UR Reeling from a painful break up English instructor and avid book lover Wesley Smith is haunted by his ex girlfriend s parting shot Why can t you just read off the computer like everyone else He buys

  • Title: UR
  • Author: Stephen King Holter Graham
  • ISBN: 9781442303096
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Reeling from a painful break up, English instructor and avid book lover Wesley Smith is haunted by his ex girlfriend s parting shot Why can t you just read off the computer like everyone else He buys an e book reader out of spite, but soon finds he can use the device to glimpse realities he had never before imagined, discovering literary riches beyond his wildest dreamsReeling from a painful break up, English instructor and avid book lover Wesley Smith is haunted by his ex girlfriend s parting shot Why can t you just read off the computer like everyone else He buys an e book reader out of spite, but soon finds he can use the device to glimpse realities he had never before imagined, discovering literary riches beyond his wildest dreams and all too human tragedies that surpass his most terrible nightmares Vintage cars Christine and From a Buick 8 to household appliances Maximum Overdrive to exercise equipment Stationary Bike , Stephen King has mesmerized us with tales of apparently ordinary machines that take on lives of their own UR gives this classic theme an up to the minute spin, resulting in a horror masterpiece for our time and for the ages.Since his first novel was published in 1974, Stephen King has stretched the boundaries of the storyteller as a writer who constantly redefines his readers experience by working in various genres and formats Whether in an epic horror novel, like THE STAND, a serial novel like THE GREEN MILE, or a novella like SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, King is able to deliver a reading experience like no one else can As quickly as a spider spins its web, King reminds us why he s the master of the novella a format which, up until now that is, one might have thought is fast disappearing.

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    1. Duuuuude. I don’t know whether I should give it 4 or 5 stars. This is straight outtaI even listened to the same song that I associate TDT series with (which is Heaven & Earth by Two Steps From Hell if you’re interested).This is one of those stories when you think gosh, I wish it happened to me (at least in the beginning). What would you do if you’d have a Kindle and you could download the works of all the authors from all the parallel worlds? I honestly would starve to death because, r [...]

    2. "Kindle Ur King"I confess! I have committed a sin I have avoided reading novels from The Grandmaster writer Stephen King! I repent! I will make my upmost effort in reading my way through The Dark Tower series, one book a month minimum.King was one of the first to delve into publishing via the kindle from this genre. This novella will be looked upon in the future as the genesis of the kindle era. His talent is to turn anything into a craft from kindle to Riding the Bullet. Great creative story.EX [...]

    3. While I was listening to this one, I said to a friend on Google Chat, "You know it's crazy how much Stephen King affects me.I'm listening to this audio book and I have a knot in my stomach out of nervousness." This about sums up what I love about Stephen King. Even in his shortest stories, he is able to take me out of my world and transplant me into the one he's created. He's able to make me not only know his characters, but care about them and root for them and worry for their well-being. I wis [...]

    4. Update. 2.1.18Reading The Book of Lost Tales by Tolkien, the first book of the twelve in the histories of middle earth. In Tolkien's earliest conception, he creates a magic sun, called "Ur."-------Read this in King's newest collection. I loved this story. It reminded me of how much I loved experiencing the Dark Tower world. The premise: guy buys a Kindle and connects with the DT world. Imagine your favorite authors in other worlds. They have more novels. I looked at my favorites of favorites she [...]

    5. what the hell is this crap?! If you check out my reviews you'll know I am a serious SK fan, for over 12 years I have practically devoured any and everything he's written and while I can't list them all among my favorites, I will say I usually can find SOMETHING in them that garners a bit of affection for the story. Not with this dreck, I have never been more disappointed! I was so excited to find an SK novel exclusive to Kindle readers, and just like Charlie before me I could hardly contain my j [...]

    6. The Tower trembles; the worlds shudder in their courses. The rose feels a chill, as of winter.I love this quote and I love this story! Not only is it a giant HEAP of fun, it's filled to the brim with Dark Tower references right down to an appearance by the low men in yellow coats - yes! more please!The premise is pure King, and would have made an AWESOME Twilight Zone episode. I can just hear Rod Serling now: Wesley Smith is a professor of literature and his mistress is the book. An unlikely imp [...]

    7. UR is an extremely short novella, and also happened to be my introduction to Stephen King. The premise is pretty fascinating - a university English professor, Wesley Smith, orders an Kindle after a fight with his girlfriend, during which she rages at him for spending too much time reading books. When the device arrives (with alarming speed), it's inexplicably pink, and has a mysterious menu called 'UR Functions'. Wesley quickly realises that this menu gives him the ability to read a plethora of [...]

    8. UR started kind of slow for me. At first it wasn't too interesting. Then, all of sudden, it picked up and I enjoyed it. I like the Dark Tower relation, and the idea of alternate realities. If you've read The Dark Tower series by King, you already know about this. Anyways, UR is a nice, quick read, with an interesting idea for a storyline.

    9. (Collected in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams)I attempted to read his story a few years ago and gave up in disgust before I was even halfway through. It didn’t make much sense and I was bored witless.Second attempt, the beginning is still slow, and it still bored me witless but I persevered and managed to finish it. Not a great read but certainly rates higher than some of his other short stories I’ve read recently. CONNECTIONS:Pot ‘o Gold (Rest Stop)The Dark Tower:Beneath the welcome message was [...]

    10. I'm not quite sure what there is to say here. While King is one of my favorite authors, I'm not an apologist. Among some of the best books I've ever read are some real clunkers.This this is something special. And by special I mean horrible. Not since Dan Brown have I wanted so badly to throw what I was reading across the room. I could not, of course, as I was reading on a Kindle. The Kindle shilling and advertisements are shameless, which is all the more frustrating as one can only read the damn [...]

    11. Strictly braincandy. Yummy, yummy braincandy. I do love Stephen King. Trust King to not only be an early adopter of new technology where reading and writing are concerned, but to be so totally immersed in it that he treats his fellow Kindle addicts to a delightfully personal novella!This story was just plain fun. Mild-mannered English prof. finally breaks down and orders himself an e-reader: A Kindle. It arrives, in PINK, and with no instructionsd "experimental" features guaranteed to make every [...]

    12. El profesor de literatura Wesley Smith decide un buen día comprar un Kindle, aunque no está muy convencido. El aparato que le llega es de color rosa, en lugar del típico blanco. Pero ahí no acaban las particularidades del dispositivo, que Wesley irá descubriendo poco a poco.‘UR’ (2009) fue el primer relato digital de Stephen King, que escribió para promocionar el lanzamiento del lector de libros electrónicos Kindle, de . Si bien hay algunas pinceladas más que evidentes de publicidad [...]

    13. My First Stephen King ReadI've meant to read a Stephen King story for some time, so this one became my first when a fellow reader suggested it. I have to say, they were right. It's great! I would have never imagined a story about a Kindle like this and then what I'm assuming is a cross tie in with some other works of King's that I've yet to read. Definitely a great Stephen King story to start off with.

    14. Nice little side trip into the land of King wherein the protagonist purchases a Kindle, in an attempt to win back the affections of his ex-girlfriend. He should have stuck with good old paperbacks!

    15. Stephen King can weave a great story even around the most common & inanimate objects. It can be a truck, a coin or in this case a 'kindle' (yes!). This story surely had the potential to be full novel but the even as a short story it explores some interesting themes which keeps you hooked till the end. Just don't read this excepting a horror story and you won't be disappointed.

    16. Oh wow. It's only a novella, and not yet available as a "real" book. But King definitely delivers. Wirelessly.

    17. This was the cheesiest story I've ever read/listened actually. Apparently it's called infomercial or as I came to understand infortisement. But I'm not sure if this statement is correct. I did enjoy the book a lot though. "Hadn’t it been Fritz Leiber, the great fantasist and science fiction writer, who had called books 'the scholar’s mistress?'"As Wesley Smith would state in the beginning of the book "It is somehow mediocre" :D

    18. I almost can't believe I've rated a SK book with only 2 stars! I was so disappointed in this book (short story). It took me nearly 1/3 of the way into the story to even comprehend what was going on. Once that happened, I started to enjoy the story a little bit. But then the ending happened. That's it, it just happened. Nothing fantastic about it at all. Nothing even remotely interesting about the ending. It just ended. And badly, at that. It's almost as if King got to that point in the story, g [...]

    19. This is a pretty good short from King, and I really liked the premise of it. A man orders a Kindle, and receives a pink one. "Don't they only come in white?". This device has access to other realities, and one can even see the future. It's a bit creepy.There were references to the Tower, which I would have understood if I'd read that series yet. Overall I liked it, but I felt the end was a big let down. It seemed kind ofwell

    20. I want a pink Kindle! Ok, so with that out of the way I loved this book! It was a quick read with a tie in from the dark tower series and hearts in Atlantis I think, at least made me think of that book. It was a good story from one of my favorite authors! If you are a king fan or even just own a Kindle pick this up!

    21. Una de las muchas historias cortas de Stephen King. Entretenido y bastante original. Una lectura corta para pasar el rato. No nos engañemos, le pidieron escribirlo para promocionar Kindle

    22. I don't normally like to read books on a Kindle. Hence, why I still have an older version. But I wanted to read his as I heard it was really good. Eh. It was okay. Back to regular books for me.

    23. ¿Imaginas tener un kindle en el cual pudieras leer cientos de historias de tu autor favorito? ¿Incluso historias que no existen en esta nuestra realidad? Pero, ¿y si ese kindle no tan sólo sirviera para eso? Sin duda uno de los mejores relatos de Stephen King. El mundo que crea en menos de cien páginas es increíble, y la manera que tiene de jugar con temas modernos es asombrosa. “Tantos autores, tantos Urs, tan poco tiempo.”

    24. A university English teacher called Wesley has a bizarre fight with his gym teacher girlfriend Ellen somehow centering over (conveniently for the story) how he reads books - "you should read books on a screen like the rest of us!" she yells at him and storms off. Wesley sees one of his students with a Kindle and, after being sold on it by the student (read " Marketing Team"), he buys one. It arrives the next day except its pink instead of white. And when he accesses one of its features, "The UR [...]

    25. Si hay un autor que tiene libros de todo tipo, es Stephen King. Su amplio recaudo de géneros incluye novelas de terror, de ciencia ficción, de fantasía, de ciencia ficción y fantasía, y hasta dramas como The Green Mile.Ur, pese a que su historia centralmente es de ciencia ficción y fantasía, podría incluirse en nuevo género: “Aviso Publicitario”La historia gira en torno a Wesley Smith, que, atormentado por las acusaciones de que debería leer desde una computadora, decide comprar un [...]

    26. Stephen King is an author who is not afraid of experimentation, especially when it comes to how he releases his works. "The Green Mile" was initially released as six paperback volumes. "The Plant" was an online e-book released in one and two dollar installments online. It ultimately failed and was never finished. "Storm of the Century" is an original screenplay that King wrote."UR" (pronounced "ERR) is one of his strangest experiments yet. This novella was released in 2009 exclusively on the Ki [...]

    27. I expected to listen to this entire audiobook in one day, but the approximate running time of 2 hours is really more like 2 1/2 hours.Wesley is an English professor at a community college. He's a stodgy literary type despite being in his early 30s, and recently broke up with his basketball coach girlfriend Ellen. "Why can't you read from the computer like everyone else?" is her parting shot at him. So Wesley buys himself a Kindle.The Kindle Wes receives is pink, and contains a strange menu calle [...]

    28. My two star rating belies the fact that I actually enjoyed this story. It was campy, but overall it was fun for a quick story.My only gripe, besides the completely ridiculous circumstances under which Wesley purchases a Kindle, is that the story is basically porn for the Kindle-obsessed. Characters constantly remark on how easy the gadget is to use, how thin and lightweight it is, etc. What would be more enticing for Kindle readers to read than a story about a Kindle that contains literary works [...]

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