One thought on “Love Monster”

  1. 4.5 ratingThis is a review for the overall manga BTW!!!This manga was so entertaining!!! It was funny romantic and just awesome. From the monster fights to the failed attempts to show Hiyo's white crow wings. :DThe characters seemed well thought out and they interacted with each other so well. They made a great manga together.I like Hiyo's and Kouro's relationship because it was embarassing, romantic and god-damn funny all together. I love how Kouro is so protective of her. He's kinda cute too ( [...]

  2. When a letter of acceptance comes from SM Academy Hiyoko Osora has no choice but to accept. Even though she did not even take the exam it is the only school she got accepted to. Little does she know everyone at the school is a monster, literally. Now she actually has to live with these various monsters and not only deal with the pains of school but the multitude of creatures as well.The drawing is wonderful done and even the smutty scenes are exquisite and tasteful. All of the characters have a [...]

  3. Series Review: Love Monster was a great and quick manga series. He had very good plot and pacing balancing excitement with humor. The characters draw you in until the plot really takes off and keeps you hooked. Love Monster is definitely a manga worth looking into however I recommend this for more mature audiences as there are adult themes.

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