The Mark Of The Assassin

The Mark Of The Assassin When a terrorist bomb blows Flight out of the sky off the East coast there is only one chilling clue A body found near the crash site bears the deadly calling card of an elusive lethal assassin

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  • Title: The Mark Of The Assassin
  • Author: Daniel Silva
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a terrorist bomb blows Flight 002 out of the sky off the East coast, there is only one chilling clue A body found near the crash site bears the deadly calling card of an elusive, lethal assassin three bullets to the face Michael Osbourne of the CIA knows the markings Personally Propelled by an obsession that threatens to consume his career, his family, his life, OWhen a terrorist bomb blows Flight 002 out of the sky off the East coast, there is only one chilling clue A body found near the crash site bears the deadly calling card of an elusive, lethal assassin three bullets to the face Michael Osbourne of the CIA knows the markings Personally Propelled by an obsession that threatens to consume his career, his family, his life, Osbourne is now hot on the assassin s trail But in a world of shadows and lies, intrigue and cover up, the man with a mission puts himself and his loved ones in the sights of the most ruthless, diabolical assassin on earth

    One thought on “The Mark Of The Assassin”

    1. This was a pretty good spy thriller that is based around terrorism before 9/11, but after the fall of the USSR. I found that viewpoint rather refreshing, almost like the early Clancy novels, although the characters didn't pop as well for me. They were good characters. I liked the mix, both good & bad, but they didn't make me want to meet them. I think he did best with the settings. He described them very well, but didn't get flowery. The plot was good & twisty with a really good conspira [...]

    2. This was a re-read for me, having first read this book when it was first published in paperback. Actually this was my first experience with Daniel Silva back then, written before he started his very popular Gabriel Allon series. There are a couple of characters in this book that Silva carried forward into the Allon series, Adrian Carter of the CIA and Ari Shamron of Israeli Intelligence (Mossad). Interestingly, Shamron is not a good guy in this novel, although he really only has a cameo.For anyo [...]

    3. Filled with a lot of satisfying action and political intrigue, but lacking in scope and background. The entire book is surface action with very little of the narrative dedicated to plot and character development. The latter of which was pretty lazy, as the image of every character is limited to a routine, half-paged personality rundown. Too many named characters appearing in only 1-3 pages. It was still a fun read.

    4. There was a time, believe it or not, when it was actually shocking to hear stories of corruption and wrongdoing perpetrated by elected officials. Likewise, there was a time when conspiracies involving government officials, multinational corporations, and foreign parties colluding to commit crimes was looked at as simply theories, and unbelievable ones at that.We are definitely living in weird times.****A Testimonial****I remember once reading a book in which terrorists fly a passenger jet into t [...]

    5. The Mark of the Assassin is billed as part of the Gabriel Allon series, and as a prequel, I suppose there’s some truth in that. But Allon makes no appearances here, although familiar characters such as Adrian Carter do have roles. The eponymous assassin is Jean-Paul Delaroche, whose “mark” is his killing style, always three shots to the face. He’s a pretty effective antagonist. As for the protagonist, Michael Osborne, he’s no Gabriel Allon, personality wise. Most of the characters, in [...]

    6. If you don't mind cliches then you'll probably enjoy this book. But if scandinavian blondes with vivid blue eyes, cia agents who are as good as good, kgb baddies who are as bad as bad and have psychological problems aren't your thing then seriously don't bother. the plot is predictable. the characters are obvious and without interest and all in all the story is one that has been told a billion times before. Frankly, I was bored.

    7. Again, my husband recommended this book. He said it was the second in the "Gabriel Allon" series, however it was actually the first of the "Michael Osbourne" series. This confusion made reading the book quite amusing.I kept waiting for the Gabriel Allon character to be introduced into the story. The only remotely close character, who the author took pains to keep a mystery, was the "bad" guy who helped the terrorists shoot down an American jet. I was outraged that the Israelis would do such a th [...]

    8. I’ve long anticipated dipping my toe into the works of popular author Daniel Silva and now that I’ve made that first effort, I fully anticipate diving all the way in. Silva, of course, is most famous for his long running Gabriel Allon series. However, I happened to have both of his early Michael Osbourne books on my TBR shelves so I chose to start with them. This particular book is actually his second published novel, after the stand-alone The Unlikely Spy.This novel did its job: it held my [...]

    9. Another reviewer could not put this book down. I could - and did after about a hundred pages. Granted the subject is topical, but the plot is unbelievable and so are the mechanics necessary to make it work. To take but one example, the fact that the wife of the CIA agent happens to be a close friend of the investigative journalist is a coincidence too far. As for the writing: " surrounded by the élite of Washington's Republican establishment," a waiter hands Elizabeth "a glass of cold Chardonna [...]

    10. Na realidade são 3,5*Espionagem, conspiração, parentes e afins tudo aquilo a que Daniel Silva nos tem vindo a habituar.E, ao contrário do que pensava, porque tenho um "carinho" especial pelo Gabriel Allon, gostei. Conseguiu mesmo, prender-me desde o início. Acção bem desenvolvida, sem momentos mortos e apesar de não sentir pelo Osbourne a mesma empatia que sinto pelo Allon, achei-o uma personagem interessante! É um livro que se lê bastante bem.

    11. I'm going to give this series a shot. I liked book one, though I hate having to start with a story that has floppy discs in it (everything is so dated), but it really didn't affect the story much. This book is a spy thriller. Not bad. I listened to the audio book in a day. I'll probably read the next one

    12. This is more 4.5/5 Stars. I really wanted this to be as good as the Gabriel Allon series, but it wasn’t. Maybe because the CIA doesn’t let its operatives go full archangel on someone like Israel does. Or maybe Michael just doesn’t have that beautiful personality and unrelenting drive to avenge his people like Gabriel does. Either way, it was a good book and I recommend it.

    13. This was an excellent book with a great plot and well developed characters. Once again, Daniel Silva has created a character, Michael Osborne of the CIA, who is believable and engaging. An airline crash and the unique trademark of an assassin keep this story moving quickly from start to finish. This particular mark is especially meaningful to Michael. His previous girlfriend had been killed by this same assassin. This is a page-turner, and I highly recommend it.

    14. October, in originale "The Mark of the Assassin", è un libro di spionaggio dello scrittore americano Daniel Silva, edito nel 1998. E' autore di 18 di thriller e di romanzi spionaggio. E' il primo libro della serie con protagonista Michael Osbourne, agente della Cia.La trama del romanzo: quando una bomba terrorista annienta il volo 002 nel cielo al largo della costa orientale, vi è un solo indizio agghiacciante. Un corpo trovato nei pressi del luogo dell'incidente che porta il biglietto da visi [...]

    15. At first read, especially the first few chapters are quite boring. Seriouslyy strong willpower could make me continue reading this book. At first, all the events and characters don't match each other. It's like reading different parts from a book and you can't connect the dots.But in the middle part of the story, things started to get clearer and all the events started to connect with each other (here we go).The story line is quite nicely build with the ascend near the end of the book with a bit [...]

    16. Comecei a ler Daniel Silva com o livro “Morte em Veneza”, do personagem Gabriel Allon. Acho sinceramente que ter lido até agora 12 livros com este personagem me impediu de apreciar convenientemente “The Mark of the Assassin”. Senti que, embora a história fosse perfeitamente plausível e tenha gostado de ler sobre personagens já conhecidos noutras fases das suas vidas, o personagem principal não “convence” tanto quanto Gabriel Allon.A história demorou a desenrolar-se, e nunca me [...]

    17. Having read the Gabriel Allon series, I've long been a fan of Daniel Silva's writing, however had not gone back to read his earliest works, including this book featuring CIA operative Michael Osbourne. The story revolves around the terrorist bombing of a flight departing from JFK and an assassination bearing the trademark "3 shots to the face" that Osbourne recognizes from a previous murder. Osbourne has been tracking him on the side for years, and knows the trail is hot after the latest killing [...]

    18. Too world wide conspiracy for my tastes. Engaging, well full-circle connected characters, but a bit ridicolous from time to time.

    19. That was quite fun. I don't read a lot of thrillers though so not much can end up being typical, although some bits of plot were somewhat predictable.

    20. 400 páginas depois, 2 anos após a sua oferta, eis que termino este "A Marca do Assassino" de Daniel Silva. Confesso que parti entusiasmado. Daniel Silva é, efetivamente, um escritor conhecido e bastante seguido por um bom número de leitores. "A Marca do Assassino" foi a minha estreia com este mesmo escritor e, infelizmente, talvez pelo meu registo literário não ser exatamente este, senti um dissabor ao observar o meu desapego com o mesmo. São 400 páginas recheadas de tiros, bons factos s [...]

    21. Although my TBR stack is out of control, I felt the need for a Daniel Silva fix recently, and knew that the next Gabriel Allon book would not be released until July. Silva wrote 3 books before he began the series with the famous art restorer/Israeli spy chief. I decided to give them a try, and I’m glad that I did. The first book was a free-standing mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed (The Unlikely Spy).In his second book, Silva highlights an intelligence officer, Michael Osbourne. Some familiar [...]

    22. Before his Gabriel Allon series, Daniel Silva experimented with other main characters in his early best selling books. Here it is Michael Osborne a former CIA field operative brought back to headquarters to fill a desk tracking Middle Eastern terrorist groups. As inevitably happens in thrillers like this, Osborne is drawn back into field action when he is targeted by one of the world's greatest assassins - a former KGB killer now operating freelance - who murdered his first true love. The book h [...]

    23. One of David Silva’s earlier creations. The character development focuses around Michael Osbourne, a CIA case officer and his wife who is a high-powered Washington DC lawyer. The basic story revolves around a long ago foe of Michael’s who comes back into his family’s life after many years of non-involvement. It is your basic cat and mouse thriller with various vignettes related to several secondary characters. Without divulging too much plot information, October (primary antagonist) commit [...]

    24. Michael Osbourne is sort of like Jack Ryan (the movie version more than the book version). He was a field agent in the CIA, but was forced out of the field and into a desk job. While at his desk job, he is responsible for the Middle Eastern region. Michael is tasked with investigating an airliner shot out of the sky by the Sword of Hamas (or so they claim). One of the terrorists was shot 3 times in the face, which is the calling card of an assassin Michael is very familiar with, because he kille [...]

    25. A commercial airliner is shot down and an radical Islamic group purportedly takes credit. Michael Osborne, a CIA agent, is called in to help the investigation. As the investigation proceeds, Michael becomes that the case is more involved than first thought. He comes to believe that the radical Islamic group is not responsible but more sinister forces are at work. A powerful group of international financiers and powerbrokers are behind the tragedy. They create world tensions for their own persona [...]

    26. When you read the Allon series before reading these, you would encounter some characters that were present in Allon’s world, about the book, at first it was so laid back and all i did was read and read until it comes to somewhere to end that the thrill was kind of exciting. I get use to Allon series of having the main character kind of always intense when it came to Osbourne he was the opposite but Silva’s way of writing about women always impressed me because he never created a damsel in de [...]

    27. A good read with an ending that promises or at least hints at a sequel. The Soviet-trained assassin code named October is now in private practice, but still signs his work by shooting the victim three times in the face. Michael Osbourne, CIA field agent, had an earlier encounter with him when he killed Michael's girlfriend. Now Michael is on his trail.I had read this novel several years ago and it seemed quite familiar for awhile before I realized it. By that time I couldn't put it down even tho [...]

    28. Taut with action The first book by Daniel Silva that does not feature Gabriel Allon. All action from start to finish. Intrigue, corruption, greed and the hunger for power, all in ample measure in this book featuring Michael Osbourne, a CIA operative, a desk 'case officer', thrust into the forefront by the downing of an American Airliner by a Stinger missile. Soon he is fighting for his life, and that of his wife, a successful Washington lawyer. In true Silva fashion, the lead character is downpl [...]

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