A Lover's Complaint

A Lover s Complaint pubOnefo present you this new edition From off a hill whose concave womb re worded

  • Title: A Lover's Complaint
  • Author: William Shakespeare
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • pubOnefo present you this new edition From off a hill whose concave womb re worded

    One thought on “A Lover's Complaint”

    1. I don't know what to say. This didn't woe me at all. It wasn't memorable and the language and rhymes seemed super clumsy. I didn't plan on reading this in the first place, but my new copy of Shakespeare's Sonnets, had this narrative poem as an appendix, and so I thought I might as well The authorship of this poem has been the topic of the critical debate over the centuries. I have a feeling that no one wants to admit that the Bard himself wrote such trash, and so scholars say that it was only pa [...]

    2. Poema que se lee en 20 minutos. Espléndido. No tiene mucha prensa, pero es hermoso de leer acompañado de los Sonetos.

    3. I just found this resource too: shakespeareswords/A-LoI read the poem twice while listening to the audio (I found this extremely helpful). I was surprised how approachable the poem is – theme and language-wise. I love the visual pictures he creates – I felt I could actually see the women next to the water…Really like this thought:“To me, fair friend, you never can be old,For as you were when first your eye I ey’d,Such seems your beauty still.”Like the sonnets, I’d like to spend mor [...]

    4. I agree with those scholars who assert that this poem was only partly written by Sahkespeare. After reading his sonnets, this poem lacks density or obscurity of meaning that the sonnets are filled with.

    5. Le he puesto la primera calificación que se me ha venido a la cabeza porque no se qué me paso mientras lo leí.Perdí el punto de toda la lectura y no entendí mucho porque tengo un poco de malestar así que pronto volveré a leerlo y con toda seguridad estareseñacambiara.

    6. Not bad though slight compared to the sonnets. Also read The Phoenix and Turtle, short piece ascribed to the man plus other short very very slight poems that he may have written.

    7. It's difficult to rate a piece of writing that I couldn't understand, maybe a few years from now I would. This one star rating should be viewed as my reading experience and not a review of the poem.

    8. Not my favorite Shakespeare, but it seems that there is some critical debate about whether it is actually Bill's work or not. A sad tale of a woman who is taken in by a player's charms.

    9. Even the most mundane Shakespeare is brilliant. I read this in combination with "The Phoenix and the Turtle" which is beyond sublime. "Mutual flame," indeed. We all yearn for such an exit.

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