Rain Gods

Rain Gods Includes a Bonus MP CD of James Lee Burke s Cimarron Rose When Hackberry Holland became sheriff of a tiny Texas town near the Mexican border he d hoped to leave certain things behind his checkered r

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  • Title: Rain Gods
  • Author: James Lee Burke Will Patton
  • ISBN: 9780743582438
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Includes a Bonus MP3 CD of James Lee Burke s Cimarron Rose When Hackberry Holland became sheriff of a tiny Texas town near the Mexican border, he d hoped to leave certain things behind his checkered reputation, his haunted dreams, and his obsessive memories of the good life with his late wife, Rie But the discovery of the bodies of nine illegal aliens, machine gunned toIncludes a Bonus MP3 CD of James Lee Burke s Cimarron Rose When Hackberry Holland became sheriff of a tiny Texas town near the Mexican border, he d hoped to leave certain things behind his checkered reputation, his haunted dreams, and his obsessive memories of the good life with his late wife, Rie But the discovery of the bodies of nine illegal aliens, machine gunned to death and buried in a shallow grave behind a church, soon makes it clear that he won t escape so easily.As Hack and Deputy Sheriff Pam Tibbs attempt to untangle the threads of this complex and grisly case, a damaged young Iraq veteran, Pete Flores, and his girlfriend, Vikki Gaddis, are running for their lives, hoping to outwit the bloodthirsty criminals who want to kill Pete for his involvement in the murders The only trouble is, Pete doesn t know who he s running from drunk and terrified, he fled the scene of the crime when the shooting began And there s a long list of people who want Pete and Vikki dead crime boss Hugo Cistranos, who hired Pete for the operation Nick Dolan, a strip club owner and small time gangster with revenge on his mind and a mysterious God fearing serial killer for hire known as Preacher Jack Collins, with enigmatic motives of his own.With the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and a host of cold blooded killers on Pete and Vikki s trail, it s up to Sheriff Holland to find them first and figure out who s behind the mass murder before anyone else ends up dead In this thrilling and intricate work, James Lee Burke has once again proven himself a master storyteller and a perceptive chronicler of the darkest corners of the human heart.

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    1. The first of this Hackberry Holland trilogy Lay Down My Sword and Shield was released in 1971, it then took James Lee Burke 38 years to pen this sequel and fuck me was it worth the wait, 38 years of wisdom and experience have gone into these characters and it shows.Not for me of course because I’m lucky enough to read all three books one after the other, the first lay Hackberry Holland’s soul open for all to see and you don’t see characters laid as bare as this very often. In the first sto [...]

    2. 4.5★"We decry violence all the time in this country, but look at our history. We were born in a violent revolution, and we've been in wars ever since. We're not a pacific people." James Lee BurkeFrom a review: "Fuck me. Burke is such a goddamn badass."If that language offends, you probably do not want to read these books. In this one Hackberry is an aging sheriff with a bad back, nursing sobriety, and he’s still a badass. Plus, our author is an equal opportunity writer and his women are als [...]

    3. Question to Self: "Self,how did you overlook Burke all of these years?" Answer: "I have no clue, but now that I found him, I want to read ALL of his books!" Great storyline & character development!

    4. I’m beset with the voices of Gods, literary and atavistic, screaming at me about why I should or should not care about Burke and his Rain Gods or Burke and anything else he ever wrote. I’m devoted to the guy, but at the same time my literary eye--my English teacher eye? What’s that worth?--sees right through him. Sees through his repeated characters and their repeated motifs. There’s always the recovered (recovering?) alcoholic, the endless descriptions of landscape and weather somehow t [...]

    5. Not surprisingly, James Lee Burke can tell a good story! If you like your violence with a literary twist, you ought to give him a try.I like Hackberry Holland (and this prong of the story arc). I thought the first book in this (relatively compact) sub-series was the weakest, which probably means I prefer the aging, more mature version of Hack. To be fair, JLB rolled out Hackberry Holland years before he hit his stride with his primary vehicle, Dave Robicheaux, so another way to look at it is tha [...]

    6. This is one of the best of Burke's books, and that's saying a tremendous amount. This man is the single best writer of "thriller" type novels, because they're so much more than that. His prose is elegant, and his plots all-consuming. I dare you to put one of his Dave Robicheaux (or any of his others) books down once you've started them. Unbelievably good.

    7. Decided to start on Burke with a recent one. This seems a summing up of lifetime of themes and disheartening portrait of America. Like a home grown Le Carré or Greene, Burke uses a page turning thriller to capture the tenor of the times so accurately and artfully it will hold up as a historical novel. And what an ugly face he gives America, a litany of the ills of this fading empire including human trafficking, drug mules, the scarcity of opportunities for emotional scarred veterans, Russian an [...]

    8. James Lee Burke is an author whose canvass is paper as he paints stories with words! While immense in the story one can visualize the settings and characters. James Lee Burke’s bad guys and gals are so bad that if you’re deeply engrossed in the book and someone knocks on your door or rings your doorbell or you hear the floor squeaking above your head, you’ll jump from fright. The law enforcement who chases the bad guys/gals is just as bad, and so is the staff─ they have to be to capture [...]

    9. A dark, wearisome and depressing novelCrime novels come in all sorts of varieties and flavors. At one extreme are the slapstick Evanovich Stephanie Plum books. At the other end come moody and brooding novels like those that James Lee Burke produces. I have read several of his books and I know that they are not fun-loving romps, but the morose nature of this book takes the cake. With the exception of two brief scenes Rain Gods: A Novel was relentless in its brooding tone. I found it wear [...]

    10. Loved this! Atmosphere, characters, the writing, and it also was so tense and suspenseful! I suspect there are minor plot holes lurking round but I was much too swayed by the rest to care :)

    11. James Lee Burke is a great writer, who delights in intellectual asides, precision pastel description, and discursive moral tirades that could rival a fundamentalist preacher, threaded through thriller novels that feature strong-willed, emotionally damaged (from military service and the loss of a wife), recovering addict (usually alcohol) lawmen facing off against a hard-bitten, intelligent, psychopaths who have little or no care for humanity. There is usually a sidekick, a loyal compadre of simi [...]

    12. This is the first book I've read by James Lee Burke and I loved it. Burke is unique among mystery/thriller writers in that he uses a lot of flowerly langauge and has his characters engage in a lot of philosophical reflection. I listened to the audio book which was read by Will Patton who did a fantastic job. Listening to the book was almost like watching a movie. The main character Hackberry Holland is an elderly sheriff in a remote Texas border town (think Tommy Lee Jones or Clint Eastwood). Ha [...]

    13. "Critics have nothing but praise for Burke's latest Hackberry Holland novel. An author with a deep regional feel for parts of the United States -- including Texas and Louisiana -- Burke aptly portrays ""a range war in Southwest Texas -- a pitched battle between gangs of displaced bad guys, fighting among themselves for the new territory against the outmatched locals"" (New York Times Book Review). He revisits themes of sin and redemption, but adds unusual layers of depth to his story with a keen [...]

    14. Many years have passed since the first Hackberry Holland novel. The young attorney is now a 70-year-old sheriff, following in his family's footsteps.And James Lee Burke is at his best here, painting vivid word pictures and creating memorable characters on both sides of the law.We know what series I will be devouring next month! Too bad McKay's had cut down on the Burke shelves.

    15. James Lee Burke is a mighty fine writer. His exposition is such that I feel like I'm there. His characters are complex and consistent. Always a good read and these Hackberry Holland stories are as good as any. A four book series.

    16. HARD PRINT - theleadmiamibeach/2009/082Let’s Get BiblicalJames Lee Burke Brings Down the Wrath of Rain GodsBy John Hood“It’s better that some people don’t live. They should be taken before their souls are forfeit. That means some of us have to help them in ways they don’t like, in ways that seem truly awful at the time.”That’s Preacher Jack Collins, talking to a low rent whore in a flea bag motel room on the wrong side of San Antonio’s dust-blown tracks. The whore clearly does no [...]

    17. Eine dicke Überraschung beim auspacken des -Pakets was für ein Klopper von einem Buch! Das es rund 670 Seiten sind wusste ich aber trotzdem Nun gut, das Cover mit der gottverlassenen Kirche und dem finstren Himmel gefällt und verbreitet eine grimmig-böse Grundstimmung. Es geht dann auch gleich los mit der rasanten Geschichte und der Grundstein allen Übels wird gelegt. In einem unwirtlichen texanischen Kaff nahe der mexikanischen Grenze werden hinter einem Gotteshaus neun blutjunge Asiatin [...]

    18. Auf Grund eines anonymen Hinweises macht Sheriff Hackberry Holland hinter einer alten Kirche in Chapala Crossing eine grausige Entdeckung. Neun asiatisch-stämmige Frauen wurden dort ermordet und vergraben, doch nicht alle waren schon tot, als sie begraben wurden. Die Frauen sollten augenscheinlich in der Nähe der mexikanischen Grenze als Prostituierte arbeiten, doch bei der Obduktion steht fest, nicht nur dafür wurden die Frauen benutzt, denn in ihren Körpern finden sich Ballons voller Droge [...]

    19. James Lee Burke is always trying to say something about the human condition. He presents a number of interesting characters in this outing-- all of them facing their own personal dilemmas.Hackberry Holland is related to the Billy Bob Holland from some of James Lee Burke's other series. He is a much older man, now serving as Sheriff of a County on the South Texas border. His relationship with his female deputy is complicated. Though she is much younger, she is clearly attracted to him and he cont [...]

    20. I think James Lee Burke is one of the best authors, of any genre, writing today. My only argument with this book is that it is so dark as to be downright depressing at times. The story opens when Sheriff Hackberry Holland, a Korean War veteran in his early 70s, discovers a burial site where nine young Thai women have recently been cut down by a Thompson machine gun, reminiscent of prohibition massacres. He was directed to the site by an anonymous phone call from an Iraq veteran suffering from PT [...]

    21. Rain Gods, by James Lee Burke, b-plus, narrated by Will Patton, produced by Simon and Schuster Audio, downloaded from audibleI didn’t like this book as well as I like his Dave Robicheau series. Of course, Will Patton works his usual magic with James Lee Burke novels. NO one but Will should narrate them, I say.Publisher’s note:When Hackberry Holland became sheriff of a tiny Texas town near the Mexican border, he'd hoped to leave certain things behind: his checkered reputation,his haunted drea [...]

    22. Burke, James Lee. RAIN GODS (2009). ****. Once again, the author demonstrates his ability to describe scenes, thoughts, and actions in the most poetic manner that you will be able to find from any author writing today. His language, even when describing mayhem and pure evil, sings from the page. The plot is convoluted and difficult to encapsulate, but starts off and is driven by the mass murder of a group of young Asian women and children behind an abandoned church in Southwestern Texas, near th [...]

    23. James Lee Burke is a brilliant writer. It doesn't matter what genre, the man can paint a picture with words so lush that he takes the reader to the center of his world. In RAIN GODS he leaves Dave Robicheaux in Louisiana and takes up with a Hack Holland, a Texas sheriff who has as much baggage as Dave ever had and then some. He's very much like Dave, but older and dustier.In this book there's a lot of disturbing things going on. Hack discovers a mass grave of women and girls. This sets off a who [...]

    24. Many people see West Texas as empty – just sun, stones, and scrub. But it is also home to one of man’s least convincing attempts at civilization. The 1930s gas stations and 1950s motels have succumbed to the blistering sun, the relentless wind. Long since humiliated, they just try to survive. It’s a perfect home to the misfits that populate Rain Gods, even the good guys have lasting damage that leaves them trying to survive. We’re deep into Burke country.I’ve only read Burke’s Dave R [...]

    25. I love every book James Lee Burke writes but this one was4 stars to me rather than 5 because I was going crazy waiting for Pete and Vikki to make it to safety or to get killed. You'll meet them both - the decent people who get mixed up in some really awful stuff due to a combination of youth and inability to recognize that some people are truly bad. Hackberry Holland is a somewhat typical hero in a James Lee Burke book. He is a good man who has done some bad things and they weigh mightily on his [...]

    26. After getting a mysterious phone call from a distraught witness, rural Texas sheriff Hackberry Holland makes a grisly discovery: the bodies of nine young Thai women who were murdered while being smuggled into the country as prostitutes and drug mules. In the aftermath of this slaughter, the witness and his girlfriend go on the run leading to a vicious conflict between cops, gangsters and cold blooded killers. This was a crackling story of greed, violence and the hope of redemption. Burke is the [...]

    27. When nine young Thai women are found murdered and buried (at least one while still alive!) just north of the Mexican border, the chase begins. Holland and Tabs use dogged, persistent police work in their attempt to bring justice to the Thai women. Rain Gods features three of Burke's strongest female characters. Pam Tabs is no cardboard, country hick deputy. She is a professional and a woman who loves Holland, but does not let that get in the way of doing the right thing. One hopes to learn more [...]

    28. Rain Gods • by James Lee Burke (Hackberry Holland Series, #2)The story concerns trafficking Asian girls all forced to swallow balloons of China White and brought across the border, destined for prostitution. Something went wrong and the nine girls are murdered, their shot up bodies buried at an abandoned church, near the border in Southwest Texas. When Sheriff Hackberry Holland unearths their remains it's evident modern day slavery, drug mules and human trafficking were all aspects of this mas [...]

    29. I read everything by James Lee Burke. In this book he is a painter rather than a writer. Watch for the descriptions of the landscapes and sunsets and how they become metaphors of the story. Also his character descriptions are surreal and immediate. I have not finished the book, I give it only 4 stars because I adore so many of his other books and I feel he is going over the same territory but not touching me as deeply as books like the "Confederate Mist". However it is a vast poetic and philosop [...]

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