Die drei ??? und die flüsternde Mumie

Die drei und die fl sternde Mumie Ein Buch das von den Fragezeichen und der fl sternde Mumie erz hlt

  • Title: Die drei ??? und die flüsternde Mumie
  • Author: Robert Arthur
  • ISBN: 9783440047965
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ein Buch das von den 3 Fragezeichen und der fl sternde Mumie erz hlt.

    One thought on “Die drei ??? und die flüsternde Mumie”

    1. Es tut mir ja fast schon weh, einen Robert Arthur Klassiker nur als "ok" zu bewerten. Aber ich mochte schon als Kind das Hörspiel nicht besonders. Überhaupt kann ich mit den Mumien/alten Ägypten Geschichten meistens weniger anfangen. Ich habe mich fast ein wenig durchs Buch gequält. Der Fall ist nicht wirklich spannend, die Auflösung mager und diese nicht ganz subtilen "Amerika ist schon besser als alle anderen Länder"-Seitenhiebe fand ich jetzt auch nie so cool.

    2. Another good Three Investigators mystery. While the stories do come across as a bit formulaic, they are usually interesting enough to still be entertaining.In this one, they have figure out why an ancient mummy keeps whispering. Not the best volume of the series I'm sure, but still a good read.I used to love these as a kid, and it's nice to see they hold up fairly well as an adult.

    3. Eine tolle Folge! Mysteriös und spannend von Anfang bis Ende. Auch nach dem xten Mal Hören noch toll. :)

    4. The third iteration in the series continues the tradition. It's still the perfect detective story for kids. Some motifs seem regurgitated from Stuttering Parrot, but ok.

    5. 2008 review - This has long been my favourite book and I can remember sitting in a chair in Glendeene and reading this in a handful of hours and it still holds up. The characters are well drawn, the mystery makes sense and there’s plenty of history to absorb. There isn’t really a downside, except that this does include a chapter not told from a TTI-lead POV and, as an adult reading it, that did grate slightly. But otherwise, this was very good, a sterling TTI adventure and more proof - if it [...]

    6. This one was a little more Scooby Doo than the first two, but still strong with pacing and tension. I like how the headquarters continues to evolve as they make upgrades and improvements.

    7. Karena mood bacanya menurun, digantikan oleh mood nonton yang meningkat, jadilah buku ini diselesaikan dalam waktu yang cukup lama. Nggak seperti "Misteri Nuri Gagap" yang kalau nggak salah selesai dalam 1-2 hari saja. Alasan lainnya kenapa bacanya jadi lama begini juga karena saya baca spoiler di salah satu review teman gutrits saya *yuk mari anpren aja*Kisahnya masih menarik seperti kisah nuri, meski saya lebih suka sama misteri nuri dibandingkan yang ini. Karakter Pete jadi terasa lebih kuat [...]

    8. Another exciting mystery! I should have read more of these as a child but somehow never read any other than the ones we had at home. This one sees the investigators looking into a 3000-year-old mummy (which came complete with a curse, of course) which whispers but only to the archaeologist who found him. Plus they have a second case on hand, a missing Abyssinian cat. I find the investigators almost always have rather interesting puzzles to solve. Though I wouldn’t rate this as the most interes [...]

    9. A thriller to the core, Robert Author sends us careening to the edge of our seats for the entire duration of the reading, as Jupiter and his buddies unravel a spectacular tale of deception and ancient history in this book. There is absolutely no time for dilly-dallying in this book as page after page of it leads us through a riveting session of uncontrolled curiosity. Why does a 3000 year old mummy decide to whisper to a claustrophobic professor? Why is an Abyssinian Cat's forepaw dyed black to [...]

    10. This was the most interesting case investigated by the 3 Investigators. A mummy in a living room all of a sudden starts talking or rather whispering. He only does it when the owner of the house is in the room. The mummy, as with all mummies, was discovered with a curse and soon one by one the people who had discovered the mummy dropped lyk flies. Now it seems the last survivor is going to bite the dust. Read the book to find out what really lies behind the mummy's whisperings

    11. واوخوب اممممممم خیلی خوب بودفک نمیکردم اینقدر خوب باشهالبته خوب معما هاش اونقدرم پیچیده نبودولی اتحاد سه نفره ی خوبی ساخته بود نویسنده :)البته نسبت به شرلوک هلمز که سه و نیم اینا میشه:))))

    12. The Three Investigators is a juvenile detective series published in the 60s, 70s, and 80s that spans about 43 books. They feature three teenage boys who mostly investigate paranormal type stuff that they debunk (somewhat like Scooby-Doo) or other abnormal crimes that the police do not handle. They report their cases to Alfred Hitchcock or a fake director depending on which versions you read. Their base of operations is hidden away in the depths of a junkyard and it has multiple hidden entrances. [...]

    13. In The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy, the third book in the series, our boys get involved in a very strange case.There's the whispering mummy, a missing cat, a boy from a different country, and danger!While not quite as dangerous as some of the stuff they get up to in later books, when Pete and Hamid, and later Jupe, are trapped in the mummy case you get real feelings of suspense and concern for the boys.Something I'm noticing as I'm rereading this series is that Pete actually is frequently ra [...]

    14. Enjoyed almost as much as when I was a youth and read it. I like how Jupiter and friends work together and to solve the mysteries. This book reminds me that 30+ years ago we were tolerant of other cultures and sought to be fair and just to everyone. And the new SJW movement is more about silencing voices they don't like than providing equal opportunity and allowing different cultures to express themselves.

    15. Rereading these from my youth,still great fun!Can be read in a couple of hours,a reminder of simpler times!

    16. Das ursprüngliche Zuhause dieser Rezension ist der WortWelten-Blog: wort-welten/Zusammenfassung:Als ein angesehener Professor an die drei Detektive aus Rocky Beach herantritt und ihnen eröffnet, dass die ägyptische Mumie eines gewissen Ra-Orkon zu ihm - und nur zu ihm - spricht, klingt das doch höchst ungewöhnlich für die drei Jungen. Aber Ungewöhnliches ist schließlich das täglich Brot von Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw und Bob Andrews - also nehmen sie den Auftrag an. Nur um alsbald festzul [...]

    17. Jupiter, Pete, and Bob (the Three Investigators) have their third case and this one is stranger than ever. An archaeologist in Hollywood has a mummy which he claims is whispering to him. He doesn't know what it's saying and is afraid of being thought crazy, but he's willing to let the boys help. They also meet a young Libyan boy who's come to bring the mummy Ra-Orkon home, but things get dangerous when Pete and the Libyan boy are inadvertently kidnapped. This book was perhaps a bit more exciting [...]

    18. I thought this book was great. I just love mystery books and this one really hit the spot. The boys (Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw, Bob Andrews) love getting into mysteries like me or any other kid and are always eager to help out. Although, the writing was a bit difficult for me usually because there would be so many details and/or information overwhelming me on just one section. A strength of the book is its plot and how it sets up for each event; a weakness of the book would be too much inform [...]

    19. AH&T3I Update: 3 read, 25 to go! This book is so exciting that it is hard to put it down! The main elements of the series including the characters, the secret headquarters, even the methods used most by the boys to solve the mysteries are now well established by this third book. Still, a new reader to the series will have NO problem understanding everything as quick, but thorough explanations (such as Alfred Hitchcock's introduction of the three boys) gives that new reader all the knowledge [...]

    20. Ένα ευχάριστο μυθιστόρημα που θα μπορούσε να κρατήσει συντροφιά ακόμη και σε μεγάλους! Ξεκινώντας την ανάγνωση διέκρινα όλα εκείνα τα στοιχεία που το κατατάσσουν στην κατηγορία της νεανικής λογοτεχνίας. Όσο όμως έφτανα στο τέλος της ιστορίας θαύμασα τους μικρούς ντετέκτ [...]

    21. When I was growing up, I counted the Three Investigators mysteries The Mystery of the Green Ghost and The Secret of Terror Castle among my favorite books. The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy isn't quite as gripping as those two, but is still worth reading. I heartily recommend The Three Investigators to intelligent, older children: the stories are engaging, and in every one an apparent supernatural phenomenon is found to have a rational explanation. The latter is a lesson from which Americans of [...]

    22. This has long been my favourite book and I can remember sitting in a chair in Glendeene and reading this in a handful of hours and it still holds up. The characters are well drawn, the mystery makes sense and there’s plenty of history to absorb. There isn’t really a downside, except that this does include a chapter not told from a TTI-lead POV and, as an adult reading it, that did grate slightly. But otherwise, this was very good, a sterling TTI adventure and more proof - if it were needed - [...]

    23. Trio Detektif kali ini menghadapi misteri mummi yang berbisik-bisik ga jelas karena memakai bahasa timur tengah kuno. Untuk kasus ini, udah ketebak banget dari awal siapa dalang misteri mummi berbisik. Tapi tetep lumayan seru lah membacanya walaupun untuk jaman sekarang sebagian alat mereka yang canggih di masanya, sekarang jadi terkesan sekuno mummi berbisik. Misalnya, walkie talkie. Di buku ini, gara-gara walkie talkie yang kurang canggih pelacakan jadi terhambat. Kekeke, jaman itu belum ada G [...]

    24. Bener-bener ketipu. awalnya sih aku kira bakalan ada kekuatan seperti supranatural gitu, tapi ternyata masih ada penjelasan ilmiahnya. Robert Arthur bener-bener freakly amazingra penyampaian ceritanya juga khas anak-anaka banget, sehingga aku yang masih anak-anak diumur 16 tahun ini bahkan bisa ngikutin alurnya dengan gampang. bukunya santai, kasusnya juga gak seberat kasus Sherlock atau Poirot tapi teteep aja buku ini menarik

    25. I am giving two stars only because I like the three main characters. It is more like 1.5. I hated most of the characters introduced in this book. Hamid and his stupid superstitious father (who is only mentioned in the story) are the worst. The ending is horrible: the main culprit isn't punished and gets to work for the UN. Maybe I should take a break with these books and get back to them later. Hamid was too much for me.

    26. my old time favorite book. i think this was the book that started my interest to read non-ilustrated books/comics. as for the story, it was briliant! this is the 1st of the 3 investigators, or trio detective as i knew it, novel of many that i've read. i've forgotten the others but as far as i know i like all of them. i like the logical methods used to solve the mistery and ofcourse the story itself.

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