I Don't Need You Anymore

I Don t Need You Anymore Short Stories

  • Title: I Don't Need You Anymore
  • Author: Arthur Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 283
  • Format: None
  • Short Stories

    One thought on “I Don't Need You Anymore”

    1. I bumped this book up my to-read list when I saw that there was only one review listed for it. I feel that it's part of my goodreader's duty to do this properly. I should point out, as well, that this is the first of Arthur Miller's works that I have read.Mostly this an excellent collection, filled with complex and conflicted characters struggling to find their place. As this is a description that could be applied to thousands of stories, I will instead do a little mini-review of each individual [...]

    2. not done reading the whole book, but the first short story, (book's namesake), already gets 5 stars. essays on miscommunication - or, I suppose, trying to communicate, failing, trying again, failing, trying again the essence of existence.

    3. Read so far:I don't need you any more --Monte Sant'Angelo --Please don't kill anything --The misfits --Glimpse at a jockey --The prophecy --Fame --Fitter's night --A search for a future --

    4. Uma excelente reuniĆ£o de contos desse que foi um dos maiores dramaturgos americanos de todos os tempos. Recomendo bastante!

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