One thought on “Black Coffee, Spilt Milk”

  1. Hard to be 100% objective as I know the author.But I found this a funny and outrageous book, about a chaotic mother, an unsuitable suitor and a fed-up daughter. Which also manages to say a great deal about the world we're currently living in I have no idea why the publishers tried to market it as chick lit. If Helen's name was Henry, all the reviewers would have described as a hard-hitting work of stunning political insight

  2. In this book we meet Jackie, a Northern woman of dubious morals, blonde hair, a tendency to drink too much and flit from one unsuitable sexual partner to another. This is no time to get prissy about negative stereotypes because from first to last this book is hilarious, a top quality read from an author who packs punch into every single sentence.The prose has the same effect as a hard-core fairground ride: it picks you up, spins you around, leaving you breathless and a little hysterical. There a [...]

  3. This is a tale told from the different perspectives of the participants but I was not completely convinced by the narrative voices. The basis of the story is hopeful: the clash of cultures between Pakistani family life with increasing Islamic orthodoxy on one side and Jackie's somewhat reckless, booze-filled life. The author is also able to paint a range of characters with complexities which avoid the over-stereotyped obvious choices. However, I didn't really feel that I understood their individ [...]

  4. I suppose in some ways it is unfair of me to write a review since I stopped reading the book about 30 pages in. I just could not get into the characters. Plus the book is set in England with all the idioms and cultural references of that place, which, as an American, can be hard for me to access. And without liking the characters, I had no motivation to strive for access. So I stopped reading.

  5. I didn't enjoy the experience of reading this book at all. It was clunky and uncomfortable as though it never really got going. The most disappointing thing is that I really genuinely loved her first novel.

  6. Ah, glad to see this is getting turned into a film. I so got into the characters in this book I was able to blank out all the surrounding family noise. Fantastic Yorkshire feel to this book as with the other Helen Cross books I have read.

  7. This book was fab, well written and very funny. Two very lovable characters in two very different ways. I hope they made it together although knowing Jackie Jackson it probably all ended badly but what a great love story.

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