Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain The great events of Revolutionary Boston as seen through the shrewd eyes of an observant fourteen year old boy

  • Title: Johnny Tremain
  • Author: Esther Forbes
  • ISBN: 9780440228271
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The great events of Revolutionary Boston as seen through the shrewd eyes of an observant fourteen year old boy.

    One thought on “Johnny Tremain”

    1. Probably the greatest book ever written, by both man and child, woman and other writing entity, Johnny Tremain tells the story of a young genius who becomes a silversmith and burns the crappin' hell out of his hand. He's always embarrassed by his sort of melty hand and keeps it in his pockets or in his mother's pies and pie type dishes. One day he meets a girl named Cilla, Priscilla for long, who loves him despite for his sick melt-hand. Paul Bunyan or John Tubbers or whichever is the name of th [...]

    2. I know this is perceived as being a "kid's book", but I think that it is a story any adult would enjoy. Johnny Tremain takes place in pre-revolutionary Boston and is about a prideful (but slowly improving) boy who finds himself in the center of the independence fervor. Although I obviously cannot be sure of how accurate the descriptions are, I appreciated the book for doing such a great job at taking me back to the colonial era of American history. As Johnny Tremain struggled with adversity, his [...]

    3. I hated this book!!!! if u read this book you will become boring and old!this book pulls you into a wrinkled old time of so-called "action"!!! i could havefound more action by going to a retirement home and watching the 900 year old people play bingo!!!!!! i of course was forced against my will to read this,otherwise, i wouldnt go spitting distance of it!!!! if you enjoyed this book (mr.flegar) then you are boring old!! do not read this thing! it's a plague!save yourselves!!!!!!!!

    4. If I were a children's book writer, this is exactly the kind of book I'd love to write. It has mystery, suspense, romance, history, coming-of-age, overcoming personal and physical problems; gosh, it has it all.I've always wanted to read this book, just never got around to it till now. If your child is studying Revolutionary War times in history, this would be a great literary supplement to that history lesson. It brings the history of that time to life.Including, but not limited to: One if by la [...]

    5. Definetly not the greatest book ever written. Pretty terrible actually!! Didn't like it at all. Expected it to be better and i'm very dissapointed. It was very hard to understand what was going on im each chapter and I would not recommend this book to anyone.

    6. I read this book with my family for school. It was really good, although the ending was bittersweet and there were a few loose ends I felt needed tying up.I loved the little backstory/mystery with the Lytes (I think I'm spelling that right!). Cilla and Rab were my favorite characters, although I liked Johnny despite his imperfections. It was great to see him grow. Also, I loved Goblin (no, it's not silly to have a horse as your favorite character).It was cool how some of the British were portray [...]

    7. 5 StarsPlot 5/5Pros:Let’s start with a boy. A boy who is a silversmith apprentice. He’s respected and envied among the other apprentices. Then there’s an accident. He’s injured, to the extent that he is perfectly useless to his master. He goes looking for work, and becomes involved with the Sons of Liberty. Soon, he’s helping patriot leaders: Paul Revere, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and a passionate (and possibly insane) man named James Otis.A rather unlikely story? Even more unlikely [...]

    8. I have long believed that when I need some 'light' reading, good children's literature beats pulp fiction every time. This was entertaining, taught me a few new words (a graving dock) and gave light nourishment like a steaming bowl of soup. It satisfied and made me glad I read it when I was done.Esther Forbes won me by page 55 when I read this sentence: 'Spiritually Johnny shrugged, determined to be neither over-impressed nor envious.'I was struck by the autodidactical aspect of Johnny's practic [...]

    9. I hated this book when I read it in middle school (?). I had to choose a historical fiction book and I believe the librarian recommended this one. I found it terribly boring when I read it. Looking back now, I probably wasn't very open minded about reading something I wasn't really interested in, like most kids.

    10. I liked this book a lot! I have read it a couple of times. Don't listen to all of the horrible reviews! This is a great classic and I highly recommend it to anyone. :)

    11. As an apprentice to a silversmith, Johnny sees great success and is a good worker. But he suffers from an accident which results in serious burns, leaving his thumb attached to his hand – promptly ending his career as a silversmith apprentice. After searching for new work to do, Johnny comes across a printing shop where Rab works for his Aunt and Uncle. So Johnny becomes a rider for the “Boston Observer.” Also, he takes part in the Boston Tea Party, and uses his skills to spy against the B [...]

    12. I remember loving this book years (or decades?) ago in elementary school and given that it is set in Boston on the eve of the Revolutionary War, it was a perfect choice for a family road trip from Boston to Cape Cod. The title character, Johnny Tremain, is an apprentice to a mediocre silver smith. Due to an accident while pouring silver on the Sabbath, Johnny's hand is maimed and he is forced to take a more menial job delivering the town newspaper. Through the newspaper Johnny gets swept up with [...]

    13. Read in 1977 - pre-Review 12.01.17Yikes, that's a review done 40 years after the fact. What do I remember about this? I remember I liked it. I remember it was about the Revolutionary War. I remember about the silver and the hand and the webbing. Still gives me chills. I later on went to a Christian school where we weren't allowed to read this. I think it was because it had a swear word in it.

    14. If I'm not mistaken this is yet another book ruined by the same awful teacher who ruined a bunch of other books. Oh well.

    15. Maybe I bought a copy of this at the U.S.S. Constitution gift shop in Boston this weekend. MAYBE I DID. AND MAYBE I DON'T CARE IF YOU KNOW IT!

    16. Certainly the first historic fiction I ever read because it was the first book I read myself. Whetted my appetite for more.Having moved many times as a child, I was functionally illiterate. (I faked reading by memorizing the Dick and Jane stories at school.) My mother enrolled me in a summer reading program which taught phonics. (Contrary to the entry, most schools did not teach phonics in the mid-20th century.) Wow.I picked Johnny Tremain (Probably not this edition) from the library at Anderso [...]

    17. Again, it was a couple years or so ago that I read this book (I feel like all my most recent reviews start out with like this). But anyways, I remember that I loved the book (and that the movie was a little bit of a disappointment). Johnny Tremain was very lovable, and if I remember right, there was a young little romance between him and Cila (was that her name?). Some of the parts were so heart-wrenching, and some were so wonderful that I'm pretty sure I went back to slowly re-read and soak eve [...]

    18. I read this nearly 8 times over the course of my life. I think the first time I read it was when I was 10, but I have been in love with it ever since. Whenever someone asks about my favorite historical fiction book, I always remember this one the most. Just superb!

    19. The book itself was not a surprise. I had a large idea how the story was going to go. In the beginning, I enjoyed it but it slowly disappeared. If I didn't know what to expect, I probably would have enjoyed it. A fun classic book about the beginning of Revolutionary War.

    20. You know how when you go to open , it says, ". Meet your next favorite book." Well. I did, and this is it.

    21. As she recounts the life experiences of twelve-year-old Johnny Tremain, Esther Forbes skillfully conveys the excitement, danger and commitment experienced by the patriots who fought during the US Revolution. Many of the characters in this account are accurately portrayed and described—including several of those who helped write the Declaration of Independence. Reading this book cannot fail to make this time period truly understandable and alive. Unfortunately the length and language discourage [...]

    22. I feel a renewed sense of appreciation for the good ole' US of A. The Revolutionary War era has never appealed to me, so I haven't read many historical fiction books set in that time. Now I really want to read more! Johnny Tremain was packed with historical detail, and I savored every word. It was empowering and page-turning. The mystery and friendships were so well-written. I will definitely be stuck somewhere in Johnny's world for a while.

    23. Wow it's so touching! I really LOVED how it ended completely! But I wish the author continued more with Cilla haha gotta love romance. Overall it was great! I loved the details and it was like I was back in that time being one with Johnny Tremain! HaHa sorry just trying to describe what I feel sorta like, when I'm reading this book! :O Well I don't think much of my friend's would enjoy reading this book but I certainly have. Maybe *cough* insane Helen did but she's insane so xP

    24. I read this in eighth grade or so for school. The beginning was pretty entertaining, but as the story went on, it got less exciting. (view spoiler)[It was rather interesting hearing of Johnny's experience as a cripple. (hide spoiler)] I don't remember much else, other than that.

    25. When I was very small, I watched the Disney movie version of Johnny Tremain and the single memory that stands out in my mind is the tune from the song, “The Sons of Liberty.” Now that I am an adult and study the American Revolution for my own historical fiction books, I decided it was time to read the original book called Johnny Tremain written in 1943 by Esther Forbes. I’m so glad that I did. Although it is considered a novel for young adults, this older adult reader was highly caught up [...]

    26. In 1775 some guy gets his hand messed up doing something that involves fire. The rest of the book is basically the main character moping because he can't use his hand. This moping continues until he finds a job as a paperboy. He later becomes involved some major events that led up/took place in the American Revolutionary War. SO BAD. THIS BOOK IS TRASHIEST THING ON EARTH.

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