The Pheasants' Revolt: More Tales Of The Country

The Pheasants Revolt More Tales Of The Country By the end of their first year at Docklow Manor the Viners have adapted well to country life Now in the follow up to Tales of the Country the family try to develop some of their cottages as holiday

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  • Title: The Pheasants' Revolt: More Tales Of The Country
  • Author: Brian Viner
  • ISBN: 9781416527763
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • By the end of their first year at Docklow Manor the Viners have adapted well to country life Now, in the follow up to Tales of the Country , the family try to develop some of their cottages as holiday lets but not without encountering their fair share of disaster.

    One thought on “The Pheasants' Revolt: More Tales Of The Country”

    1. Well written and just as entertaining as the previous book 'Tales of the Country', continuing the predicaments that the author, his family and their long-suffering friends and neighbours in the area, get into and out of (sometimes, only barely).See my review also at:amazon/product-revie

    2. Entertaining and light read of middle class country living. I didn't realise it was the sequel to country life but still found it entertaining and easy to pick up.

    3. Ha ha ha! A brilliant book - real-life country story written with a wry, caustic and extremely funny sideways look at life outside the metropolis. Do read this if you need cheering up.

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