Show Me a Story: Writing Your Own Picture Book

Show Me a Story Writing Your Own Picture Book Ready to build a picture book First you ll need the right tools Open this title in the Writer s Toolbox series and discover plenty of tips and tools to get you started Soon you ll be writing and show

  • Title: Show Me a Story: Writing Your Own Picture Book
  • Author: Nancy Loewen Christopher Lyles
  • ISBN: 9781404853416
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ready to build a picture book First, you ll need the right tools Open this title in the Writer s Toolbox series and discover plenty of tips and tools to get you started Soon you ll be writing and showing stories like a pro

    One thought on “Show Me a Story: Writing Your Own Picture Book”

    1. 'SHOW ME A STORY: Writing Your Own Picture Book' is not only an exceptional resource book for kids to learn how to write them but also for adults.This book follows a story inside it and breaks down the components of the story itself and what is what, and where and why.Written by Nancy Loewen, illustrated by Christopher Lyles.Published by Picture Window Books.#how-to #NF #PB #amwriting

    2. This is a clear and concise book on how to write picture books - perfect for kids (elementary school aged) and adults with short attention spans or little time.

    3. An introduction to writing picture books that does a good job of covering most of the writing basics. It uses the example picture book story of a goose who wants to fly in a different letter shape than a V to comment on and point out certain aspects of story telling like dialogue, creating a problem, how to build the climax, etc.This did a pretty good job going over all the basics necessary for writing a good picture book. It doesn't cover anything about illustration beyond the fact that the pic [...]

    4. This book was a good intro for children wanting to write their own picture book. Not earth-shattering, but gets the job done.

    5. This writing company, Picture Window Books is one of the best for teaching kids how to write different types of stories and poetry. They always include about 10 tools to focus on per type of story. They also write a story making use of the techniques they are talking about. The 15 tools this time: Beginning, characters,problem, setting, illustrations, take action to solve thier problem, have good dialogue, Middle, plot, turning point scenes, suspense, climax and of course, the ending!

    6. This is a fun, simple book about writing picture books, illustrated by a picture book within the book. I might not have gotten this book if I had realized it was for kids, but sometimes kid books are the best because they boil things down to their essentials and remove all unnecessary complications. To write a picture book, you need:- The beginning: introduce the main character, the problem that will move the story, and the setting. - Illustrations. Not everything in the pictures will be in the [...]

    7. "Show Me a Story" is a picture book with step-by-step notes on the side of each page that instruct readers on the qualities and characteristics of picture books. Nancy Loewen, with the help of illustrator Christopher Lyles, outlines 15 steps for writing a good picture book and uses the story "Webster's Wish" as examples to illustrate each step. She also includes writing tips: number one is to "read lots of picture books, then read them again, and again!"This is a good reference book for students [...]

    8. This was a really cute book-within-a-book that I read while babysitting. I was initially reading it for me, as part of my "books about writing books" kick. But when my charge saw what I was reading, he really wanted to read it too! After all, he sees geese flying overhead a lot and was interested in a book about geese flying in different letter formations. It was a really neat experience to read that story to him while reading the writing tips to myself.

    9. This book is a clever two-for-one: a picture book with its own story, plus fifteen tools of how to write a picture book. I like this concept and think this is a useful book for young writers (and adults who want to see concepts like character, dialogue, turning point demonstrated).

    10. A story within a story writing guide.Webster, a duck is tired of flying in a V formation. So what is the solution to his dilemma? The author, Nancy Loewen gives 15 tools for anyone interested in writing his own story on the opposite page of the story. Practical and interesting.

    11. A picture book that is 1) about a goose who doesn't want to be limited to V shaped flight patterns and 2) meant to show young authors all the essential aspects of a picture book story. Very simply constructed and clear. Will be interested to read this with students

    12. This book is wonderful to use in writer's workshop. It offers lots of "ways" to write a story. My students have benefited from me reading this and they have tried different kinds of crafts in their writings because I have read this book to them.

    13. Antara buku yang baik untuk penulisan buku bergambar kanak-kanak. Saya baca edisi terjemahan oleh ITBM. Recommended!

    14. Short, and simple and what you need for structure to get started writing a picture book. Would be easily done from the viewpoint of this book. Not so easy. Cute and to the point.

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