Blood and Groom

Blood and Groom Someone in Toronto has murdered nearly bankrupt art dealer Christine Arvisais s groom to be Former rock band singer and neophyte private investigator Sasha Jackson lands the case because she s all Chr

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  • Title: Blood and Groom
  • Author: Jill Edmondson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Someone in Toronto has murdered nearly bankrupt art dealer Christine Arvisais s groom to be Former rock band singer and neophyte private investigator Sasha Jackson lands the case because she s all Christine can afford The high society gal was jilted at the altar and she s the prime suspect, not to mention Sasha s first major client Relying on wit, technology, luck, andSomeone in Toronto has murdered nearly bankrupt art dealer Christine Arvisais s groom to be Former rock band singer and neophyte private investigator Sasha Jackson lands the case because she s all Christine can afford The high society gal was jilted at the altar and she s the prime suspect, not to mention Sasha s first major client Relying on wit, technology, luck, and a nerdy semi stalker to help her clear the unlikable Christine s name, Sasha digs further into the muck only to discover high finance shenanigans, an unnerving pattern of slaughtered fianc s, and a growing list of brides that never were who might be killers Along the way, the wisecracking, sassy sleuth uncovers murky secrets among the city s bluebloods, including drug addiction, art forgery, and possible insider trading In order to trap the murderer, Sasha enlists her ex boyfriend and former band mate to pose as her fianc , but will her ruse make her ex the next victim on the hit list and lead to her own untimely demise

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    1. Sasha Jackson recently became a PI specializing in small jobs like background checks, or spying upon cheating spouses. One day a woman came to her office asking to investigate a murder of her fiancé. The police investigation came to a standstill with her being the only person with any motive for the murder. This obviously is not good for the reputation, so she hires Sasha to investigate - she can only afford Sasha’s rates. Sasha, on the other hand, cannot afford to refuse the case: she is pra [...]

    2. It's been a long time since I've come across a protagonist as entertaining as private investigator (and part-time well, I won't go there) Sasha Jackson. In fact, she might just have the most compelling "voice" to join the P.I. ranks in years. She's salty, ballsy, sarcastic, and fall-down funny, and all in a good way.I'm generally a semi-slow reader because I love to savor words, but I found Sasha's narrative voice and the story's flow pulling me through the pages must faster than I normally dev [...]

    3. This smart and sassy read introduces Sasha Jackson, a quick-witted PI in Toronto who finds herself embroiled in a problematical case involving the murder of a reluctant groom who left his bride at the altar. Nearly everyone Sasha interviews about the killing seems to have a connection with the man’s suspicious business dealings but a rock-solid alibi. Sasha’s cheap and cheerful, a rookie in her field, moonlighting as a phone sex op who relies on humour to save her sanity while fast-talking h [...]

    4. New private eye, Sasha, hired to find out who murdered an ex-groom on his wedding day. There are a few unsavory characters but the killer and their reasoning is crazy. Sasha is witty, an excellent liar and determined to find out the truth. Several odd characters and it's your typical chic literature.

    5. Funnier than I expected, and not gory at all; a modern take on the hard-boiled detective set in Toronto. The cover does it a disservice in my opinion by being misleadingly bloody; it would be more fitting to have a retro dime novel style, I think. I won a copy through a giveaway and the author signed it with my name, which I thought was very sweet! Sasha Jackson is beginning her career as a detective after coming to terms with never making it big as the singer in a rock band. She aims to do bac [...]

    6. The author, Jill Edmondson, lives in Toronto and teaches communications in the Faculty of Hospitality at George Brown College. While I have no idea what the Faculty of Hospitality is, I do know that Edmondson writes a fast-moving book with a hip protagonist named Sasha Jackson.Sasha is fairly new to the private investigation world. Her former occupation was “rock band singer.” She gets hired to investigate the murder of a groom-to-be. The would-be bride is close to bankruptcy, but she hires [...]

    7. As a writer, I've discovered it's difficult for me to review books of authors I've met or have had some communication with. Because of the ebook SNAFU with Blood and Groom, Jill Edmondson kindly sent me paperback copies of this book and her next one. And I wanted very much to give this book a rave review. Much to my regret, I can't, but I can say it's the kind of book you pick up when you want to switch your brain off and just escape into a quick read.The voices are strong in Blood and Groom, no [...]

    8. I started reading it yesterday and finished it today, not because it was short, but it really was an unputdownable easy read. Not the type of book I'd normally read as I expected something Chick Lit, but although some people might put it in that category (as it's a female protagonist) I'd firmly put it in (very) entertaining crime fiction.Jill Edmondson really lets you into the heart of the character, with all her ups and downs while investigating the murder of an ex-fiancée for a client.Everyt [...]

    9. Rookie P.I. Sasha Jackson doesn’t like her new client Christine Arvisais, but Christine is the only client she has and bills must be paid. Christine isn’t a fan of Sasha’s either, but since she’s the cheapest P.I. around, they learn to tolerate each other, up to a point. Christine wants Sasha to find out who killed her ex-fiancé, Gordon. The police investigation has gone nowhere and rumors persist that Christine killed him for dumping her. Sasha’s investigation takes her in directions [...]

    10. Inexperienced Private Investigator, Sasha Jackson Moonlighted At A 800 Sex Center To Pay The Bills, But When Social Light, Christine Avisais Hired Her To Discover Who Killed Her Ex-Fiance Because Her Rates Were Cheaper, Sasha Didn't Know If She Would Slap Or Slug Her! Just Because Gordon Dumped Her And Was Murdered On Their Wedding Day, Everyone Thought That She Did It!WOW, Hold Onto Your Seats As Jill Edmondson Takes You On A Ride With Plenty Of Twist And Turns, High Fiance Shenanigans, Possibl [...]

    11. This was a surprisingly strong, well-written novel for a debut and, while I felt that the mystery was a little lacking, it redeemed itself at the very end. I wouldn't describe the story as particularly memorable, but it was a nice read and the author shows a lot of promise.I received this free through First Reads, as an unexpected bonus for winning the second book in this series (which I should be reading shortly). Thanks!

    12. Sasha Jackson has been hired to find out who killed Gordon Hanes. Hew was her ex-fiance and yes he dumped her but she didn’t kill him, and was tired of being looked at “differently” by her social set.A mystery by Canadian-born auhor Jill Eddmondson, this is book 1 of the series set in Toronto Ontario. 236

    13. What do you do when you've decided singing on Toronto's wedding reception and bar gig circuit isn't cutting it as a career--especially since the guitarist is now your ex-boyfriend--and the only decent job you've found since then is doing phone sex? Simple: you become a private investigator.That's what Sasha Jackson did in Jill Edmondson's excellent novel, "Blood and Groom."One day, Sasha receives a visit from a new client. Her name is Christine Arvisais, and she wants to find out who killed her [...]

    14. Having already read and greatly enjoyed the middle of the three (so far!) books of the Sasha Jackson Mysteries series by Jill Edmondson (@JillEdmondson), I had a pretty good idea what Blood and Groom would be like: a fast-paced and fun story with some twists and a winning protagonist.I could easily repeat everything in my review of the middle book, Dead Light District, about Sasha Jackson being a fun and realistic protagonist who makes some mistakes along the way but ultimately prevails. Her obs [...]

    15. "Another Exciting, Well Written Mystery by Jill Edmondson"This is another story in the (Sasha Jackson Mysteries Series). Sasha Jackson is a fairly new private investigator who primarily does background checks for corporations and sometimes investigating cheating spouses, but has never done a murder investigation. But on this day, Christine Arvisais strides into her office and wants Sasha to investigate the murder of her ex-fiance, Gordon Hanes, that occurred nine months ago. The police had found [...]

    16. I now have a strong desire to meet Sasha Jackson and all it took was reading Blood and Groom by Jill Edmondson. It’s the kind of novel that if the main character was a dude you’d hear Humphrey Bogart narrating it, “the door opened and in walked the lady in red, and with her came trouble with a capital T.” Okay, Jill and Sasha are not that corny, but Sasha is a private detective for hire in Toronto and the novel does open with a woman with attitude coming through her door. She wants to hi [...]

    17. Things are pretty quiet in Sasha Jackson's office. A relatively new private investigator, she's use to doing small, simple things. Then she gets her first murder case. Although not sure where to start, Sasha digs in and begins talking to those involved. She must find out who Gordon Hane's murderer is. Her client, Christine Arvisais, wants Sasha to prove she didn't do it. Everyone is convinced she did. Sasha ends up with more questions than answers but she finds the murderer. Jill Edmondson write [...]

    18. When I'd scheduled my first-class flight to Paris I wasn't informed that I could be bumped by Donald Trump, yet I was trumped. When I went to the Porsche dealer and ordered a new Boxter, I wasn't told that Jay Leno could snatch it out from under me, yet I was lenoed. When I started reading Jill Edmondson's eBook Blood and Groom on my iPad, I'd assumed the text was professionally formatted, but it wasn't. I loved the story, but the choppiness of the formatting drove me crazy. I have to assume tha [...]

    19. 'Blood & Groom' is the first book in an entertaining P.I. series starring strong female character Sasha Jackson.This is a fast paced read, with snappy dialogue and a sarcastic main character. It was a quick and enjoyable read. I found Sasha flawed and likeable but the rest of the characters weren't as well developed as she was. The story was a lot of fun and easy to get into. It's the mix of the fun factor and the main character that would keep me reading this series. I don't read a lot of m [...]

    20. BLOOD AND GROOM is the first book I've read by Jill Edmondson, but it won't be the last. Sasha Jackson is an absolute hoot - a PI, a sex phone operator, and a rock band drummer? How could she be anything but totally engaging?The mystery - discovering who is murdering grooms who dump their brides at the alter - is compelling and fast moving. The characters are realistic and their personalities very distinct. (I think Sasha's dad is my favorite, although the nerdy client is a close second.) Sasha [...]

    21. This is a light read, but I gave it a 3 because I liked the detail of the Toronto setting and also the humorous style of the writing. It's a debut mystery about a newly-trained private detective, a former singer who wants a more stable job and does the Law and Security course at Sheridan College. She's been working (for herself) for about a year when a young woman comes to her to solve a murder. The woman was a suspect, although released because she had an airtight alibi, but she feels the aura [...]

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It reminded me of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone private investigator series.Sasha Jackson is a PI who just landed her first murder investigation when her client's ex-fiancé was murdered. Sasha uses her wit and enlists her ex-boyfriend to go undercover to play an engaged couple. They visit a wedding planner who also has done planning for Sasha's client. How does she use her investigative abilities to track down the killer? What does Sasha Jackson, PI, uncover at th [...]

    23. Blood and Groom: This was a good book with lots of humor, interesting characters, and several interwoven plots. I read the e-book version and there was a flaw in the software that caused some paragraphs to run together. It meant that I sometimes had to re-read a passage to sort out who was talking, and is the only reason I am giving it four stars rather than five—I couldn’t read it fast enough!

    24. I won this book from First Reads. I dont read mystery type books often but this one was fairly enjoyable although a bit predictable (aren't they usually?) Sasha was a really likeable character and I enjoyed her quirky family & friends. I would have no problem reading other Sasha Jackson mysteries.

    25. Blood and Groom was pretty good, particularly for a debut novel - it felt a bit forced in the beginning, but improved, and the mystery itself was quite interesting, although I didn't entirely warm to the main character. I definitely enjoyed the Toronto setting. I plan to read the next in the series, to see how it develops.

    26. My wife won this book from Good Reads and passed it along to me and I found it to be well written and enjoyable. The characters were well drawn out and the plot line was suspenseful and original. I enjoyed Jill Edmondson's use of humour and found her writing refreshing. I am looking forward to reading the next novel in the Sasha Jackson Mystery series.

    27. Oh dear Lord, the main character is just hilarious. A little rough around the edges. This book doesn't hesitate with the language or nitty-gritty nuttiness of real life. I like it and was constantly cracking up at the exploits of the main character. The plot and mystery were great too. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

    28. I guess every author is trying to sell the next Shades of Gray by shocking the reader. This author uses profanity and lots of references to penises. The storytelling is fine, but the vulgarity is not necessary. Jill Edmondson could tell an interesting story without the rampant use of the f word and the penis references.

    29. Good mystery plots, clever title, likeable main character, though the cover of the book could have been more attractive. Full review: bookbirddog/2009/

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