Stealing West

Stealing West Leon Stroud is wanted for robbery and a murder he didn t commit On the run to California with his partner in crime Kenneth he spots the relentless bounty hunter Thomas Grady on the train The only

  • Title: Stealing West
  • Author: Jamie Craig
  • ISBN: 9781602723764
  • Page: 361
  • Format: ebook
  • Leon Stroud is wanted for robbery and a murder he didn t commit On the run to California with his partner in crime, Kenneth, he spots the relentless bounty hunter, Thomas Grady, on the train The only way to protect Kenneth is to create a distraction, and that s what Leon does when he flees the train at the top of the Sierra Nevada Mountains He forces Thomas to chase himLeon Stroud is wanted for robbery and a murder he didn t commit On the run to California with his partner in crime, Kenneth, he spots the relentless bounty hunter, Thomas Grady, on the train The only way to protect Kenneth is to create a distraction, and that s what Leon does when he flees the train at the top of the Sierra Nevada Mountains He forces Thomas to chase him, but nothing can prepare him for what it means to be caught.Thomas Grady always gets his man, and Leon Stroud is no exception to that rule But almost from the moment Thomas touches Leon, he wants the outlaw for something besides his bounty Driven by desire he doesn t understand, Thomas repeatedly claims Leon s body on the long journey from Soda Springs to San Francisco and Leon only begs for An even bigger threat, with a larger bounty, could be the very thing they need to drive them togetheror tear them apart.

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    1. Fuck, this book was the BEST kind of nasty! It had some seriously kinky sex, but all in the absolutely best possible way. This was really unlike anything I have read or thought I would enjoy reading. I have a new GR friend named Ann and I was stalking her favorites list and this one stood out and I decided to give it a try. Boy, am I glad I did! No hearts, no flowers and it is historical! *gasp* (Check out the long list of books on my historical shelf to see what a huge fan I am of the genre!) B [...]

    2. Can I get a Well wasn't that just a kinky, smutty good time?!? An outlaw on the runA bounty hunter.Throw in some horses, a saloon, a train.What do you get?Oh waitwrong gif. There, yes it was kind of like that. Or maybe even thisBut hey, that's okay too. I can't get down with some young Clint Eastwood. I guess this one is considered "historical".a historical western? I mean they did travel by horse. But it didn't really feel historical. And despite the short length and extra smutty good time the [...]

    3. Wow, what a sleeper hit. For some reason (maybe the cover or maybe because the first book, Stealing Northe is a ménage) I have skimmed past this book when looking for my next read for quite awhile. I finally stopped to really read the blurb and decided to give this story a go. I usually love Jamie Craig (Pepper Espinoza and Vivien Dean writing together – you can’t really go wrong) and I am glad I did. Although this is the second book in what I guess is just a two part series, it is a stand [...]

    4. 4.5 dirty, filthy stars!Jet was right. I loved it.My CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME review:Why do I think Jet picked Stealing West for me? That's easy. Because cowboys, duh! Also because of the dirty, filthy sexy times and she knew I would need the 'aww' factor and this one is so very 'aww' worthy. Of course, she knew the ending would get me reeeaall good too.Now, I love me some cowboys and I've been meaning to read this book since Jet first told me about ages ago but for some reason I just never got aro [...]

    5. This is exactly how you want your old school westerns to be, just a million times better because of the absolutely off the charts heat between Leon and Thomas, the two MC’s in Stealing West. This book has it all, good guys doing bad things and bad guys doing good things, the morality line is a little more skewed by the need to survive in the old west while being on the run from the law. This is actually a sequel to Stealing Northe, the story of Leon and his partner Kenneth and how Leon came to [...]

    6. So apparently I had nothing better to do today and somehow stumbled on this. Not gonna lie. I'd marked it as Want to Read a while ago, mostly for the cover and it turned out to be a nice surprise. Leon and Thomas meet cute or really Thomas is a bounty hunter and Leon is on the run. Leon gets caught. On the way to Sacramento and as a way to shut Leon's smart mouth Thomas does the only logical thing, which is f*#k Leon's mouth while he has him tied up. It works. It works on a couple of levels. Blo [...]

    7. 4.5 smoking starsThis review is being written by Justin's ghost. The mortal Justin spontaneously combusted while reading this book and is now just a pile of ash. The mortal Justin would want me to tell everyone to read this damn book! It's very well written, incineratingly hot and has just enough tender to make it all work. If you want to read a real review, read Ann's review.*Thanks for the rec, Peach! I wish I'd listened to you a loooong time ago.

    8. Didn't really connect with both of the MCs or the story unfortunately. Fine, it was smutty(not hot) and a lot kinky(that last scene especially had my jaw dropping). However, I found it very difficult to believe the emotional aspect of their story. As for the I love you's that were thrown around at the end? Made me roll my eyes

    9. I keep singing "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do" everytime I see this title.*shrugs and sings loudly*

    10. This book was SO good! I've never read this author before but I love the style and am going to be looking for them again asap. Fantastic characters, amazing sex scenes, terrific plot - a really fast paced fun read.

    11. WOW! This was sooo good. Is a sure re read. This was very sexy and oh soooo HOT. this 2 MC'S were so good I liked them both, very macho and manly Western figures in the time period of outlawed men. They fit well together.The writing was fluid, fast paced and kept me glued to the book and the story, could not put it down. Ruff and hard mother FKRS But with HEA and a bit D/s in the mix.Recommend it.

    12. It's been a while since I read a good M/M BDSM book, and the average ratings are too low on this one, so it's getting an unexpected 5 stars from me :) A truly pleasant surprise. I didn't read the others in the series and it works great as a stand alone. I could have read more of these two for certain, I loved the dynamics- they are a very sexy pair!

    13. This managed to be hot, deliciously rough, and yet a surprisingly adorable romance. I see it's the second in a series, but I don't want to read the first because I can't picture Leon with anyone else but Thomas.Loved how naturally the D/s relationship between them began, with the very practical need to tie a prisoner -- and then became so much more.Leon saying 'Sir' got me every time.

    14. Great book, just read in one night. Always trust these writers, instantly became my favorite book by them.Been three years since I read this time for another go

    15. 4.5 stars!!! Lots of sex and not super in-depth plot but the little plot there is makes the smoking hot sex even hotter ;)I would give this book a whole 5 stars if the plot were a little more intricate and complex. That is really this short books only fault. If you like some sexy cowboys and some light bdsm then this is the book for you! A hot,fast,and super fun read--highly recommended!!! I did not put my kindle down once I started it. The concept of a bounty hunter being the D. to his S. capti [...]

    16. I think the story is really good and sexy as well. I enjoy the story of one being taken captive, only later to discover that both the hunter and the target fall in love. I can feel the attraction between Thomas, the bounty hunter, and Leon, the target, all the way from the very beginning. The way Thomas uses Leon for his pleasure, when the young man is in his captive is VERY delicious (one of my favorite scene is the one when Thomas gives Leon a bath and a shave *wow*)!!! The BDSM part is done w [...]

    17. I love my reading challenges – especially when they help me whittle down my TBR list and I find a really unexpected surprise in something that has been sitting on my shelf for a while. I loved the D/s dynamic between these guys, but it had a little extra oomph because it started more on the dubious side of consent but wasn’t necessarily unwelcome. I wasn’t sure how this could end well – a wanted man with the bounty hunter trying to take him down. However it did (end well) and I really en [...]

    18. Great book. I loved the relationship between Leon and Thomas and how it developed and changed throughout the story. I wasn't ready for the book to end. I want to read more about them. I want to read more about this new relationship that they have formed. When will there be a Stealing East or Stealing South? Please?

    19. This is the bonus of having books recommended to you by someone else, as I had absolutely no preconceived ideas about this book and therefore was completely and pleasantly surprised when I started really enjoying it! This is as far away as you can get from contemporary mm fiction; you hit the ground running with this m/m western, the opening chapters landing you in a chase scene between our two protagonists; Leon, the outlaw, has an earthy, ‘take me as I am’ sensuality about him and Thomas i [...]

    20. So this was a huge straight out of no where surprise for me!! I expected this sexy little western with one of my favorite tropes - lawman and bad guy hook up. Personal catnip for me. It was that and a helluva lot more. Wow! Won't rehash the story as many others have done that but really hooked me was the deepening relationship between Thomas and Leon and how people find their connection and their sexual needs met on such a primal level. The movement into BDSM territory was smooth but did throw m [...]

    21. “Stealing West” is everything that I had wanted “Hot on His Trail” to be - an exciting adventure of the old west with the law hard on the heels of an outlaw. Oh, and some hot M/M sex! Leon and his partner Kenneth rob stagecoaches. At least until Leon broke his ankle and Kenneth fell in love with the young woman who took them in. But, after their last heist, they were falsely accused of murdering someone during the robbery. Thomas Grady doesn’t care. He’s a bounty hunter after the $50 [...]

    22. Stunning Turn of EventsI did not read the first in this series, indeed I did not even know it was the second until I bought it and then went back and saw it was a sequel. I glanced at the blurb for "Stealing Northe" and lowered my expectations for this one because the first was an M/M/F romance.After a rollicking first chapter, however, I changed my mind and saddled up for one of the best Old West MM festivals I have read. The great thing is that we learn everything about what happened in the fi [...]

    23. This was decent. It's a short read and only cost a few dollars. It was on a list of MM non-con books and I definitely don't feel it fits that category. There's some bondage and a bit of a D/s relationship but it's not really non-con.It's set back in the time of stage coach robbers and bounty hunters on horseback. I think that could have been a much more interesting twist than it actually was. Probably due in part to the rushed nature of the story, it just seemed like this was lacking somewhat.It [...]

    24. It took me a few pages to get into this book but that might have just been my mood - I'm not really into the historical books but I ended up really enjoying this one. One of the MC's was a thief so he had to overcome that stigma too, which I was able to get past. Overall, hot sex, sexy characters and an entertaining story.This is the 2nd book in the series - the first is a m/m/f which I am not into and I did not read it (I actually did not even know it existed until after I read this one); howev [...]

    25. I wanted to like this one I really did BUT I could almost smell the boys given the vivid writing style & that just made me gag & wrinkle my nose lack of personal hygiene in the era is the main issue I have with historical erotica some writers can make me forget the fact that your average pig was cleaner than people hundreds of years ago unfortunately, every time Jamie Craig described a HJ the morning after sex, I just went *gag* because there was no descriptions of convenient mount [...]

    26. in this book:-a really good beginning - a bit sad, a bit action. soon, our heroes meet when leon is bested by the bounty hunter. and then, sadly, the plot is as follows:-fucking -fucking-fucking-finally, a bath! -fucking-a fucking induced change of heart.-someone is shot-more fucking and a random fistinge end.

    27. This book totally wowed and shocked me! I had no idea at all about what to expect and man, am I glad I read it withouth having any preconcieved notions! Great story. Who'd a thunk old west gay cowboys with a bdsm theme would work? Not me! But it did!

    28. I liked this story a lot. It has very mild D/s with more of a 'just-for-fun' kind of feel as opposed to a Master/slave kind of thing.Really fun to read, so don't be put off by the BDSM labels if you don't usually go for that.

    29. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this story. A wanted man and a bounty hunter made for an interesting pairing and the D/s relationship worked well for me, especially since I learned to like both the characters. Good read.

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