Biting Nixie

Biting Nixie Punk musician Nixie Schmeling is a hundred pounds of Attitude who spells authority a n c h o r and thinks buying insurance is just one step toward death So she really feels played when shes volunteere

  • Title: Biting Nixie
  • Author: Mary Hughes
  • ISBN: 9781605044378
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Punk musician Nixie Schmeling is a hundred pounds of Attitude who spells authority a n c h o r and thinks buying insurance is just one step toward death So she really feels played when shes volunteered to run the towns first annual fundraising festival Especially when she finds out its to pay for a heavy hitting lawyerwhos six feet plus of black haired, blue eyed sePunk musician Nixie Schmeling is a hundred pounds of Attitude who spells authority a n c h o r and thinks buying insurance is just one step toward death So she really feels played when shes volunteered to run the towns first annual fundraising festival Especially when she finds out its to pay for a heavy hitting lawyerwhos six feet plus of black haired, blue eyed sex on a stick Attorney Julian Emerson learned centuries ago that the only way to contain his dangerous nature is to stay buttoned up Hes come from Boston to defend the town from a shady group of suitsand an even shadier gang of vampires But his biggest problem is Nixie, who shreds his self control Nixie doesnt get why the faphead shyster doesnt understand her Julian wishes Nixie would speak a known languagelike Sanskrit Even if they manage to foil the bloodthirsty gang, what future is there for a tiny punk rocker and a blue blooded skyscraper And thats before Nixie finds out Julians a vampire

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    1. 3.5/5Uproariously funny, heavy on slapstick humour, Biting Nixie is bound to get you out of your funk when you desperately need it. The plot is not overly clever or even twisted, it's the execution of the story which you'll shell your money for. I was giggling all the way throuh it was just THAT silly! Read it.

    2. So many mixed emotions so little time So I am not going to go into an all out review on this one if I do it is going to turn into a bitch fest to the nth degree If I sit back and take this book as I am supposed to then maybe I would rate it 4 stars. But this is what was horrible The slang is horrible I mean so horrible you are like "what in the holy fuck am I reading right now?"The simple fact that she is a 25-year-old woman and everyone thinks of her as a little girl. I feel like there is some [...]

    3. *this review contains spoilers*As a 5 foot nothing, no boobs, rocker style chick myself, I was fully on board for this book. Add in a hot guy who wears a suit and all aboard, we're hitting this story full steam!!!I immediately liked Nixie. She was funny, snarky, and just my type of girl when i could understand her. A lot of the time I had to go back and reread what she'd said to try and figure out what in the hell she had meant. Sometimes her strange lingo made sense like "legal eagle" means law [...]

    4. Laugh out loud funny -- great beach readA quirky, offbeat musician who shuns authority, Nixie is a small town gal from a good family. Her mother is constantly trying to play matchmaker to find her a good husband. The Mayor ropes Nixie into coordinating a festival fundraiser to help save their town from 'annexation' by nearby Chicago. She's told the funds will be used to pay big time lawyer fees. When she meets Julian, the big time lawyer, she's surprised at her attraction to him--a suit! With ma [...]

    5. OK-- I started out really, REALLY liking this book. I like Nixie, the pint sized punker who falls for the suited lawyer Julian Emerson who just happens to be a vampire. I feel that this author was going for a paranormal Stephanie Plum. She began quite well, but by about 1/2 way through the book, it just got wierd. I think that Hughes was just trying too hard. It got annoying. With what could have been a solid plot, she breezed over it and the details, going after the humor in the characters whic [...]

    6. I just could not get into this book. It is not a young adult book, but the dialog and interactions were so juvenile that I kept feeling like it was. I could not imagine Nixie as being 25, she behaved like she was much, much younger. And oh my goodness - we get it!! Yes, we get it already! You're cool and you use cool metaphors. Not. I constantly rolled my eyes at her need to exert her individuality. I know that the author wanted to portray the Julian and Nixie as being completely opposite, but c [...]

    7. Ok even though most of the slang through the book had me hitting , I loved this book. There was enough danger and conflict to make it interesting, plenty of steamy sexy scenes, and the most unique proposal I have ever read.

    8. The more I read on, the more I see similarities in narration style as is in Shelly Laurenstons work. Lots of crazy oddball humour that can't help but make you do a double-take before bursting out laughing at the shear insanity. Let's not forget to mention the sex scenes; very hot indeed. This follows the same writing style of the previous one, first person perspective from only the female protagonist. As a result the reader is kept in the dark about everything the same as the main character, wit [...]

    9. Biting Nixie by Mary Hughes is an excellent read. This is a laugh-out-loud funny romantic-comedy paranormal romance. It is book #2 in the Biting Love series. Features the classic opposites attract trope. I loved Julian and Nixie. Their story is filled with witty banter and blazing chemistry. Book could be read alone but for a complete and more enjoyable experience I recommend reading the books in order because of recurring characters and storyline plots. I absolutely recommend this book and this [...]

    10. Well, let me say, this is the first book I've read of Ms. Hughes. I'm a diehard fan of the Paranormal. The story itself was good, but what made me give it 2 stars, was the constant juvenile, antagonists, slang the main character, Nixie used. I have no problem with her wanting to "rage against" the norm, but it became more irritating and a distraction after a while. The story had humor, suspense and hot chemistry. Again, for me Nixie's language took away from the story.

    11. ~* 4.5 Stars *~What can I say about Biting Nixie to properly convey the sense of fun and quirky freshness that's wrapped up so neatly into this delicious little package? Nixie Schmeling is a punk polka queen with her own band (Guns and Polka) and her own language (which I'd love to give an example of, but I'd fail miserably), and thanks in part to mother issues, the death of her sister, and the influence of a favored aunt, she eschews anything resembling normal. She's a bawdy, sassy, chirpy litt [...]

    12. Kitty's review posted on Guilty Pleasures4.5 StarsAh, Nixie. What a wonderful, whacky, loveable character she is. She had me rolling my eyes when we first met her in “Bite My Fire” and has me hysterically laughing in “Biting Nixie”. And Julian, well, what can you say about an uptight lawyer with abs of steel and pecs of iron? Um, yummy???Nixie first encounter’s Julian when she is at City Hall and he saves her from her former Assistant Principal who still thinks she is a student. Yes, N [...]

    13. My review was originally posted on Joyfully ReviewedJanuary 2009 Recommended Read, Reviewed by ShaynaNixie Schmeling is a pint-sized punk rocker full of attitude. Julian Emerson is a hot-shot suit-wearing lawyer from Boston. The two are as different as night and day, so when the mayor sticks Nixie with the job of running her small town’s fundraising festival to pay for Julian’s legal fees, Nixie’s less than thrilled, to say the least. But something strange is happening in the little town o [...]

    14. Biting Nixie was a humorous read. One part made me lol. It was the "ack" sceneyou'll know it when you read it. (Okay, I just reread it and it made me laugh again.) Anyway, it also had a good dose of smex. However, it did feel like it was trying too hard to be funny/sexy, which might be a side-effect of Nixie's character. At times she came across as a 25-year-old teenager and you will probably either love her quirky and rebellious nature or find her annoying. On the other hand, I don't think you [...]

    15. I loved this! I have missed my Paranormal Romance reading so much. And this book drew me in and made me want to go back and start re-reading my PR that I already have on my shelves.This book was hilarious!! I loved Nixie. She is different, smart, snarky, sarcastic, got an attitude, in your face, has a temper, is in a band and so short she is often taken for a child. Just don't call or treat her like a child or else she will go off on you. I loved Julian who is our hero to Nixie and her love inte [...]

    16. This book had me roflmao! I won't say I din't have a slight problem with the "hip" language, I may not be from the 1600's, but I guess I am hopelessly stuck in the 80's!But as Julian figured out the vernacular so did I. Generally I am not thrilled with books written in 1st person, but being inside Nixie's brain was a hoot!Nixie (Deitland)Smelling is a diminutive punk rock musician. Nixie the pixie she is called, 5 foot nothing and a size 0 (can we kill her now!) Julian Emerson is a 6 foot 5 Inch [...]

    17. I love Nixie As far as punkish musicians go she's great. I easily understood her with out needing the explanations. She brings lots of humor I laughed out loud for most of the book leaving everyone around me looking at me like i'd lost my mind. From Nixie's mom trying to set her up, her not wanting to fall for suit guy Julian Emerson,feeling like she sold her soul if she was forced to get a 9-5 and having to save the festival she was forced to run from a vampire gang Nixie's a treat. The story i [...]

    18. Not really my cup of tea. I'm not a fan of slapstick, zany silliness (no Stephanie Plum for me!). The main character (the h) was annoyingly immature and used excessively hip jargon -- a LOT of it. But it was part of her personality -- and she was supposed to be shown as growing and maturing throughout the book. The growth was subtle but present.So I will not be reading any more by this author. That said, despite those aspects, the book was surprisingly engaging. After all, I read the entire book [...]

    19. Quick, funny and hot. Nixie is a musician, frowns on control and spits in the face of responsibility. Julian is a lawyer, vampire, always in control and very responsible. These two opposites colide, when Julian is hired to protect Nicie's town from a takeover by Chicago vampires. I liked all the characters in the story, they were quirky and unique without being annoying. The chemistry between Julian and Nixie was hot and believable. They should have butted heads at every turn but they brought ou [...]

    20. If I could give this 2.5 stars I would. There were great and fun things about it and then there were stupid things about it. The story was good, the characters well written and I adored the male lead. I detested her modern talking. I love a good spunky character like nixie and if her verbal skills were less computer/techie driven it would have been wonderful. Julien (male lead) was an amazing character, I loved everything about him and loved that he felt so strongly towards Nixie, but she still [...]

    21. I've read the series a bit out of order so it was fun to see how these two characters got together. The book is funny and adult but the terms used are a bit wild leaving me reaching for a dictionary more than once. Although I enjoyed the book it felt a bit like a whirlwind (a wild ride but you're not entirely sure what just happened). The world and characters lacked the depth I need to make it a favorite series. I'd read more if the books were free. If you're looking for something wild and fun t [...]

    22. It took a chapter or two before I got into this book because I'm not familiar with gaming or anime and didn't always get the heroine's dialog. That's the position the hero finds himself in as he tries to protect a very eccentric punk rocker from a gang of vampires who are trying to take over the town. The town itself is an insider's look at a German enclave in the Chicago area. Together with the heroine's distinct pop reference perspective, this fast paced and funny book takes standard vampire f [...]

    23. BITING NIXIE by Mary Hughes is HOT, HOT, HOT! This vampire book has one sassy heroine who reminds me of the lead in the movie JUNO, although Nixie is no teenager. Good thing because the sex is hot enough to steam your reading glasses. Nixie's sass is admirably counterpoint to her surprisingly buttoned up/buttoned down vampire hero. This is a fast-paced, fun. hard-to-put down book with great characters and a quirky setting. This is the first one I've read in this series, and I'm looking forward t [...]

    24. Loved this book! It was so funny and kept interested (which the story has to for me to keep reading) and the hero and heroin their love seems so at odds with who they are but so right at the same time that you believe that it could happen and you really want it to. Nixie is thinking that she only needs to get her some and Julian is wanting more. that and their attitudes are so at odds it just makes for a really good funny store.

    25. Maybe like 3.75 stars. Nixie and Julian are great characters, and the "different worlds" romance plot works well. I thought the depth and detail of the vampire community was lacking. A lot of "nobody knows." And the plot to takeover the town (by bad vampires) seemed thin and unconvincing. But the focus is on the romance, the hot chemistry, and Nixie's quirky lifestyle and language, and that worked very well.

    26. First book I read in the series, and I really enjoyed. Took me a sec to catch on to Nixie's lingo, but once I caught on I was hooked. I liked how different Nixie and Julian were. I really like how by the end the had taken on traits of each other showing how well they balance each other out. Most importantly (to me) Mary Hughes is funny. I love funny romances and Hughes is not only versed in humor, she is able to apply that humorous voice differently to each character. Impressive indeed.

    27. This is not the 1st book in the series, but the 2nd one The main character Nixie has a way with words and it gives for very funny conversations to make you laugh out loud again! Although this is one of these vampire books, it was very amusing, and you almost start to like the vamps! Now, I have to read the 1st book to find out how Bo and Elena got together and then I'll guess we'll continue the series ;-)

    28. I don’t know what made me pick up this book but thank all the literary powers for that serendipity. Love it when I find a new vampire book that cracks me up. Then I get to fall in deep lust with the characters and the story line AND find out it is part of a series so I can have more debauched fangy fun. YIPEE! I love Nixie and NEED to see her band, Guns and Polka, in concert! But first the deets…See the rest of the review at bodaciousbookworm

    29. I like Nixie - well, I actually like Hughes's writing style in this particular book, go figure. I am the first one to scream there's not much art in smut, but this one proves me wrong. I freely admit it may just be the absolute quirkiness of the character and the over-the-top storytelling that make Biting Nixie good. But, writing it like this required some serious cojones, and I always appreciate that.

    30. Humorous paranormal romance that was a delight to read, particularly as the characters are so endearing. Our Nixie is like Peter Pan - she doesn't want to grow up, but is forced to when she is placed in charge of the town's fundraising charity event and made to partner with a maddening suit, the stuff lawyer, and ancient vampire, Julian. I truly enjoyed the characters in this book and look forward to reading more in the series. Well done.

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