4: Fantastic Novels

Fantastic Novels Four fantastic books in one by the popular author of The Hoboken Chicken Emergency Borgel Yobgorgle The Worms of Kukumlima The Snarkout Boys the Baconburg Horror

  • Title: 4: Fantastic Novels
  • Author: Daniel Pinkwater Scott Simon
  • ISBN: 9780689834882
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four fantastic books in one by the popular author of The Hoboken Chicken Emergency Borgel Yobgorgle The Worms of Kukumlima The Snarkout Boys the Baconburg Horror

    One thought on “4: Fantastic Novels”

    1. This book is what inspired me to think of negative zero- lets just get that out of the way. Daniel Pinkwater is an incredible author with the ability to create ideas for stories that could never be thought of by anyone but himself. There are four novels in this rather large collection, however this project only requires the review for one novel. I have read three out of four (that I can remember) and my personal favorite is Borgel, the first. Borgel is a story about a boy who lives in an apartme [...]

    2. Borgel: B+Yobgorgle: Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario: BThe Worms Of Kukumlima: BThe Snarkout Boys & The Baconburg Horror: A+ (In addition to being a fine sequel to one of Mr. Pinkwater's most well-crafted books, it contains the best parody of Beat poetry I've ever seen.)

    3. "Borgel" has the power to change lives. Daniel Pinkwater may be a demi-god, though this remains controversial in the most sophisticated circles. He has the multi-directionalily of Brahma, yet his outreach seems oddly hampered by the main stream culture. As in, his books may have limited runs. Fans beg for reprints. You must seek him out. If you have not met Pinkwater, or Borgel, you owe it to your inner ten-year-old. Take a chance. Take a ride on the Pinkwater train. pinkwater/

    4. Along with the other collection, this book is a must own for teens, parents, teachers, librarians, and anyone who enjoys a good read (and laugh).I can't say enough about how wonderful and humorous Pinkwater's work is. I can say that his characters have provided me with friends and confidants throughout my own youth (and young adulthood).These are stand out books, and a great collection. BorgelYobgorgleThe Worms of KukumlimaThe Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror

    5. I first discovered Daniel M. Pinkwater when our sons were boys and now get to introduce him to our grandchildren. But first I had to read, or reread, these novels. If you have no kids or have but have never read Pinkwater's stories, I urge you to do so. He sees the world through a very different lens than most of us, heavily bent by popular culture and weird humor.

    6. The problem with this collection is that three of the stories use the same plot device- going off with some relative on some bizarre adventure. Be it time tourism, monster hunting, or worm hunting. Usually they meet someone along the way who shifts the focus of the adventure. They were okay stories. The Snarkout story was fun though, didn't use that device.

    7. These are young adult books that a friend just recommended to me. So far, lots of fun. I wasn't able to stick to these a little to fantasy for my mood. I liked how he wove in quantum physics, though. Only read one of the four.

    8. First and last books are classics. The second is maybe the weakest link, although still a lot of fun. It's hard to say which collection is better, this or 5 Novels. If you like Daniel Pinkwater, both are necessary.

    9. Borgle is one of the books my son and I have most enjoyed reading together. Ever. Sadly we got bogged down in book 3 and set it aside. Still, this is a fun generation-crossing collection.

    10. "This is a terrific read-aloud book for a classroom or nightime. Funny, silly and doesn't take itself too seriously -- also known as a great read aloud!"

    11. These four books are all hilariously ridiculous - of them my favorite is probably The Worms of Kukumlima, but it's a tough choice. Read them all.

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