The Rosetta Key

The Rosetta Key American adventurer Ethan Gage barely escaped with his life from murderous thieves survived a nerve racking sea voyage and the deadly Egyptian sands when attached to Napoleon s army and solved a fiv

  • Title: The Rosetta Key
  • Author: WilliamDietrich
  • ISBN: 9780061239564
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • American adventurer Ethan Gage barely escaped with his life from murderous thieves, survived a nerve racking sea voyage and the deadly Egyptian sands when attached to Napoleon s army, and solved a five thousand year old riddle with the help of a mysterious medallion.But that was child s playThe year is 1799 As Bonaparte s army descends upon Israel, intent upon conquestAmerican adventurer Ethan Gage barely escaped with his life from murderous thieves, survived a nerve racking sea voyage and the deadly Egyptian sands when attached to Napoleon s army, and solved a five thousand year old riddle with the help of a mysterious medallion.But that was child s playThe year is 1799 As Bonaparte s army descends upon Israel, intent upon conquest, Ethan Gage finds himself embroiled in an ancient mystery in the Holy Land, searching for a legendary Egyptian scroll imbued with awesome powers The courageous and resourceful Gage must keep the mysterious document from his enemy, Napoleon or, failing that, wrest it from him, even if it means pursuing his vengeful adversary back to France And the wisdom of his great mentor, Benjamin Franklin, will offer Gage no solace should Bonaparte succeed in unlocking the terrible secrets of the Book of Thoth for whoever masters its magic will rule the world Description from back cover of mass market paperback edition

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    1. Another exciting Ethan Gage adventure! Just a heads up: this is the second Ethan Gage saga, so there may be spoilers to Napoleon's Pyramids in this review.I'll admit: it took me a minute to warm up to these books. I thought that Ethan Gage was a bit pretentious and the story a little implausible in the first book, and had trouble getting past that. BUT once you decide to just sit back and enjoy the ride, these books are such fun! Yes, Ethan is still a bit pretentious, but I think that's at least [...]

    2. This is the second fast-paced rollicking historical adventure featuring Ethan Gage. A former student of Benjamin Franklin, Gage has survived the adventures recounted in Napoleon's Pyramids and has now engaged upon a search for a legendary Egyptian scroll, the Book of Thoth, in the Middle East. The action takes place among the backdrop of Napoleon's 1799 campaign along the coast of Palestine as he tries to emulate the success of Alexander the Great and make inroads to Asia. Ethan and his cohorts [...]

    3. This book has it all: Indiana Jones-type escapes, the Knights Templar, Petra, Napoleon all topped off with bad writing and plotting. If you absolutely love this genre, well, I'm sure you'll like the book.

    4. An Indian Jones type of story set in Egypt, Israel and France, late 19th century. Entertaining. Suspend disbelief before opening the book.

    5. This sequel to Napoleon's Pyramids is another action packed, fast paced adventure story. I enjoyed this second story of American adventurer, Ethan Gage, and his misadventures. The ending of the book leads the reader to believe that there will be further stories of Ethan. I look forward to the next one.Ethan Gage accompanied Napoleon Bonaparte to Egypt in Napoleon's Pyramids. Now Ethan is trying to find out if Astiza, the Egyptian woman he has come to love, survived a fall from a hot air balloon [...]

    6. An American gambler and adventure continues his adventures in the middle east as he continues his search for the ancient Book of Toth while being captured by Napoleon's forces and escaping, searching under the dome of the rick in Jerusalem defending Accra from the French attackers, finding and losing love and generally having a rough time.

    7. A vigorous tale that wraps Napoleon's African conquests, the Rosetta stone, and a former apprentice of Benjamin Franklin into a tale that mixes history and light science into an adventure that is somewhat reminiscent of an Indiana Jones movie.Ethan Gage, an adventurer with a taste for exotic women, races against the French in search of ancient mysteries which hold the fate of the world.

    8. Should only read this after reading Napoleon's Pyramids first. Continues on with historical events and facts bent a little out of shape, and the unbelievable escapades of Ethan Gage. Still, enjoyed it to the end.

    9. It was entertaining, but when I read stuff from a historical setting, I don't care for it to be farcical unless it a Vaudeville etc act. And the number of times the protagonists escapes from impossible to escape situations is eye-rolling. Still, the story was entertaining.

    10. There is a reason why we have escapism in literature (and in movies, TV, etc…). Sometimes it’s great to just sit back and have fun. And that is what Ethan Gage is all about. Pure, unadulterated, engaging fun. The Rosetta Key picks up right where Napoleon’s Pyramids left off. Gage and his lady love, Astiza, discovered secret chambers beneath the Great Pyramid, where the long-lost Book of Thoth – an ancient source of unlimited wisdom and power – once resided. Believing the Book was carri [...]

    11. In “Napoleon’s Pyramids,” American adventurer Ethan Gage learned that a secret book powerful enough to change world history had been spirited out of the Great Pyramid. In this sequel, set during Bonaparte’s 1799 invasion of the Holy Land, Gage is back, pressed into an agent’s role for the British as he searches for the mysterious Book of Thoth and word of the final fate of his lover Astiza and his rival, Count Alessandro Silano.Once again, a fascinating military episode of world histor [...]

    12. I picked this book up just by chance. I needed a new audio book to listen to and I have liked the adventure stories, aka Indian Jones series, so I thought I'd give this a try.Genre: Adventure (#2 in the Ethan Gage series - I didn't read #1)Blurb: (From ) Surviving murderous thieves, a nerve-racking sea voyage, and the deadly sands of Egypt with Napoleon's army, American adventurer Ethan Gage solved a five-thousand-year-old riddle with the help of a mysterious medallion. But the danger is only be [...]

    13. (view spoiler)[Ethan Gage est de retour, cette fois-ci, en Terre Sainte. Il est toujours à la recherche du mystérieux livre de Thot, mais également d’Astiza dont il a perdu la trace lors de son départ d’Égypte. Enquêtant pour le compte des Anglais, à Jérusalem, Ethan Gage est hébergé par un forgeron Jéricho et sa sœur Myriam. Bien sûr, comme on pouvait s’y attendre, Myriam et Ethan tombent amoureux l’un de l’autre. Mais pas avant d’avoir fouillé les souterrains de Jéru [...]

    14. Sadly, "The Rosetta Key" didn't hit the high bar. There are three requirements, in my opinion, that an exceptional adventure novel should possess. 1. A well-developed, affable protagonist who has unique identifiable personality traits and characteristics in which to draw the reader into his/her quest as a sojourning ally. 2. The action should be congruent and fluid, ever heightening without redundancy, propelling the reader enthusiastically along towards a climatic resolve. 3. Show me, don't tel [...]

    15. The Rosetta Key has the flavor of an Indiana Jones type movie. I didn't read book one of the series and perhaps I would have appreciated book 2 better had I read that first. Regardless, it was a good book but not a great book. Ethan Gage is the main character. He calls himself a savant. He is an adventurer in the late 1700s. He finds himself in Egypt and Israel in search of the book of Thoth as well as his lost love (from the previous book) Astiza. Although the book was an okay read, I probably [...]

    16. I loved this book. Great adventure woven from history, think Indiana Jones in the Napoleonic Wars! This latest book takes place almost entirely in Egypt in the year 1799 and Napoleon is in the midst of his invasion of Israel. Ethan Gage is our hero and is in and out of trouble so fast and often it is hard to keep up with his sometimes hilarious and always stunning escapes. Here we have a classical treasure hunt in the deserts of Egypt. The book is historically very accurate, and the treasure may [...]

    17. Set in the eastern Mediterranean of 1799, this is the story of gambler and adventurer Ethan Gage. At the end of the previous book, he found himself on a British ship heading for the Holy Land. He agrees to help the British slow down, or stop, Napoleon Bonaparte’s coming invasion (the British don’t give him a choice). In the meantime, he continues to look for the Book of Thoth, an ancient scroll of great power that Moses supposedly stole from Egypt, and brought to Jerusalem.Gage is an America [...]

    18. This is a sequel to "Napoleon's Pyramids" which should be read before "The Rosetta Key". Both books are historical fiction and provide an exciting romp through history. The books are full of factual historical data that is interfaced with comedy, romance, and action.Ethan Gage is a displaced American in France during the time of Napoleon. He is an adventurer with a flair for life. He is constantly getting into trouble and by some means always finds his way out. He must change his allegience from [...]

    19. One of the best examples of why Mary Sue characters are intolerable. One of the worst examples of enjoyable adventure reading.

    20. This is a sequel to Napoleon's Pyramids (which I think is coming out as a movie in the next few months). I never read the first one - big mistake. Granted the author keeps referring to what had happened to these characters earlier - so I was caught up.This is a Da Vinci Code type book - people are searching for an artifact all around the world. This artifact will change the world. With all of that, and the battle scenes and the romances, it was not all that interesting. They're searching for the [...]

    21. I really, really tried to read this book. Pegged as an "Indiana Jones-like adventure," I really wanted to like it. The title sounds great! Unfortunately, I did not realize when I got it from the library that it was book 2 in a series. Yet unlike other serial books, this book does not adequately sum up what happens before so readers can be up to date on the present storyline. I read "Hand of Isis" which is actually the second book of that author, which relates back to her previous, "Black Ships." [...]

    22. A fun read, in the manner of the Da Vinci Code and the multiple other historical thrillers that have become so popular. This one is a bit different in that it takes place in the 17th century instead of the present day, and features an American adventurer who runs all over the Middle East and Europe. He escapes from all manner of danger and battles in inplausible fashion. And for some reason, those in power love him in spite of his many changes of side. He also falls in love with and has fall in [...]

    23. Well, it's not bad. But got a bit samey as it went on. You know how it goes - man loses woman, man finds woman, man rescues woman. Man survives a massacre, man gets captured again and switches sides. Senn and heard it all before. This book is the second of a series concerning the American adventurer Ethan Gage.The actual prize - the so-called Book of Thoth - doesn't actually do anything to or for anybody. I suspect if this book relied on this alone then it wouldn't work. There's plenty of action [...]

    24. If Napoleon’s Pyramids evoked Indiana Jones (and it did), what could be more natural than a sequel? Or two? American expatriate Ethan Gage, former assistant to Benjamin Franklin, having survived all manner of peril, now finds himself on a quest for the Book of Thoth, the key to, oh, immortality, bending the will of others to your own, alchemy, and a good deal more. Naturally, bad people want the book as much as he, and are willing to kill to get it.The action is nonstop–poisoning, attacks by [...]

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