Il Gatto Sul G 3

Il Gatto Sul G Born into a famous musician family Riya specializes his study in violin at a prestigious music school with high hopes and a bright future ahead as a violinist But Riya has a secret one that he s ke

  • Title: Il Gatto Sul G 3
  • Author: Tooko Miyagi
  • ISBN: 9781569700624
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • Born into a famous musician family, Riya specializes his study in violin at a prestigious music school, with high hopes and a bright future ahead as a violinist But, Riya has a secret one that he s kept away from everybody When Atsushi uncovers Riya s secret, he now tries to protect him

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    1. Riya's blackouts are becoming more and more disturbing to him - having periods of time he can't account for, can't remember what he did. Where is he going, and what will he do when he gets there?As Atsushi waits for Riya's return, Saki comes over to see his cousin before he departs the country once more, but he isn't there, so he comes in to wait. Atsushi tells him that things have changed, since he messaged him, that Riya is back to "white" once more. And he also reveals that he is very much in [...]

    2. Review originally published at mangapdates in October, 2009.This one is gonna get fanfic loves or hates.Like anything that is controversial, this book is going to get those who can't stop marvelling at it, and those who despise it. I marvelled.What drama! What touching human interaction! What an intriguing story line!Each of the three volumes has at least one scene where I literally held my breath, as I slowly re-read the frames over and over. This is one of the best manga series I have ever rea [...]

    3. Aku selalu suka dgn kisah Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) sejak pertama kali baca novel non fiksi Billy Milligan si pemilik 24 kepribadian. 24 kepribadian dlm 1 tubuh = 24 org bergantian menguasai 1 tubuh. Tapi kurasa novel MPD berjudul Menyingkap Karen karya Richard Baer yg membuatku super merinding saking mengerikannya kisah masa lalu Karen sampai membuatnya punya 17 kepribadian. Kalo novel MPD mgkn kebanyakan sangat serius, tapi tema MPD yg ringan juga pernah diangkat di komik shoujo berj [...]

    4. In the final manga of the series, the storyline comes to a crescendo but not without a lot of dissidence first. Riya is teetering between his black and white personalities and between his sempei, Kousaka (white Riya) and Atsushi, the college student hired by Saki, one of Riya’s relatives (black Riya). White Riya is very submissive and eager to please and he is the one who is the violin protégée. Black Riya tried to end his violin career and is much more assertive and outspoken.While Atsushi [...]

    5. I like the realistic wrap-up this manga offers, but the fall to cliches at some points dim the shine. All in all, it's an enjoyable read.

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