Royal Babylon: The Alarming History of European Royalty

Royal Babylon The Alarming History of European Royalty An uproarious eye opening history of Europe s notorious royal houses that leaves no throne unturned and will make you glad you live in a democracy Do you want to know which queen has the unique disti

  • Title: Royal Babylon: The Alarming History of European Royalty
  • Author: Karl Shaw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An uproarious, eye opening history of Europe s notorious royal houses that leaves no throne unturned and will make you glad you live in a democracy.Do you want to know which queen has the unique distinction of being the only known royal kleptomaniac Or which empress kept her dirty underwear under lock and key Or which czar, upon discovering his wife s infidelity, had herAn uproarious, eye opening history of Europe s notorious royal houses that leaves no throne unturned and will make you glad you live in a democracy.Do you want to know which queen has the unique distinction of being the only known royal kleptomaniac Or which empress kept her dirty underwear under lock and key Or which czar, upon discovering his wife s infidelity, had her lover decapitated and the head, pickled in a jar, placed at her bedside Royally dishing on hundreds of years of dubious behavior, Royal Babylon chronicles the manifold appalling antics of Europe s famous families, behavior that rivals the characters in an Aaron Spelling television series Here, then, are the insane kings of Spain, one of whom liked to wear sixteen pairs of gloves at one time the psychopathic Prussian soverigns who included Frederick William and his 102 inch waist sex fixated French rulers such as Philip Duke D Oreleans cavorting with than a hundred mistresses and, of course, the delightfully drunken and debauched Russian czars Czar Paul, for example, who to make his soldiers goose step without bending their legs had steel plates strapped to their knees But whether Romanov or Windsor, Habsburg or Hanover, these extravagant lifestyles, financed as they were by the royals badgered subjects, bred the most wonderfully offbeat and disturbingly unbelievable tales and Karl Shaw has collected them all in this hysterically funny and compulsively readable book Royal Babylon is history, but not as they teach it in school, and it underlines in side splitting fashion Queen Victoria s famous warning that it is unwise to look too deeply into the royal houses of Europe.

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    1. I went into this hoping for some good factual evicence about the aristocracy, but found only a foaming of the mouth and as much history as the average reader of European history would gather in miscellaneous readings. That the author has a grudge is so obvious it's beyond painful -- it makes the book one to miss

    2. Disturbingly disrespectful and ignorant about mental illness, its myriad documented causes, and its sufferers.I was expecting salacious rumours and funny factoids, not the mocking of those with diagnosed illnesses (like porphyria) and their dismissal as "mad" but amusing.Not even bothering to mention all the factual errors about several royals.

    3. I started reading this book thinking it would be an entertaining retelling of the shocking conduct of the royals.Instead what I got was a tirade against monarchy,thinly veiled as absolute fact.I can only assume that this author doesnt believe his readers know anything of history,since he continues spewing out hateful commentdsThe author also makes several fact errors,for example in one instance confusing a mother and daughter and in another stating a rumor as fact.The list could go onAnd before [...]

    4. Again with the lack of footnotes! If this book is to be believed, there hasn't been a sober or sane monarch in all of Europe since the Tudors. However, it's an incredibly interesting read.

    5. Got syphilis? Maybe a little touch of gonorrhea? No problem, you're a king! Having an adulterous affair are you? Well, if you're the king it's o.k but if you're just the lowly queen, it's grounds for divorce. Or maybe we'll just ship you off to a convent or an asylum.Whats that you say? Oh, you're just insane - no biggie, you're still of noble birth.Um, what do you mean you're a commoner!? Well that, we simply cannot abide! After all, we must draw the line somewhere Therein lies the tone of this [...]

    6. The Onion version of European royalty, except that the stories are true. History can be morbidly fun. Reading this is like watching a gruesome accident -- you are horrified but can't look away. Some highlights, from a book that is all highlights:Frederick William I of Prussia (b1688-d1740) whose hobby was collecting tall men for his Potsdam Giant Guards. "The recruits were press-ganged from his own country, or were bought or kidnapped from all over the world. The Prussian King was prepared to sp [...]

    7. Read it in translation - many factual and grammar errors. It is interesting, sometimes funny, but also sometimes disrespectful. I couldn't love it, but also couldn't put it down.

    8. I decided to read "Royal Babylon" because of my lifelong interest in royalty, mainly British; but I'm quite well informed on most other European royalty as well. I expected a generous helping of salacious "factoids" and gossipy hearsay, although the author did supply a rather surprisingly extensive bibliography. What I didn't expect was the mean-spirited attitude of the author, whose style can only be described as snarky. I'm well aware that many royals throughout history have been far from nobl [...]

    9. As I was reading this book, with every single turn of a page, the whole entire time I was thinking 'What is wrong with these people?!' Every single King, Queen, Duke, Lady, every single person affiliated with Royalty was just sick, deformed, had some horrible disease, slept with and/or married someone in their family, or was grossly obese!! Honestly, something is wrong here! It was sickening! Yet, this book drew me in for some reason. As nasty and wrong was this book was, it also drew me in . I [...]

    10. This book read pretty quickly, but it did get redundant after a while. It was interesting but repetitive after a while, and the lack of footnotes made it hard for me to take his claims seriously. The organization was also a little disjointed. It did make me want to read an actual history book about some of these people, so that made it worthwhile. I would probably give it 2 1/2 starts if that were an option, but it is not one I will be rereading.

    11. It was quite interesting overall, but the author bounced around a lot from monarch to monarch and not in any particular order. I think I would have liked it better if Karl Shaw had been more affectionate instead of contemptuous about his 'subjects' and if he'd maybe put it in a different order that was more orderly. Also, considering Queen Vic is on the cover, she is barely mentioned which I thought was a bit odd.

    12. There were many times I thought the author added useless comments that didn't support his assessments and were fillers rather than worthwhile information worthy of the readers time. Certainly not what I would consider a historically accurate deep dive but rather a surface-layer portrayal. Great book if you are a history novice but not for a history buff.

    13. This has entirely changed the concept of "someday my prince will come", if he does come he won't be Disney's clean cut Prince Charming, he will be a toothless, hunchbacked, insane mongloid and his future wife will look exactly the same, since they are kissin' cousin's. This is exactly my kind of book!

    14. The concept was great, but the book was poorly edited and hard to follow. It was difficult to keep the monarchs straight. Additionally, the formatting - separate sections within chapters for different events - was not very readable. A continuous narrative would have been more coherent.

    15. Is there such a thing as trashy historical non-fiction? If so, then this fits the bill - short chapters on the infamous (and sometimes disgusting) monarchies of Europe. Sex, drugs, murder, and syphillis .

    16. i loved this book. I have read a lot on british royals but i have to say, i was rather disturbed at just how nuts and inbred they really were. basically the inbreeding did not stop til charles married diana. thank god elizabeth II children has finally stopped reproducing with their cousins!

    17. After the 8th chapter I figured it out: incest, syphilis, and ca-razy people. At first it was entertaining and slightly enlightening but the same formula over and over got dry.

    18. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    19. I know this book has been slammed but I read it anyways. I am a huge history buff and while watching Victoria I was interested in the various lesser royals depicted in the series. I have always been intrigued by the bloodlines of royals and their impact on historical events.I sat down with my trusty historical atlas, notebook and laptop and spent 3 weeks looking up paintings, information and whatever else I could find on various families and afflictions. So fun!I liked the book. I will preface b [...]

    20. Book is OK though rather dated (published 1999) as far as present time goes vis-à-vis European royalty. It's interesting regarding the past. Perhaps it could be considered as one of those books that one picks up on holiday, peruses quickly, and leaves it on a hotel table for the next person to perhaps pick it up.

    21. I don't have any respect for royalty either, and I think that's good, but that doesn't mean I want to read a gossip rag about them

    22. It was quite interesting to learn about the darker side of these people who affected the lives of so many. When I think of princes, princesses, kings and queens my mind conjures up noble people who are committed to ruling their countries. Obviously, I knew that many of them were corrupt and prone to indulging in their desires, whatever they may be, but I still usually think of them as being very wise. Or at least more intelligent than the average person. As I read this book, it became apparent t [...]

    23. An impulse read promoted on my library shelf, and I have regrets. I suppose there's some entertainment here if you can swallow the writer's snarky attitude and overlook the total lack of substantiation for the allegations. I feel queasy.

    24. A jolly good read, well researched, and very snarky. Genealogical charts are good--there's nothing more infuriating than a book about royalty *without* genealogical charts--but they should have been more thorough. If you're going to bother, then include everyone mentioned in the text.One of the things that stands out here is that, among all the debauched, degraded, depraved royals, when you get to the Russians--Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, etc.--then when in every aspect--sexual devianc [...]

    25. Good stuff. It is quite a long read as it is filled with information and spans generations of the 5 major houses of Europe. At points, without a strong background in European History, it was hard to keep track of who was who, in relation to the modern English Monarchy. But the book is amazingly entertaining and eye-opening. As a coworker said, if they taught this reality in schools, kids would actually be interested and excited about history.Did you know that almost every royal had a harem of mi [...]

    26. Karl Shaw writes history for the people who love the gory details and the gossip. His prose is irreverent and amusing. In "Royal Babylon", he writes about the notable European royals of the last three centuries. More specifically, he writes about their many flaws: insanity, in-breeding, philandering, over-spending, corruption, etc. A warning: Don't read Shaw's works with a hawk's eye for perfect detail and reference. He does not do foot notes. He provides a bibliography, but not cites within cha [...]

    27. I enjoyed this book and thought it was fascinating to see a 'behind the curtain' look at some of the world's most famous royals. I have always enjoyed history and reading about royals. For some reason it has always just fascinated me. The best thing about this book is that you can basically start at any chapter you like - you can skip around, read only a couple sections doesn't matter. I really liked that, although I read it from cover to cover. At parts throughout the book you'll see a 'snarky' [...]

    28. I'm really looking forward to reading this book; I've been following various monarchies for ages, but I know the European ones bestd naturally, they're cesspools teeming with all kinds of bizarre factoids. :) Which, coincidentally, Shaw is excellent at capturing in quite succinct prose. :)I'm having an exhausting time with this one, though, for partly the same reason as with Royal Scandals, but this one is a bit more difficult because Shaw doesn't supply all the helpful charts & stuff. Plus, [...]

    29. There were a lot of crazy facts in this book, but not having a good historical knowledge really kept me from enjoying this book fully. Also, the way that it is organized is hard to follow. The author jumps around sometimes. Other times he just assumes you know certain things that probably not many Americans know. There should probably be a special edition that is published in the us with a glossary or appendix to give details of how royalty works and give some historical background. I ended up l [...]

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