Iorich House Jhereg Dragaera s organized crime syndicate is still hunting Vlad Taltos There s a big price on his head on Draegara City Then he hears disturbing news Aliera longtime friend sometime ally ha

  • Title: Iorich
  • Author: Steven Brust
  • ISBN: 9780765312082
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
  • House Jhereg, Dragaera s organized crime syndicate, is still hunting Vlad Taltos There s a big price on his head on Draegara City Then he hears disturbing news Aliera longtime friend, sometime ally has been arrested by the Empire on a charge of practicing elder sorcery, a capital crime.It doesn t make sense Everybody knows Aliera s been dabbling in elder sorcery forHouse Jhereg, Dragaera s organized crime syndicate, is still hunting Vlad Taltos There s a big price on his head on Draegara City Then he hears disturbing news Aliera longtime friend, sometime ally has been arrested by the Empire on a charge of practicing elder sorcery, a capital crime.It doesn t make sense Everybody knows Aliera s been dabbling in elder sorcery for ages Why is the Empire down on her now Why aren t her powerful friends Morrolan, Sethra, the Empress Zerika coming to her rescue And most to the point, why has she utterly refused to do anything about her own defense It would be idiotic of Vlad to jump into this situation He s a former Jhereg who betrayed the House He s an Easterner small, weak, short lived He s being searched for by the most remorseless killers in the world Naturally, that s exactly why he s going to get completely involved

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    1. I'm always so pleased with these novels! I love them, but let me be entirely clear. I love them more now that Vlad is back in town. He's a city boy at heart and I feel so much more comfortable when he's getting into trouble with the Jhreg on his home turf. It's so fun to see him get interested in the laws at long last, too, but not more than I like seeing him get to know his little son. Things might not be getting all that much better with him and his ex-wife, but at least with a weapon of power [...]

    2. Steven Brust has got his groove back. After the novella structure of Jhegaala, he returns to Vlad, our favorite ex-crimelord who appears to have become a hero over the years, although Vlad would be the first to disagree. Despite being on the run from assassins, he returns to the city of his birth to investigate why the Empire would be pressing sorcery charges against his friend Aliera, especially as Aliera is close friends with the next heiress to the crown. Aliera doesn't want him there, and re [...]

    3. Remember those episodes of Matlock in which someone is arrested for a crime, but during the investigation it turns out that the arrest was really just a front for a much larger intrigue? Steven Brust's newest VLAD TALTOS novel Iorich is sort of like that — except the person who is arrested is Aliera e'Kieron, and the larger intrigue involves Empress Zerika of the Dragaeran Empire. Oh, and Matlock's role is played by Vlad Taltos, human assassin and bon-vivant, who is still on the run from the J [...]

    4. Fog of War (Definition) - used to describe the level of ambiguity in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations. The term seeks to capture the uncertainty regarding own capability, adversary capability, and adversary intent during an engagement, operation, or campaign.I generally enjoy every instalment in the continuing story of Vlad Taltos as documented by Steven Brust. This episode is no different; Vlad lands back in Adrilankha to ensure that his friend Aliera is [...]

    5. I don't recall whether I first encountered Steven Brust through To Reign In Hell or Jhereg. I remember seeing the blurb from Roger Zelazny (one of my favorite authors) on To Reign in Hell, and I remember reading the introduction, where Zelazny said he was sceptical that anyone could pull the story off. But Brust did - the book was great. I think it's more likely I started with Jhereg,, where I was equally taken with its clever, sardonic protagonist and his sarcastic reptilian sidekick. In any ca [...]

    6. Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable addition to the Vlad books. But then, I'm the kind of fan who would read The Adventures of Vlad Taltos Having a Perfectly Ordinary Day.Plot: As promised in the book description, this involves Vlad returning to Adrilankha to figure out why Aliera has been arrested and why her friends are doing nothing about it. As such, this plot is as typically complex as these novels are - nothing is what it appears, and greater political machinations are in play at ever [...]

    7. Brust sets himself a nearly impossible task with each of these Vlad books. The books have to work on three different levels. First, each book must have a plot that stands on its own, so that someone who had never read another of the books would at least be able to follow what was going on. Then, each book has to fit into the overall saga of Vlad Taltos, and hopefully move that plot along a bit as well. And then, each book also has to fit into the much larger plot that Brust is putting together. [...]

    8. Four years after the events of Dzur, Vlad Taltos is still on the run from the Jhereg. When he learns that Aliera e'Kieron has been arrested by the Empire for practicing the forbidden elder sorcery, Vlad feels compelled to return to Adrilankha to help hereven if she doesn't want his help. Even if he is risking his life by returning, and the lives of those dear to him. But this is Vlad we're talking about, and so of course, he's going to jump right in regardless of the danger.After Jhegaala, this [...]

    9. _Iorich_ doesn't even come close to standing on its own, so it's only fair to compare it to previous novels in the series. Unfortunately, even though Vlad has returned to Adrilankha--reintroducing old characters and situations that were interesting in the earlier books--very little about Vlad's old milieu is revealed or developed. It's increasingly clear that the mysteries of the fantasy setting itself just aren't going to be resolved and that the series has devolved into a pastiche of the 'sarc [...]

    10. I have no idea what happened in this book. The plot got too convoluted and I got a lot distracted. I will have to reread it some day to figure out who did what, when, where, and why.

    11. Guess who's back in town? Vlad Taltos that's who! And he's now the hero who has to save the day while nobody knows what to do, and save he does with ample style and wit and a shiv up somebody's neck. Featuring our favorite and fabulous wisecracking reptile sidekick, the alluring enchantress Sethra, the ever mysterious Keira and the solidly inconspicuous Kragar (where?) this is Brust at his best!

    12. This is part of Brust's extremely well written and engaging dark fantasy series of Vlad Taltos' books. While this one isn't as strong as some of the others, it's definitely not the worst of the lot. Getting a glimpse into the judicial process of the empire was interesting, and one deposition in particular was hilarious. On top of all that, it looks like the author is working his way towards getting the hero of the series, Vlad, back together with his estranged wife, Cawti, and their son. The int [...]

    13. Some rereading in preparation for getting my hands on Iorich.Iorich -- good. I've decided that Vlad books are now like Buffy episodes -- there's the ones that drive the larger plot forward, which can be good but never great, and there's the standalones, with much less big plot movement, in which greatness is possible. Dzur (with the chapter-by-chapter retelling of a fabulous meal, and most of the action happening at a restaurant) was one of the latter. This is one of the former. A lot of stuff h [...]

    14. Finally gave in and read the rest of this - I'd been saving it as a special treat and it really was. I actually went back and read from the beginning just to savor the experience. Brust's prose and layers of story are so rewarding that it's well worth rereading.I will need to dig up all of these from the beginning and do a complete reread the next time I'm in a dry spell.Vlad is back in Adrilanka because a friend has been arrested on a charge that makes no sense. Imperial politics, and we see hi [...]

    15. Vlad Taltos has been on the run from the Jhereg for about eight years now, but when he hears that a friend has been arrested he returns to Adrilankha. He spends this book evading assassins and trying to make sense of the complicated political situation behind the arrest.I always enjoy these novels. Vlad is an appealing character and I like Brust’s writing. This one doesn’t have the strongest plot, but it served for an excuse to have Vlad back in town interacting with all his old buddies. Tha [...]

    16. I enjoyed this, but somehow the niggling inconsistencies from book to book are annoying me. That is one price of reading an entire series back-to-back, instead of gently forgetting details from year to year when reading them as they are published. Iorich has quite a bit of blatant and not-so-blatant philosophizing about law, justice, and cynical reality, in amongst the plotting and evading and occasional killing. Oh, and there's an addendum of "outtakes" from the book which are pretty darned hil [...]

    17. Ah, back to Steven and Vlad's good stuff. Great action, though most of the story is actually Vlad and others playing head games with each other, each trying to make something happen from the sidelines without attracting anyone's attention or causing other unwanted consequences. When I catch up on the rest of my reading pile, this one is actually going back into it, because I want to see if I can catch more of the "games" and follow Vlad's reasoning a little more fully on a second reading.Vlad's [...]

    18. 9/10One of my favorite Vlad books--he's in the city (where he belongs) and all his friends are involved. He gets to use skills from when he was an assassin, although he is still shielded from magic & sorcery. Loved seeing Cawti and Kragar again, and watching "Vlad Jr." as he progresses. Interesting parallels between Empress Zerika and Vlad at the end of the book, and the "out-take" chapter bits were very clever!

    19. Wish I knew how Vlad planned on getting himself out of the mess with his old house. He's telling his life story to someone for some reason so I assume he wriggles his way free. His son has missed growing up with a father though.

    20. Been looking forward to this one for a long timed it delivers. Great fun (as usual). There are also "deleted scenes" at the end that are hilarious!

    21. "Iorich" was good as well but somehow I left the book feeling disappointed. I don't know if there was a promise to the story that didn't get fulfilled, I had hoped for more resolution with Aliera and Morrolan, or if it was too much like other past novels. It did feel like it was setting the stage for a future book.Still, a great read with all of Vlad and Loiosh's trade mark sarcasm and wit.

    22. There are a few things about this book that amaze me. First, Steven Brust is one of the few authors I read in high school 20 years ago that I still actively pursue; second, that this is the 12th book in a series and I still get very excited when a new book comes out and I finish it with regret, knowing I will have to wait an indefinite amount of time for the next one to be released. As the 12th book in this series and the 17th set in this reality, it contributes much to the storylines of both ou [...]

    23. Oooh, you know what? This is the first reread of this one. Not much I can add to the original review. Except I get the feeling that, in a few years, when more of the Story of Vlad comes out, I will come back and realize just how amazing this one really is, and punch out another star.There are just so many things about this one that give me that feeling.But that cover art. Lord.Review from March 20, 2010#12? Really? It's strange, because it does not seem like it could not possibly be that many. A [...]

    24. A nice piece of decadence I enjoy is a new Vlad Taltos story, Mr. Brust captures something that grabs me with the humor, something that some people might question given that Vlad worked for the local crime organization and was a part time assassin; but then why shouldn't a criminal have a sensor of humor. Anyway, Vlad has returned to Andrilankha to help a friend (as in Dzur (Vlad)). This time it's a judicial matter (thus the title Iorich since they're the house that typically administers the jud [...]

    25. The Good: Vlad Taltos is a wonderful, sarcastic, gritty character who is far funnier in his head than he is to those he faces in his world. The politics of Adrilankha are complex but seeing them through the eyes of hero assassin, we see just enough to keep the reader informed and interested without getting overwhelmed. This installment of Vlad's saga is pitch perfect and a delight to anyone who is already familiar with the series. It would be accessible, though I doubt as deeply enjoyable, to a [...]

    26. Vlad hadn't intended to go back to Dragaera City, but when he hears Aliera has been arrested he can't help getting involved. Puzzlingly, none of her powerful, influential friends (up to and including the Empress) appears willing to do anything about it. Vlad knows Aliera won't appreciate it, but he has to do SOMETHING . . .First: Read the epilogue. It's a series of outtakes that had me in tears from laughing so hard. My favorites are the obligatory talking cat and the scene with Vlad walking out [...]

    27. It's hard to write a review for a single book from a long series, but I'll try as best as I can. Iorich by Steven Brust is the 12th book in the Vlad Taltos series and it takes place 4 years after the events from Dzur. As always within the series we jump in time a bit and some of the intermediate events that were sketched in this book will probably be the focus of a future one.Each part of the series has some "gimmick" (though it has to be said the books aren't very gimmicky by themselves). For s [...]

    28. The more I think about Iorich the more I realize that what the minor keys that are struck are much more sophisticated and tonal than I had first thought. I really enjoyed reading this book and even felt afterwards like it was not a let down (even though I can see how some could see it that way). But now that it has sat for a couple of days, it has become even better. Iorich is about Vlad coming back to Adrilankha after the events of Dzur and four (so far unchronicled) years on the run. Everybody [...]

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