't "see" anything incriminating; then again, maybe he did. All th [...]

    16. I'm abandoning this book at page 58. It's not that I found the book to be bad. In fact, the writing was suspenseful and tightly wound in parts, and I found that it might have possible appeal to teens.What I felt overall was a desire to NOT pick the book up again and continue the story. It made me kind of aggressively apathetic.I feel that Cadnum did a good job structuring the story and making sure that the prose was cohesive, fast, and rigid. Instead of making this a thrill ride, I felt the book [...]

    17. Milton and Bruce are brothers who have an idea -- a very bad idea. They're going to rob a bank. But they haven't thought this through very well, and of course everything goes wrong. Not to mention there's a witness. This could have been a tightly crafted thriller, but instead it's a jumble of characters who might have been interesting given a chance, and a plot full of dead ends. It felt like the author included every random thought he had without bothering to complete them. And this was a Natio [...]

    18. The premise and plot of this book are pretty good, but it's not very well executed. The characters are clunky, and there are to many of them being treated as main characters for the plot at hand. It creates to many side plots and to many other things going on, while also not giving any of them a chance to develop. The prose is also really stiff and makes it difficult to read, the book stumbles onward instead of progressing.

    19. When two teenage brothers bungle a bank robbery, their attempt to hide the evidence is witnessed—aurally—by Terrence, a legally blind neighbor. Terrence tells his girlfriend, Nina, and her brother, who then disappears with a handgun. Nina is afraid of what he might do to the brothers. But she also has every reason to fear what the brothers willNail-biting thriller FIC Cadnum 334334

    20. I was drawn to this story because of the amazing cover. A bank robbery gone wrong, a blind witness, and a gun. Multiple stories converge in an event that will change lives. Started out slow with the back story. Reluctant readers may be confused by the multiple points of view and ambiguous conclusion.

    21. This novel is a grim story about how far people would go for the sake of money. It starts out with multiple plots, and it is interesting to read and see how they tie together as the story progresses. It was especially intriguing to see how every character was affected by others’ acts of desperation.

    22. I've finally given up, it was due back at the library anyway. I probably would have made it the whole way through this if it weren't for the pile of more appealing books constantly growing on my desk.It was simply not interesting enough for me to bother to pick up and finish. Maybe the next two-thirds would have been amazing but now I'll never know

    23. This is a very different teen novel for me. Lately I either read realistic fiction where the main subject is a romantic relationship or a fantasy novel where it's completely new territory. So this is realistic fiction but it has a crime novel with a variety of different real life situations so it should be an easy sell to teens, especially boys.

    24. I think this book was striving for minimalism, but what it achieved was just superficial confusion. Multiple points of view, which don't converge in a realistic way, just add to the confusion. I was almost finished with the book and still couldn't remember who and why characters were.

    25. Cadnum is one of the best authors writing for young adults these days. He's got a talent for historical and realistic fiction. This story is a taut, fast-moving suspenseful story with great characters and sharp insight into the criminal mind. Stunning cover art.

    26. There is a lot of things going on that should be interested but I was so bored that I didn't want to pick this book back up.

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