The Black Act

The Black Act The history of a curse is fraught with bloody battles bitter hatred and dark secrets Through five generations ghosts of war haunt the Wise Women When the Rebellion of Glenna ends their curse sleep

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  • Title: The Black Act
  • Author: Louise Bohmer
  • ISBN: 9781897370162
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • The history of a curse is fraught with bloody battles, bitter hatred, and dark secrets Through five generations, ghosts of war haunt the Wise Women When the Rebellion of Glenna ends, their curse sleeps bound in the Tunnels of the Dead, waiting for its chance to re awaken the battle between the Wood People and Dalthwein Clans Claire, a distraught young Wise Woman born inThe history of a curse is fraught with bloody battles, bitter hatred, and dark secrets Through five generations, ghosts of war haunt the Wise Women When the Rebellion of Glenna ends, their curse sleeps bound in the Tunnels of the Dead, waiting for its chance to re awaken the battle between the Wood People and Dalthwein Clans Claire, a distraught young Wise Woman born in the sacred valley of the fae, unwittingly helps it escape imprisonment While her twin sister, Anna, receives psychic glimpses of ancient secrets she must unravel With her scribe teacher, Rosalind, she also struggles to uncover the reasons behind Claire s strange behavior, ever escalating since the death of their Guild Mother, Grianne The Age of the Wise Women will cease, if the curse does not end with Anna and Claire Perhaps inheriting the mistakes of their ancestors, and learning the truths of their identities, will bring great suffering for these witch twins First edition is now out of print

    One thought on “The Black Act”

    1. So 10 hours ago I picked this book up. I figured this would be a great leisurely fantasy read, you know, some fae, some evil, some good, nice long weekend reading. I got pulled away a few times to do Life Things (you know, eating, store runs, etc.), and came straight back to it. And yeah, I totally just finished it. 10. Hours.Which is to say that I think it was awesome. It's one of those books that gives the intensity and long-term involvement of a family epic, but does the unthinkable: it combi [...]

    2. The Black Act is a dark fantasy story set in a world filled with witches and fae. The vividly described world is plagued by a curse sprouting from a long-lived prejudice toward the fae by a single family who won’t give up their hatred even in death. The story begins with Anna and Claire, half-breed sisters who discover their family’s relationship to the curse as the story unfolds. It then follows various family members as the curse works it dark magic on them. The characters are well-drawn a [...]

    3. Fairies and other mythical creatures have been given the Disney treatment for too long. That's why I find it refreshing when an author takes those characters back to their roots. Bohmer's debut novel does just that, wound about a tale of two sister witches and their longstanding curse in a fantastical land. While it feels at times like an epic fantasy--albeit a dark one--the book is remarkably short. That suits me fine, though the shifting between characters so often became a little bit disorien [...]

    4. THE BLACK ACT is one of those rare books that transports the reader- mind and body- into a world like no other. Populated by a list of characters so unique and original, peppered with folklore and rivalry and a plot that is quite simply addicting-(one must read it to fully appreciate the many layers of storytelling)- by the time one finishes THE BLACK ACT- the reader wishes to turn back to page one and remain in the wonderous world created by the brilliant Louise Bohmer!!RickFounder- THE JAMES M [...]

    5. Where can I start with the story of The Black Act?Going to give this a go.A guild of wise women, witches, live in a village in the forest, and are at peace with the fae, an ancient race of woodfolk. The two races have always learned from and respected each other through various teachings and rituals. A long time ago, there was a man called Corrigan, who, when you cut down to it, is just abhorrently racist towards the fae and tries to initiate a war. Corrigan, having been refused teachings of mag [...]

    6. The Black Act is set in a richly detailed fantasy world and tells of the adventures of the fifth generation of Wise Women. The book centers on twin sisters, Claire and Anna. At the beginning of the book, Claire witnesses her Guild Mother's death while Anna is out. Before Anna discovers that Claire learned the truth from their Guild Mother before her passing, Claire runs off, seeking more information to go along with what she has learned. Anna tries to uncover the secrets from her own scribe teac [...]

    7. The Black Act is a story of animosity between two races that leads to a curse intended to destroy the Wood People. This is the story of the line of twins cursed and haunted who unwittingly serve as tools for those whose hate has murdered their reason. It's a story of lies and deception, of protection and innocence, and of human error and the kindness of others. Once I got into the meat of the story, I really enjoyed it. Louise did a wonderful job weaving a character driven tale. Despite being al [...]

    8. I had this book for a long time before I cracked it open. The idea of a fairy tale novel didn't appeal to me. Boy was I wrong!The Black Act is fantasy story that blends horror and magical realism as well as Reese's mix PB & chocolate. The characters are interesting and well portrayed. The overall landscape of the novel is--dare I say--epic.I CAN NOT wait to see more of Louise Bohmer.

    9. "The Black Act is a beautiful tale, beautifully written. Louise Bohmer places her pot squarely on the fire and begins cooking immediately. The aromas in her kitchen are familiar—a hint of J. R. R. Tolkien, a trace of George R. R. Martin, and a whiff of Ursula K. Le Guin—ah, but when you taste this delicious stew, you’ll find it’s a fresh recipe with plenty of meat and potatoes. There's a new Chef in town, and I’ll be the first in line for seconds!" — Michael Knostmichaelknost* * * * [...]

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