Death of an Englishman

Death of an Englishman It is just before Christmas and the marshal wants to go South to spend the holiday with his wife and family but first he must recover from the flu which has left the Florentine caribinieri short hand

  • Title: Death of an Englishman
  • Author: Magdalen Nabb
  • ISBN: 9781569472545
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is just before Christmas and the marshal wants to go South to spend the holiday with his wife and family, but first he must recover from the flu which has left the Florentine caribinieri short handed and also solve a murder A seemingly respectable retired Englishman, living in a flat on the Via Maggio near the Santa Trinita bridge, was shot in the back during the nigIt is just before Christmas and the marshal wants to go South to spend the holiday with his wife and family, but first he must recover from the flu which has left the Florentine caribinieri short handed and also solve a murder A seemingly respectable retired Englishman, living in a flat on the Via Maggio near the Santa Trinita bridge, was shot in the back during the night He was well connected and Scotland Yard has dispatched two officers to assist the Italians in solving the crime But it is the marshal, a quiet observer, not an intellectual, who manages to figure out what happened, and why.

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    1. This is the 1st in Nabb's Marshal Guarnaccia series. There are weaknesses in the plot which left me unsure what was happening, but the charming descriptions of the city of Florence (we are currently vacationing around the corner from the site of the murder), and also of several of the characters, overcomes the plot confusion. I was encouraged enough to put additional volumes on my "to read" list.

    2. At first, I was somewhat stunned when I realized that most of the action in this book would take place while the marshal-- the main character-- is flat on his back in bed. But then I fell under the spell of Magdalen Nabb's Florence. This slim volume contains an entire feast of the streets and neighborhoods of the city, of the Italian way of life, of the keen observation of people's behavior and habits, that I willingly let Guaraccia recuperate while I did my own observing and putting clues toget [...]

    3. First in a series. Takes place in Florence. Fairly short. Once I got into it, relatively enjoyable. Of course there are a few false/questionable trails. You think the case is about one thing and then it appears to be about something totally different.

    4. A member of the English community in Florence is murdered and the local cops investigate, with the "unofficial" assistance of a couple of officers flown in from Scotland Yard -- the superiors of the latter are, because the dead man was connected to someone high up in the English pecking order, keen to make sure that a simple case of murder doesn't blow up until it gets out of control, with who knows what repercussions.The English cops are kept largely on the periphery by their Italian counterpar [...]

    5. 1st in the Marshal Guarnaccia series.[return][return]Magdalen Nabb s superb Italian police procedural series, set in Florence, has only relatively recently been reissued by SoHo Crime press. For a long time, the books were out of print. Upon re-issue, the series began to be advertised as the Marshal Guarnaccia series, based on the emergence of Guarnaccia, in later books, as a most engaging protagonist. [return][return]In truth, the first books did not especially feature Guarnaccia. In this, the [...]

    6. The book looked interesting, the jacket blurbs that raved about the author were from writers I really like, but I found this not that interesting and hard to follow. I also didn't feel like I got much local color on Florence, and the setting had been one of the things that appealed to me. I doubt I'd read this author again.

    7. Having read all the Donna Leon books I thought I'd try Marshal Guarnaccia books. Like the Leon books, there are several threads going on.rhaps in this book more than some others. I enjoy police procedurals where you are also getting depictions of the other pursuits of the main characters. Ian Rankin also a favorite.

    8. This one has been on my shelf for so long that I have forgotton why I put it there . I think that it was possibly because I had read a review of a later book in the series and decided to start at the beginning, although, I see from the authors bibliography that the last in the series was written 8 years ago and this one is 35 years old.Actually as the first of the series by a new author to me, I feel a bit cheated, out of what , at the end, I think was a nice neat 'who-done-it'. I think that not [...]

    9. 3.5 out of 5I thoroughly enjoyed Magdalen Nabb’s Death of an Englishman, which is a traditional murder mystery set in the beautiful city of Florence. I suspect the setting had a lot to do with my enjoyment (and wishful thinking that I was there now rather than here). It’s strange to think of Florence as a small town, since I’ve only seen it from an outsider’s perspective as a tourist, yet you get a sense reading the novel that Florence is in actuality a small community where everyone kno [...]

    10. Rarely do I give a series opener higher than 3.5 points, but this one is well worth the extra ratings point. This first entry was very well written, so much so that I bought a copy of the 2nd installment in the series, which is out of print and so cost some $. It was worth it.rally I've found that series mysteries only get better after the first one.On to this one:It's Christmas, and everyone in Florence is rushing off to go somewhere for the holidays, including Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia, who [...]

    11. I picked this book up on the spur of the moment and am glad I did. This is the first in the Marshal Guarnaccia series, though the marshal appears very little in it. The author uses a number of police and officials to conduct the investigation and solve the murder of a reclusive Englishman living in Florence in retirement, after a career in the diplomatic service. There is much about the marshal's mode of investigation that I enjoyed, and for that reason alone I'll continue to read the series. I [...]

    12. The first in the Marshal Guarnaccia series makes a promising start. Set in Florence, the marshal wants nothing more than to head home to Sicily for the Christmas holidays but is laid low with the flu. Desperately trying to recover in order that he may return to his family for the holidays, he is called out to a murder site an Englishman had been shot in the back, the murder weapon is missing and there are no apparent clues. It turns out the man is from a well-connected family in England, and Sco [...]

    13. Not sure. Having read so many crime drama books of late this new author's novel maybe suffered from not standing out. I also got a little lost on some quick plot elements that I didn't catch so it seemed confusing when the whodunit factor was wrapped up the way it did. I probably try another one, but I'm not sure that this series will make the cut for me. That said, the book was engaging enough and the Italian flavor was there, but tempered by all the English folk (note however the eponymous tit [...]

    14. Full review at BooklikesA lovely little mystery. After reading this, I have to wonder why this hasn’t been adapted to film or shown on PBS. It’s great. It’s funny that the series is named after the Marshal because he spends most of the time sick in bed . .

    15. Set in Florence in the late 1950's, Death of an Englishman is a pleasant, evocative mystery whose characters are rendered to some extent more deeply and sensitively than stereotypes. Nabb leaves clues if you wish to follow them.

    16. Death of an Englishman is set in Florence, Italy and focuses on the death of a reclusiveyou guess itEnglishman. The blurb makes it sound like the MC is Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia, a Carabinieri officer, when in fact, it's a cast of characters. Guarnaccia himself is not really in the story for most of the book though he's more present towards the end. It predominately features a young Carabinieri named Bacci and a high-level Carabinieri Captain, and two English policemen from Scotland Yard task [...]

    17. 4 1/2 stars. It's not for nothing that Simenon praised Magdalen Nabb's first two novels so highly--this is a superb story, full of interesting characters and of Florentine life. The (unnamed ) Captain and two visiting Scotland Yard detectives do most of the heavy lifting in the quest to find out who murdered a well connected Englishman, but it is Marshall Guarnaccia who solves the case. A humane and intelligent man (who longs to be returning to Sicily and his family for Christmas), he finds the [...]

    18. A short, enjoyable police procedural that takes place in Florence. The characters are engaging and the story line is well paced. The Italian setting, culture and style of life makes the plot somewhat different from what one finds in a typical U.S. crime novel, which is perhaps what makes this book a pleasant read. Marshal Guarnaccia, while only one of the lead characters, is wise and patient.If you like Porfiry Rostnikov (Stuart Kaminsky), Inspector Montalbano (Andrea Camillieri) and other such [...]

    19. Meh. This was the first in the series, and Marshal Guarnaccia isn’t really active in most of the book. I assume his character continues to develop in later books. Enjoyed the setting of Florence, an amazing city.

    20. 3.5 stars. Not exactly what I expected and at first I couldn't rally gt into it. But I had quit warmed up to the story and main characters.

    21. [My comments are taken from a mailing list discussion and as such contain spoilers!] [on the setting] I'm about halfway through and I'm finding that Florence is coming more alive the further I read. I like the way that I don't feel like I'm on a sightseeing tour but that it's the accumulation of small details, like having to do removals and street cleaning in the middle of the night in order to avoid blocking the narrow streets, that are really bringing the scenery to life for me. I also like th [...]

    22. Chosen originally as an "N" author for the A-Z Mystery Author Challenge, Death of an Englishman by Magdalen Nabb will also come in handy for the Crime on a Europass Challenge. Nabb's debut novel features Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia of the Carabinieri. The Marshal is a Sicilian stationed in Florence, Italy and now that it is Christmas-time, he is looking forward to heading South and spending the holidays with his wife and family. However, before he can board the train a nasty bout of flu hits hi [...]

    23. This is the first in a series of Florentine murder mysteries. Sicilian, Marshal Guarnaccia, is employed as a police investigator in Florence, Italy. A murder is committed, but the Marshal is ill with the flu. Carabiniere Bacci, a police trainee, is assigned to work with the Marshal. However, while the Marshal recovers, Bacci is indispensable in assisting The Captain, as a translator when two English detectives arrive from Scotland Yard. The English detectives were dispatched to Florence because [...]

    24. DEATH OF AN ENGLISHMAN (Trad. Mystery/Pol. Proc-Marshal Guarnaccia-Italy-Cont) – G+Nabb, Magdalen – 1st in seriesCharles Scribner’s Sons, 1981, US Hardcover – ISBN: 0684177579First Sentence: The small office was in darkness, except where the red night lamp stood by the telephone on the desk, and the white kid gloves lying on top of a sheaf of papers within the patch of light were flushed pink.Marshal Guiarnaccia is a Carabiniere stationed in Florence. He wants to get home for Christmas w [...]

    25. #1 Marshal Guarnaccia mystery, featuring this Carabinieri stationed in Florence, Italy. It's Christmas Eve, the Marshal has a terrible case of flu, and he's planning to head south to visit family for the holidays, but a murdered Englishman who had retired to live there in Italy takes precedence. A somewhat pudgy man with an eye condition that makes them water profusely in any sort of sunlight, the Marshal actually sleeps through much of the beginning stages of the investigation, so wracked with [...]

    26. This is the first book in Nabb's detective series about Marshal Guarnaccia and after reading iti'll be moving on to the next book in the series.There are two reasons i started reading this book: 1) i'm always ready for a new detective series, and 2) most of this series takes place in Florence, Italywhere i was fortunate to be able to spend two weeks this past autumn. Wherever the storyline took the characters i was able to picture exactly what it looked like. I fell in love with Florence and Tus [...]

    27. An Englishman dies in Florence, and Carabiniere Bacci, an Italian police captain, and with the help of two Scotland Yard agent investigate what starts as a murder and soon evolves into an art traffic thing.Nice mystery, and I was thinking all the time someone else was the killer, I was like Carabiniere Bacci, not seeing the so obvious detail that the Marshall used to find the real killerNow as or the setting, we get to see British people in Florence through the eyes of Bacci, and Florence throug [...]

    28. I believe I got a recommendation for this book from a fellow reader on . I was not disappointed - in fact, I was very pleased and have reserved the next book in this series at my library.I read this book four days after returning from a trip to Florence, so the descriptions and moods of the city depicted in the book were familiar and enjoyable, even though the season was different. Likewise, the descriptions of the people, their culture and behaviors, reinforced my own perceptions.The characters [...]

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