Joseph's Yard

Joseph s Yard A young boy learns that it can be a harmful thing to care too much about the one plant in his bleak yard

  • Title: Joseph's Yard
  • Author: Charles Keeping
  • ISBN: 9780531019009
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young boy learns that it can be a harmful thing to care too much about the one plant in his bleak yard.

    One thought on “Joseph's Yard ”

    1. Trying to read all 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up can be a frustrating experience. It doesn't sound like a hard challenge, does it? After all, these are children's books. Right?But what about books like Joseph's Yard? It's described as a classic 32-page children's picture book. Yet it was as difficult to find as if it were the Hope Diamond.Well, maybe not quite that difficult. After all, I did obtain a copy last week. Happily. From Paperback Swap. Thank you for sharing th [...]

    2. found this at friends of the library sale with my son when he was little. the illustrations are fantastic and it's a cool little story.

    3. I love the beautiful illustrations in this book. It is vary simplistic in concept but cam be taught for so many different things. It has vocabulary, imagery, morals

    4. I've always found Charles Keeping's art a challenge: his bold and powerful use of line and colour does not often sit easy with me as it glows and tears its way over the pages. Yet, undoubtedly, it is a style that stays with you long after encountering it and, I have found, the more I pour over it, the greater my appreciation for it grows. Possibly more associated with illustrating the works of others (such as Sutcliff & Garfield), Keeping's use of oil and water (lithography) is striking, som [...]

    5. The editor should have been sacked - if you can't find the printed word on the page then the parents lose interest let alone the kids battling with an overly busy page. My dyslexic friend would have not got past the first page. Otherwise, the tale of smothering and killing what we love with 'love' and 'jealousy' is reasonably well told. I'm sure that there are other books on the same theme that are better presented.

    6. The text is right over the illustrations, which in this case, makes the book difficult to read. If it were longer, it'd cause headaches. :( Some preachy stories are likeable. This one was not & some of the illustrations were creepy. I'd pick a different book to teach similar themes about love and caring for something/someone without smothering/stifling.

    7. I didn't like the illustrations at all!! Even though they were trying to put across the harshness of Joseph's yard, I found them too dark and too harsh. I really didn't care for the story either.An over all full on "Yuck!" for this one!!

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