Mummy Said the F-word

Mummy Said the F word When Cait a chaotic single mother becomes the agony aunt for a glossy parenting magazine she thinks she might be the single worst person to do the job But the new job might just hold the magic key

  • Title: Mummy Said the F-word
  • Author: Fiona Gibson
  • ISBN: 9780340838
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Cait, a chaotic single mother, becomes the agony aunt for a glossy parenting magazine, she thinks she might be the single worst person to do the job But the new job might just hold the magic key to Cait s future, especially when a mysterious single dad starts emailing her.

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    1. New book alert! I just love them. This book was so predictable, but still enjoyable, so I kind of didn’t care. Such an easy quick read. Man leaves Women and three kids. Best Friend is editor of a children’s magazine and ropes women into writing for it on the “question and answer” page. She realizes it’s hard work, but finds fulfilment in her readers questions. She is friends with a single dad, whose kid is friends with one of her kids. One of the reader’s writes in and she responds p [...]

    2. Another fantastic read from Fiona Gibson, I enjoyed it from start to finish. And I love a book that leaves me smiling.

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was entertaining and funny. Just what I was looking for. Can't wait to start another Fiona Gibson book.

    4. In one sittingI developed a cold on Boxing Day and I spotted this book on and thought that it sounded worth reading plus my tourette's has been a nightmare recently so I thought why not.And I'm glad I did too. I've been up all night and it was was a brilliant read too. 😸😸😸

    5. Amusing I enjoyed reading this book. It is amusing and light hearted. Probably more suited to a younger age group than myself. (pensioner) I have read a few books by this author and enjoyed them all.

    6. Thank the lordIt's nice to know that you aren't the only oneIf you are looking for a read that makes you feel that as a parent you are (passingly) normal and gives you a good laugh along the way then this, is hands down, the book for you

    7. Loved it Absolutely loved this book it relates to every day life with children and partners. Made me laugh out loud as well as making me smile. Highly recommend this book.

    8. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!How I laughed and cried, a must-read for anybody who has or is considering men for children. Not necessarily in that order. Fantastic read. 😄

    9. A good easy read.Lovely characters. And lovely to keep coming back to. With two monsters of my own, its a great, few pages a night book.

    10. Couldnt put it down!Fantastic read, this book is a really light hearted and enjoyable. Would highly recommend to parents and none parents out there.

    11. Der Einstieg mit Caitlin, die gerade das Magazin liest, das von einer Freundin herausgegeben wird und dann Martin damit des Fremdgehens überführt war der Knaller - und ich habe mich auf mehr gefreut. Leider wird der Rest des Buches dann sehr langatmig. Bis zur Hälfte habe ich es gelesen, den Rest habe ich nur noch quergelesen um nichts zu verpassen und zu erfahren, wie das Buch ausgeht. Leider war die Handlung aller Personen für mich sehr vorhersehbar und nach dem anfängichen Aufhänger kam [...]

    12. Would say, 3,5 stars.A nicy, fluffy, easy reading following the pattern of marriage breaking up, mother struggling to stand on her feet again and bring up three children. A lot of potential boyfriends, almost ex - husband wanting to come back, a lot of luck on her way to find a nice and interesting job etc, etc.For somebody who just wants an easy read. Not for those who are not interested in a family life, with problems bringing up children, in their tantrums, bad humour.But anyway, Caitlin, the [...]

    13. Brilliantly written, made me laugh out loud, read in a couple of days. Her husband leaves her for a younger woman, they have 3 children and shes left with the chaos of looking after them, trying to deal with him having the children at weekends and suddenly becoming the wonderful daddy and her the horrible mummy who they blame for him leaving!! She gets a new job as an agony aunt which she thinks she isn't cut out for, but finds the answers to the letters come naturally, so doesa a brilliant job. [...]

    14. Loved This!! Another laugh out loud read from Fiona Gibson! It is a typical chit lit story, man has affair, leaves wife, wife is clumsy and adorable and eventually it all turns out ok. Yes. its predictable, and yes there are tonnes more books like this one, but that doesn't matter as it is so funny.I felt frustrated for the character, and shared her happiness as well.A great easy read.

    15. Fluffy, easy, exactly what I expected.My only niggle was towards the end, where the protagonist disses babywearing as "ridiculous".['Scuse me love, but babywearing saved my LIFE. So I'm glad the author saw fit to air her opinions on current babyraising trends, but some of us find it infintely more practical for us than giant wheeled contraptions, at least whilst our Small People really are small and could do without the jarring 'Well you're not a REAL Mummy' jibe:]

    16. This is a author who I have been reading for a while so when I came across this book I was really excited like previous books it has dealt with similar themes that didn't detract from the story and I felt sympathy for Caitlin with the struggles she was going though during the book and how she got the happy ending.

    17. I loved this book and really sympathised with Cait as she coped with her children and tried new relationships after her husband left. Funny in places and although the ending was predictable, until you got there you were never 100% sure it was going to finish the way you thought it was! Looking forward to reading some of Fiona Gibson's other books.

    18. A bit of a slow start and very predictable. But overall a good read, best quote: "I don't know about you, but it's been a huge relief to me to discover that the childcare police aren't about to storm into my house and wallop me with a truncheon for not feeding my children organic aubergine with a blueberry jus."

    19. Oh my god I just loved this book made me laugh and cry and it was so so very well written and witty and funny, especially the bits about her kids n their tantrums, so very true you can associate if you've kidsad the fish finger years, she wrote this too and it's amazing, brilliant I cannot rate this author or book any higherfab fab fab !!!

    20. Ehemann verlässt Frau und drei Kinder um mit der Geliebten (samt Kind) zu leben. Frau muss sich daraufhin was einfallen lassen, wie sie die Kinder bei Laune und das Konto im Plus behält. Beginnt eine Stelle als Kummerkastentante bei einer Elternzeitschrift, versucht sich an Dates und weint sich regelmäßig an der Schulter ihres besten Freundes aus. Wie wird das wohl alles enden?

    21. Martin kept calling his kid Lois when they went out for pizza. Her name's Lola, but none of the characters commented on the frequent mistake. Typos definitely pull you out of the illusion a bit. Needed a better editor.

    22. I don't usually read these kinds of books but felt like reading something that would make me laugh, and it did! As a mum myself I found her view of motherhood hilarious. Funny, down to eartha great readI couldn't put it down!

    23. Follows the usual marriage breakdown type scenario, but then it allows the character to redefine themselves with the different dynamics that of course aren't necessarily easy. Nice little book that reads easily

    24. Absolutely brilliantJust the right mix of humour, romance and parenting reality. I found myself laughing out loud and shedding a tear. Easy to read.

    25. Heerlijke vakantie-in de zon-aan het lectuur. Beetje voorspelbaar natuurlijk, maar wel heerlijk brainless. Heb paar keer echt luidop moeten lachen om de gevatte opmerkingen.

    26. A great read. I instantly fell in love with the characters. A great chick flick to curl up with on a rainy afternoon. Would definitely recommend.

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