Category Five: The Hurricane-Force Novel

Category Five The Hurricane Force Novel In the Atlantic Ocean hurricane Helena is gathering strength becoming the most powerful storm in recorded history As Helena bears down on Bermuda Donovan Nash and other members of the scientific re

  • Title: Category Five: The Hurricane-Force Novel
  • Author: Philip S. Donlay
  • ISBN: 9781596871168
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the Atlantic Ocean, hurricane Helena is gathering strength, becoming the most powerful storm in recorded history As Helena bears down on Bermuda, Donovan Nash and other members of the scientific research organization Eco Watch are called to fly in and extract key government people who have been studying Helena For Nash, the routine mission turns deadly when an attemptIn the Atlantic Ocean, hurricane Helena is gathering strength, becoming the most powerful storm in recorded history As Helena bears down on Bermuda, Donovan Nash and other members of the scientific research organization Eco Watch are called to fly in and extract key government people who have been studying Helena For Nash, the routine mission turns deadly when an attempt is made on the life of the lead scientist and a woman from his past Dr Lauren McKenna In a bold attempt to diffuse the power of the hurricane, Eco Watch is called upon to conduct a final flight above the massive fury of Helena.

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    1. Lauren McKenna, a weather analyst for NIAA/DIA in conjuction with EcoWeather, a program that works to save the earth and study the weather systems. Lauren specializes in hurricanes. She has been following Helena, a category 4-5 weather system that is traveling and gathering speed about to become the Storm of the Century. This storm is gathering wind speed and increasing in velosity to wipe out the entire East Coast of the United States, from Baltimore past New York. Lauren who once had a love af [...]

    2. "A Spellbinding Thriller"Author Philip Donlay has placed me in a seat of a 3D theater to watch his exciting, suspenseful, high action novel unfold. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat watching unbelievable scenes. But, first, I'll start at the beginning. Doctor Lauren McKenna, a graduate of MIT, has tracked hurricanes for years. She currently works for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) monitoring global weather patterns. She is on Bermuda, hoping to make her scheduled Air Force flight back to [...]

    3. Audiobook Review3 (-) StarsDonovan Nash and Lauren McKenna are back with a non-stop action/thriller. A Super-hurricane is threatening the East Coast. It will surely destroy billions of dollars of property and thousands of people. McKenna and Nash, at the prompting of the President, will comply with a cockamamie scheme to destroy the Hurricane. Preposterous events and mayhem ensue. Will McKenna and Nash survive it all, or even any of it?The book concept is strong, the ludicrous events that unfold [...]

    4. Tighten Seat Belts and Hang On Can you imagine a love story which mixes submarines, commercial jets, U S Air Force super transports, the Coast Guard, meteorologists, and even the Russian Navy in a fascinating tale of terrific aviation action and commercial espionage. One of those books that you hate to put down."

    5. I'm not typically much into pilot stories, but this one was far from just a simple airplane drama. All the characters proved to be much more than simple constructions with typical problems. The dynamic between Donovan Nash and those around him made the book interesting in its own right. But, the blue ribbon of the book goes to the intense experiences happening in the air within the hurricane itself. I won't give away the absolutely crazy way they planned to rescue the damaged G4 circling around [...]

    6. Very Entertaining! I loved that this book kept a earth science nerd like me engaged. I like a complex and imperfect character, it make the story more realistic. The action goes until the very end and kept me interested and entertained. I learned more about hurricanes and it was fun learning some airplane lingo too!

    7. EXCELLENT FAST ACTION THRILLER Philip Donlay is a talented writer who uses his technical background as a retired commercial pilot to bring authenticity to his well-developed plot. In this first novel of his Donovan Nash series, the wild action reminds me of plots developed by Ian Fleming (James Bond) and Lee Child (Jack Reacher). Anyone who is a fan of either of those two authors will quickly become fans of Philip Donlay. – David B. Crawley, M.D. – Author of “Steep Turn: A Physician's Jou [...]

    8. Awesome action and suspense! Terrific characters!One of the best action and adventure books I've read! This is an exciting tale of a hurricane and those studying it and trying to break new ground in the investigations of such phenomena! Suspense -- wow, it's in there! Action -- oh, yeah, totally nonstop! Great characters with believable well developed history's. I definitely have a new author to watch!P.S. Upon finishing books 1 through 7, I can honestly tell you the quality and suspense and act [...]

    9. This was full of action, most of it in the middle of a hurricane, and I mean that literally. A rescue mission in the eye of a category five hurricane before an atomic bomb is detonated killing them all. In the middle of it is Donovan Nash. A pilot and part owner of Eco-Watch, he meets up again with an old flame who is keeping a secret from Donovan in the form of the daughter he knows nothing about. What she doesn't know, however, is that Donovan has a secret of his own. He's really Robert Huntin [...]

    10. This thriller literally starts off with a bang. Three people are murdered and the beautiful wunderkind scientist heroine is brought back from the dead by the wealthy, handsome hero in pretty much the first chapter. Dr. Lauren McKenna is the brilliant scientist who is head of a secret Pentagon meteorological project. She's on the track of a mega hurricane that is threatening to destroy New York and kill thousands. Her hero ex-lover happens to own and pilot the scientific plane attempting to track [...]

    11. My friend loved it and so I bought it and sadly didn't like it all. I'm tired of reading about heroines who've had a child with the hero and kept quiet about it. The reason for her doing so was so contrived as to be nonsensical. In fact most of the plot seemed that way to me. The huge chunk of backstory about the Russian sub, dragged the reader out of the story for around 30 pages - 29 too long. It was a clear indication that this was to be followed up later - so the end was no surprise. What wa [...]

    12. This was the first book written by Donlay and I must say that he started out with a bang! Category Five was absolutely riveting from cover to cover. The worst hurricane in history is descending on the East coast, with the projected death toll to be in the hundreds of thousands. The government comes up with a daring, theoretical plan to dissipate the storm. In the middle of the story are several interesting characters, the two main characters being a man who started a company to assist in ecologi [...]

    13. Donovan Nash is a pilot and head of a private company that contracts out for environmental jobs. He receives a rush contract to pick up a group of scientists from Bermuda from the teeth of an advancing hurricane that is approaching category 5 status. When only one of 2 vehicles meets the plane he sets out in the worsening storm to locate the missing car. When he finds in overturned in a culvert, he and his driver work to rescue and revive the only person who survived the crash. That person turns [...]

    14. Honestly, I felt that the authors and other reviewers for this book said what they said only to garner attention for their own publications. None of what was said was true. I only enjoyed the last fifth of the book; it didn't pick up speed until then. The characters were ridiculous- sure, a multi-million dollar heir and his brilliant scientist girlfriend find each other again and all this drama ensues; totally "realistic" as D.P. Lyle stated on the back cover. I have never even heard of this aut [...]

    15. I loved this book. The twists and turns of the plot kept me engaged. I loved his strong, smart female scientist. She was a great role model for women without the 'I'm doing it alone' attitude that some authors use. The science was almost a character in itself. I kept wondering were these real scenarios which I love because I love to learn. (I'm not going to give more details on that -- it would ruin some of the twists in the story) The prose is smooth and lets you delve into the story. Can't wai [...]

    16. If you are looking for an easy to read but highly enjoyable action/thriller then this is a fine candidate. Category Five is the first in the Donovan Nash series and is a fine start to the series.Mix together a bit of a killer hurricane, some damn fine flying, a bit of betrayal and someone hiding a big secret and you have a cracker of a read. The author does a fine job in putting all these pieces together and along the way develops some very interesting characters. Oh and did I mention nuclear we [...]

    17. A thoroughly excellent book. While the "happy" ending was expected, the route taken to get there was a story tellers delight. The author's skills were spectacularly on display. Not the " normal" romance but certainly worth the time. I mostly ignored everything while reading this book, in a house with five dogs, that's unusual.

    18. This was a very well written book that introduces the series characters amid the threat of a mega hurricane. It is very well written with an interested plot. The feminine role is one of strength and tenderness. Can't say enough about this book one, except to say that I've bought the rest of the series and now my wife is really into it too!

    19. I liked itA good quick read. A giant hurricane, a dashing hero, a lady scientist and a man with power adds up to a pretty good adventure novel. There were some parts that seemed too impossible, on the scale of time and distance: I had to keep reminding myself that this is part of a thrill-a-minute-save-the-world story.I probably will read another by this author.

    20. FormulaicI am so tired of the girlfriend who has the hero's baby but never lets him know until the dramatic end. It totally destroyed the story for me. So many unlikely scenarios, destruction of expensive equipment and yet nobody dies and the hero comes out smelling of roses. To much, to much, way to much.

    21. Absolutely loved this book and I read it almost in one sitting. I don't understand all the flying terms or the weather terms relating to hurricanes and in real life perhaps most of the events in the book might be totally improbable but this was such an exciting story from start to finish that it left me breathless.

    22. A fine fiction novel. Of the three by this author, I admit that I enjoyed "Code Black" and "Zero Separation" more than this one. Even in a fictional work, I find the concept of using atomic weapons to destroy a threatening hurricane a bit troubling. Having said that, this is a page turner that most will certainly enjoy.

    23. Really?Too many coincidences and unbelievable plot twists. More like a video game than a serious book. I only got to two stars because the Audible read was pretty good and the main characters were somewhat likable - if not believable.Then I had to deduct one star for the Global Warming silliness.

    24. Given that Hurricane Sandy just decimated much of the east coast, this book was a little eerie to read, but i couldn't put it down once I started it. This is a great read for fans of Clive Cussler. The main protagonist is very similar to Dirk Pitt, and there is page turning excitement throughout the story. This was just a fun book to read.

    25. I have no right to review this book since I have only read it 25% of the way through. But that is as far as I could force myself to read. This book, to me, is a Harlequin Romance trying to pass itself off as a thriller. There should be a picture of a shirt-less Fabio on the cover. If you like romances you might like this book, but it just was not my cup of tea.

    26. This is not at all the type of book I read but I really liked this. The author is also a pilot and there's a lot of great aviation information in the book. I'm not sure the science is entirely believable but it's a fast pace read. Perfect for a long flight, say from Dar es Salaam to Chicago.

    27. Very well written novel and I enjoyed the positive story line. I will look for more from this author and follow his stories.I rarely do reviews but I want the author to know that I will read more of his spectacular work.

    28. What a tension, white knuckle gripping story!This story grabs hold of you and keeps you entranced to the end. It is a total roller coaster from beginning to end. The story is believable and totally with the times.

    29. sometimes you're in the mood for this kind of book, unrealistic but has some excitement and romance. I was reading it before I left for a trip and I had to hold off until after we arrived at our destination; definitely not the type of book to read on a plane!

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