Paradise Kiss #5

Paradise Kiss Edici n espa ola Tomo de El fascinante mundo de la moda desde lo chic a lo bizarro Yukari Hayasaka es una adolescente un poco conflictuada cuyo objetivo en la vida es que sus padres est n orgullos

  • Title: Paradise Kiss #5
  • Author: Ai Yazawa
  • ISBN: 9789875621114
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Edici n espa ola Tomo 5 de 5.El fascinante mundo de la moda desde lo chic a lo bizarro Yukari Hayasaka es una adolescente un poco conflictuada cuyo objetivo en la vida es que sus padres est n orgullosas de ella hasta que un d a, George un atractivo y joven dise ador de ropas se cruza en su camino l es el l der del Paradise Kiss, un grupo compuesto por los estudiantEdici n espa ola Tomo 5 de 5.El fascinante mundo de la moda desde lo chic a lo bizarro Yukari Hayasaka es una adolescente un poco conflictuada cuyo objetivo en la vida es que sus padres est n orgullosas de ella hasta que un d a, George un atractivo y joven dise ador de ropas se cruza en su camino l es el l der del Paradise Kiss, un grupo compuesto por los estudiantes del Instituto de Arte Yazawa, e ir provocando que Yukari abra sus ojos al mundo real, con todo lo que eso trae aparejado Esta comedia rom ntica cuenta con un grafismo realmente exquisito, y est emparentada con lo que en Jap n se conoce como el estilo Elegant Gothic Lolita.

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    1. *REVIEW FOR ENTIRE SERIES* *QUITE SPOILER-Y*I first read this series in my teens. Now I'm 22. I still often get a craving to read manga. Particularly romance manga. There's something about it that makes it a romance genre in itself. I wasn't expecting to love this series the same way I loved it when I was young. I did love it. But my responses were not really the same.When I finished this book in my youth, I put it down with tears streaming down my face. I was so, so, incredibly upset that (view [...]

    2. PARADISE KISS n. 5Ecco lo sapevo. Ma perché??? Perchè???perchè??? Bello struggente ma no,non doveva finir così. No no no e no.uff Yazawa sei stata cattiva. Ho adorato ogni pagina, ogni riga, ogni immagine di questo manga e tu mi ripaghi così??? Si ti ho capita, ho capito cosa hai voluto trasmettermi, che Joji è Yukari e il loro amore ha cambiato la vita di entrambi pur non essendo destinati a stare insieme si sono amati fino alla fine. ma, ma ci sono rimasta male lo stesso. No. No. No. No. [...]

    3. "Toda persona exitosa estuvo solamente soñando alguna vez. No vas a lograr nada a menos que creas en tu talento."SI al final de esta historia. Me tuvo en ascuas hasta las últimas páginas y para mi gusto no pudo tener un mejor desenlace. Qué buen desarrollo de historias y personajes.Me quedé pensando en que (view spoiler)[la gran mayoría a pesar de finalmente ser felices en su relación están aún enamorados de otra persona (o con el recuerdo de un amor imposible) (hide spoiler)] y eso de [...]

    4. How intense was this series! I'm definitely a fan of Yazawa, all she does are masterpieces.I loved Parakiss, especially for being so clever and complex and subtle and fun at the same time, it was so so enjoyable to read!Even though the first volume didn't hook me completely, after the second one I was totally craving for more, despite not liking some of the characters. There's something in George that I ddn't like till the end, perhaps that he's so abusive and rude with Yukari, who's only a chil [...]

    5. Actual rating: 3.5 out of 5 starsWhat a heartbreaking end to this series. I remember all of this being crammed into the last episode of the anime adaptation, so it lost a lot of the dramatic punch this had. But the core of the drama still remains: the inevitable realizations that George and Yukari must go their separate ways. Last minute doubt creeps in as George feels aimless with having little success after the fashion show and Yukari attempts to try and get a back-up plan sorted out. But the [...]

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    7. I agree completely with other reviews I have read. This manga series was amazing and I have fallen head over hills in love the Ai Yazawa's amazing mangas! The ending was bittersweet. I'm stealing that word from another review, but it fits perfectly. We did get a Happily Ever After of sorts, but it's not typical and not what you would expect. The story is a coming of age and it's very rare that our first love is the one that stays. I'm happy that Caroline (for some reason I can only remember her [...]

    8. Realmente haber leído este manga ha sido una experiencia sumamente intensa. Creo que es la mejor obra de Ai Yazawa, porque es completa y redonda. Resuma de realismo y al mismo tiempo no deja de lado el idealismo de la adolescencia, los temores y el paso inevitable a la adultez. El dibujo es soberbio, con un estilo que camina entre los senderos del un estilo realista, figurín de moda y manga. Una joyita del comic en general y del manga en particular.

    9. I've reread these 5 books at least 10 times. I'm so in love with Ai Yazawa's world. I remember picking it up and being surprised at how different it was from the other manga I've read (lots of Clamp, Yu Watase). It felt like a real world, with plausible drama that didn't involve any magic or twists of fate. I've since gone on to read 'Quarter Moon', and her mega-series (21 books and counting) 'Nana'. I'm still in love.

    10. **Review is for the entire series**OMG I've got such a book hangover from finishing this series. The ending Aaaaaargh. It's beautiful, but a little heart breaking too. Or maybe a lot heart breaking. I'm a bit emotional right now.Paradise Kiss follows the story of Yukari as she approaches the end of her high school years and her final exams, when she is discovered by a group of local art college students, who instantly want her to model for them in their end-of-year show. Initially outraged by th [...]

    11. I started reading this series a long time ago and stopped after vol 1 due to the fact that I didn't particularly like any of the characters, and vol 1 seemed too much of the "ordinary girl gets a make over and suddenly becomes a super model" variety. I'm glad that in going through my old stuff I decided to give it another shot. I'm still not really a big fan of the first two volumes, but the beauty of this manga is really the story in its entirety -- the character development of the protagonist [...]

    12. I love Yazawa Ai in general and I loved Gokinjo Monogatari specifically, so when I heard there was a sequel, I was very excited. It just never really lived up to my excitement, though. It was good, and her art was awesome as always, but I just never really got into it that much. (The long wait between volumes probably didn't help there, either.)

    13. i know that their relationship was not right and she was with or without him not happy i didn't like George at all but with his complex life and his parents i can understand him. i always wonder how she fall in love with him so fast i liked Hiro character moreit was so so enjoyable to read

    14. see full review @ Katie's CornerI actually stayed up all night to finish this manga. Why I chose it? No idea, I was roaming on youtube some of my favourite videos and somehow the video about thi manga came up. I liked it, and because it was made as an anime I made a tick in my brain to watch it some other time. Howeve, after getting back from my friend’s place at about 1 a.m. and starting with absolutely different book to read, something clicked in my brain and I said, I want to read this one [...]

    15. My overall rating for Paradise Kiss from volume 1-4 is 5/5 for Vol. 5 is still 5/5, minus one. Why is that? I tell you. I read the manga many years ago and couldn't stop reading every book release. It just have everything! Romance, Drama and Comedy. So funny I get tears from laughing, sometimes too sad I can't stop my tears from falling. (view spoiler)[And the most terrible of all is how the series break my heart over and over. I cursed the Hero and Heroin for their decisions in the end. But on [...]

    16. Fact: Throughout these five volumes, I've been infatuated with George. Extremely weird, I know. But his character is so extremely complex and crafted so well, that I can't help but feel drawn into him in a way. Are there really men like him? I'll have to stay clear from them.Back on to the review. The only thing I'm disappointed about is how the ending was so predictable! From the moment George was introduced, I've been having little nagging thoughts about Hiro in the back of my mind. My suspici [...]

    17. I have to say, first off, I did NOT approve of the nudity and sex in this manga. I felt that the mangaka could have portrayed things differently without having to be so graphic. At the same time, I feel this story was very well-crafted. I loved how it had a very bittersweet ending, instead of being all rosy and perfect. As much as I did not like all of the sex and stuff in it, I have to admit that a lot of it was necessary to the story, helping you understand just how manipulating and everything [...]

    18. Paradise Kiss Volume 5Manga Rating: 5 stars out of 5.Story Line: 5 stars out of 5. I read the manga because I watched the anime. I wanted to see how close the anime came to the manga. This volume represented episode 12. This is the last volume. At the end you find out a lot more than you do in the show. I was actually happy who Yukari ended up with in the end. I loved this whole manga and I loved the anime. I can't wait to read more of Ai Yazawa's stuff. Characters: 5 stars out 5. I loved everyo [...]

    19. This is my first time reading something by the marvelous Ms. Yazawa and it will not be my last time. My only critique was the introduction of Kaori's characterI wish she had showed up perhaps atleast once before in one of the earlier volumes. Or the idea of George's future ambitions was mentioned before hand to make the plot less rushed in this volume. I didn't get to really appreciate Kaoris character as much as I would have liked too. (spoiler) I saw the ending coming and I didn't mind it. The [...]

    20. I liked the art, I liked the fashion and I liked the humour. Yukari was very likable and her struggle of finding herself was interesting to follow. I loved the ending even if it felt a bit rushed.My main problem was George and the fact that most people seem to find their relationship really romantic. I found their relationship to be really toxic; clingy and manipulative. And what about Arashi? A posessive young brat. UGHHH.I really do hope Ai Yazawa does not support these kind of relationships o [...]

    21. Loved this manga!Really strangely started mangar me.I wanted to watch the movie (though I had this in my to-read shelve for a while), then started watching the animeThen read the manga really fastThis is my problem.n't read anything too fast, it spoils the impressionBut whateverLoved it!I wish I could have the dresses George made!!! And the butterfly ring! (going to buy one as soon as possible, am crazy about butterfly patterns)Loved Yukari's personality, saw a lot of progress in her character t [...]

    22. WHAT THE HELL?(view spoiler)[ They didn't get Paradise Kiss running in the end?!?!?Then why the heck make them start up the brand in the first place?? I was expecting Yukari to marry George too! What the heck! They didn't end up together and neither did anyone who worked at Paradise Kiss. George probably married someone and Yukari is the only one that got a successful life! And why the heck did she marry Tokumuri? God, they should have a 6th book! The ending was horrible!(hide spoiler)]Well I de [...]

    23. *Review for the entire series*I have read this manga in two days because I feel it's original and unpredictable. It's the first by Ai Yazawa I read, and now I understand why a lot of people love her style. Her drawings are very emotional despite at times I don't like the style, and her story on this one wasn't the usual love triangle you see nowadays. The character had personality and seemed true, struggling with their decisions.Perhaps I was a bit surprised about the end, but it wouldn't be rea [...]

    24. It's the final volume! A lovely ending a little bittersweet but in reality exactly what you wanted (ok, what I wanted!) to happen for the characters. I won't spoil everything, but I am thrilled that Yukari ended up in a stable, non-abusive relationship in the end. I never got tired of this series, I didn't feel like things got strung out too long and it left me wanting just a bit more, which is perfect in a managa series! A great chouice for older teens or adults looking for less slapstick and v [...]

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