Out on the Rim

Out on the Rim Charged with delivering five million dollars to a Philippine terrorist Booth Stallings enlists a team of assistants to help perform the important job but the group decides to steal the money instea

  • Title: Out on the Rim
  • Author: Ross Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780445406933
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charged with delivering five million dollars to a Philippine terrorist, Booth Stallings enlists a team of assistants to help perform the important job, but the group decides to steal the money, instead Reissue K.

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    1. Ross Thomas‘ inimitable thrillers were originally published between 1966 and 1994. (Ross died the following year.) More recently, most of his work has been brought out in new editions, each with an introduction by a prominent contemporary of his who wrote mysteries and thrillers, too. Introducing Out on the Rim, one of Thomas’ last novels, Donald E. Westlake comments “The dialogue zings, the story twists like a go-go dancer, and you often can’t tell the players even with the program.” [...]

    2. This book was so good I regretted finishing it. It's really a fun and funny read, with lots of twists and turns along the way. It seems that nobody ever tells the whole truth, which is to be expected since they're all basically con men and women. I really like the dry humor of Ross Thomas. It's pretty constant, both in the dialog and the descriptions. The characters all seem to understand each other even without saying anything specific, probably because they all think alike; they all want the m [...]

    3. Could Artie Wu and Quincy Durant get any better? I don’t think so. This one has so many double, triple crosses it sometimes required re-reading, but it was so worth it. I now have a crush on Booth Stallings and officially want to kick Georgia Blue into next week. The real genius of Thomas’ writing is the political intrigue becoming transparent without the cynical realism crushing all hope out of me. Plus, I love DuPont Circle.

    4. An ex-soldier is hired to bribe a guerrilla fighter whom he had fought beside during world war 2. Rather than pay the bribe he decides to form a team of con men and attempt to swindle the 5 million dollars for himself. The story has its share of mystery and twists that keeps your interest and the pages turning.

    5. A lighthearted con game, done with wit and style, set in the post-Marcos Philippines.The plot concerns the mission of five people to escort guerrilla Al Espiritu into exile in Hong Kong for a large sum of money: $5 million (yes, that was once a large sum). The money is funded by an unnamed consortium, which wants to prevent a coup of the new Aquino government.The five people intent on completing the mission are a terrorism expert, a fixer who calls himself a “house sitter for the stars,” two [...]

    6. ALL of Ross Thomas's books are so worth reading! He is a gem - reliable for great plots, characters and what an ear for dialogueI think a quote I read was along the lines that Elmore Leonard is the expert for street crime and Ross Thomas is the expert for white collar crimeI have managed to track down most of his books such a shame they are not still stocked or well known. I think his best are Briarpatch, Out on the Rim, Chinamans Chance, Mordida Man, The Porkchoppers. The earlier Perdillo and M [...]

    7. I can't believe this guy went out of print. Really, why? I've admittedly had a small sample size of just this book, but he's up there with some of my favorites already.As for this particular book, it reads as smoothly as a movie. It's entirely driven by the plot, but the plot is constantly entertaining, as Thomas incorporates humor and wit subtly. The backbone of the plot is pretty comical in and of itself: Everyone but the protagonist is essentially an antagonist; no one trusts anyone. And each [...]

    8. Classic Thomas that brings together of his stock characters including Overby, Wu, Durant and Georgia Blue. There are double-crosses, dry black wit, and a sort of soiled heroism. What strikes me is that a few decades back he was seen as the premiere story teller in America, yet now, very few people remember him. It says something about the nature of narrative, consumerism, and the ongoing grind of the market

    9. A complicated tale of a group of colorful grifters at work in the mid-80s Philippines. Cross, doublecross, and triplecross occur as each of the miscreants schemes to get his (or her) share of a $ 5 million bribe originally destined for a Communist guerilla on the island of Cebu. Think Elmore Leonard with a dash of Carl Hiaasen. The logic is a little hard to follow some times, but it's very entertaining.

    10. This series is what the guys from "Ocean's Eleven" would be if they weren't so glitzy and fun lovin'. Great fun, but still gritty and humorous, as far as con men goThese guys are really just looking to make a living.High stars for being a well-paced story with interesting characters. A shelf-worthy book (at least on my shelf!)

    11. Out on the rim by Ross Thomas is a strange mystery peopled by anti-heroes whose purpose is to swindle a consortium of businessmen who are supposedly offering money to get a terrorist out of the Philippines. Lots of naughty words. Not particularly engrossing. Plot winds endlessly with the variables constantly changing so I just kept "going with the flow." A little ho-hum.

    12. First foray into Ross Thomas territory and highly impressedBrilliant, witty, and cold blooded. Kind of reminds me of Elmore Leonard but on an international scale. Well drawn characters across the board.

    13. The second book in the Artie Wu series, this one ropes in a few more characters for an elaborately plotted long con set very thoroughly in the Philippines. Lovable (and loathable characters) with excellent names, vast sums of money and bullets abound. Read the whole trilogy already.

    14. Never read this author before, but took it on faith as he was recommended by Elmore Leonard, Robert Parker, and Donald Westlake. It was very fun, at least in the end. Great characters playing one-up con tricks on each other in SE Asia.

    15. I am so sleep deprived I should probably not try to write a review, but -- I liked this a lot, it was very funny, and Georgia was quite awesome. I think the Wu & Durant books are my favourites by Thomas.

    16. I LOVE it when I find a Ross Thomas I haven't read. One of the most literate writers to write thriller/mystery/political novels in the 70's and 80's, and still honored today as a true treasure.

    17. book about grifters, written in the 80s. Good, worth reading but not great. I am reading a much better grifter book now -Hot Plastic.

    18. It would be hard to pick a "Best" with Ross Thomas. It would be harder yet for me to pick a favorite, but if you said "Pick One. I can only read one." This would be the one I'd pick.

    19. All his books I read so far were winners - interesting characters, engaging story, and no pretense. Great suspense novels.

    20. Beautifully rendered con in an exotic locale with memorably drawn characters and snappy, witty dialogue. Highly entertaining and beautifully paced. And so I began to consume his entire oeuvre.

    21. I recently reread this. It's still as good as I remembered. There are lots of twists, schemes, and hidden agendas. The characterization is strong.

    22. A bit overly cute for my taste, similar to the related Chinaman's Chance in that respect. YMMV (many readers dig the Wu/Durant novels). The plot is mind-bendingly complex.

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