One thought on “Justice League Elite, Vol. 1”

  1. Wanted to like it more than I did based on the creative team but I didn't find the characters all that compelling and the story seemed disjointed. The Mahnke art was pretty but not enough to make this feel like anything other than "Authority Lite."

  2. The Justice League Elite makes its debut in this collected edition of the black ops team. The volume opens with the one-shot Superman issue that introduced the Elite as violent vigilantes. The volume then picks up with the new Elite being formed at the behest of Vera Black. A mostly successful first mission then yields mistrust and suspicion after the murder of a prisoner, threatening the bring down the JLE just as they get started. While writer Joe Kelly and artist Doug Mahnke attempt to bring [...]

  3. manchester black was probably the greatest dc character i have seen in recent issues i wish they would have developed that story even more, or showed more of his back story vera is a let-down by comparison. this volume beats the second hands down with a great storyline, fantastic artwork and paneling, just about as much as i could want from a team book.

  4. Read it by chance and really liked it.Not really a DC fan, more of a Marvel Zombie my self so I had to look up some info on some of the players but I still liked it. Just based on the premise of a black ops super hero team I was hocked from the start.

  5. A black ops Justice League. It has potential but so far has failed to live up to it. The inclusion of Green Arrow makes this book interesting but it could be better.

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