Try Fear

Try Fear For Ty Buchanan defending a suspected drunk driver named Carl Richess seems routine enough But when his client ends up dead an apparent suicide there s nothing routine about it Because the cops sus

  • Title: Try Fear
  • Author: James Scott Bell
  • ISBN: 9781599956862
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For Ty Buchanan, defending a suspected drunk driver named Carl Richess seems routine enough But when his client ends up dead, an apparent suicide, there s nothing routine about it Because the cops suspect it s murder, and arrest Eric Richess, Carl s brother, for the crime Now Ty, at the desperate urging of Eric s mother, agrees to defend him But it won t be easy BecauFor Ty Buchanan, defending a suspected drunk driver named Carl Richess seems routine enough But when his client ends up dead, an apparent suicide, there s nothing routine about it Because the cops suspect it s murder, and arrest Eric Richess, Carl s brother, for the crime Now Ty, at the desperate urging of Eric s mother, agrees to defend him But it won t be easy Because there s DNA on the gun that matches Eric s, and a history of conflict between the brothers.Then Ty, assisted by Sister Mary Veritas, begins to uncover tentacles of corruption that reach into the citadels of city power But he s being watched Because somewhere in the dark labyrinth of LA is someone who will do anything to keep from being found out, someone who believes that when warnings don t work, try fear.

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    1. Title: Try FearAuthor: James Scott BellPages: 292Year: 2009Publisher: Center StreetMy rating is 5 out of 5 stars.Ty Buchanan makes his return appearance in this third and final book of the series. He takes the case representing a man charged with DUI. The case looks unwinnable, but from out of nowhere Ty wins the case and gets his client freed. Then, his client is found dead and the brother is arrested for the murder. There is no way Ty can let this go. He is going to find the killer no matter w [...]

    2. Very funny self-talk. I love first-person characters and this L.A. attorney doesn't disappoint. I thought the ending came up almost too-quick and resolved without enough pushback from the "big bad" the author took the time to tee up. Sorry that this is the end of the series, will need to go back to see how it all began! Thanks.

    3. This is an interview I had with novelist James Scott Bell regarding this novel, his writing, and other books he has written, including books on writing. The interview was posted on February 1, 2010:We’re privileged to kick off our first author interview here with well-known novelist James Scott Bell. He is a man of many talents—novelist, screenwriter, actor, attorney, teacher and basketball star. Well, that last talent may be a bit overstated, but Jim is truly gifted. He continues to encoura [...]

    4. Bell is a good writer, but this is a disappointment. In fact I dumped it. After the attorney, Ty Buchanan wins an unbelievable acquittal for a drunk driver, the book wanders through Hollywood making comments about places and weird characters. It is as if Bell is trying to copy Michael Connely's successful formula--but without success.

    5. You gotta readThis series is great crime/law/action fiction, and what is the best for me and anyone like me, the author does not have any of his characters cuss at me or otherwise offend my standards for myself

    6. Great read Easy to read. Hard to put down. I enjoyed the characters immensely and would love to have the series to continue.

    7. I picked this up because of the setting. My son lives in the locale of the novel, Hollywood. I liked this because of the trial scenes - I thought it realistic. I liked it because of the street scenes - accurate. (I just came back from there.) I liked it because it was suspenseful and surprising. I liked the ending. But, having just finished the 1st book in this serial account of the adventures of Ty Buchanan, I like it less. I'm beginning to recognize Ty as a truly fictional character - a daring [...]

    8. There's always an element of risk when creating a series character as James Scott Bell has done in the Ty Buchanan books. If readers enjoy your hero they'll want him to come back for more. But modern fiction lovers also like protagonists who change and develop, even age, over time. The risk comes in finding balance. Grow your character too much and readers won't recognize him. Keep him the same and your main guy could become stagnant.James Scott Bell has found that equilibrium in his third Ty Bu [...]

    9. Who doesn't love a good whodunit?In James Scott Bell's newest novel, "Try Fear" (Book three of the Ty Buchanan Series); the story begins with a visit to Santa and ends with the smooth jazz of Eric Marienthal. James Scott Bell is to Legal Suspense as Raymond Chandler is to Private Eye dramas.You had better hold on to your hat though, this novel reads like a movie and you will find yourself waiting for a commercial break along the way, a fast paced legal thriller with memorable quick-wit dialogue [...]

    10. A few months ago, I published a rather glowing review of Try Darkness by James Scott Bell. I categorized the book as "outstanding," and discussed my eagerness to read either the next or previous book in the series. Try Darkness, I didn't realize until I'd started, is the middle book in a trilogy, with Try Dying and Try Fear being the other two. I learned that attorney Ty Buchanan lost the love of his life and was subsequently charged with murder. He cleared his name but ended up a changed man, s [...]

    11. I thought at first that I would enjoy this quick-paced fast read, however, halfway through I realized I had no emotional connection to the protagonist or any of the characters. In fact, I only had feelings for one, that Kimberly Pincus woman. What a skank. My opinion of Ty went down as he bothered to interact with her. As it turns out, she is merely a red herring, unnecessary to the plot. (Sorry for the minor spoiler, guys.)I hadn't read any of the other Ty Buchanan books and didn't realize this [...]

    12. Try Fear is about a series character in the Ty Buchanan books they are what James Scott Bell created. When readers enjoy your hero they want him to return. Fiction lovers like protagonists who change, develop and age, over time. The Try books are narrated in first person and evolve in Ty’s perspective. They are crime classics, with modern settings and scenarios. Ty with his heels up on his desk, puffs on a cigar, sips strong coffee and tells the story in his irony style. There’s tenacity and [...]

    13. I had started reading this a couple months ago and then put it aside about halfway through and read some other books.I like books with continuing characters this is the third in this series. I thought this had possibility but it was actually was kind of blah. Hence my ability to put it aside for a while (I never do that) but I was interested enough to pick it back up and finish it.There are a few plots in this story, a main one being the murder of client Ty had defended on the DUI charge. Just [...]

    14. Three book series reviewJames Scott Bell is an amazing author. I read all of his stand-alone novels several years ago, enjoyed them and, when no more were available, I reluctantly moved on to other authors. Now I've rediscovered him in the form of the Ty Buchanan series and he's better than ever! The three books have a common thread that binds them but they could certainly be read independently. The characters are very well developed and I was surprised to find that I didn't need to refer to "x- [...]

    15. I love books by James Scott Bell, this book was good. The plot was interesting, I did not figure it out before hand - which is a good thing. The book is about a lawyer, who as left a successful practice to help thos truly in need. He ends up defending a man charged with murder. He believes he is innocent and when he tries to clear the mans name he runs across corruption in the city goverment and a friend of his ends up hurt. The ending will suprise you. While I did like this book, he has several [...]

    16. This is an excellent book, a great third edition to what I hope will be a still-longer series; I'm certainly not willing to say goodbye to Ty and his investigator let alone Pick McNitt and Father Bob just yet. In this work, Bell manages to give us everything we're looking for and have come to expect from the beloved, familiar characters plus a whole host of fascinating, unpredictable new faces. Add to that a new mystery to solve and sprinkle it throughout with great quotations of ancient wisdom, [...]

    17. I wasn't going to read the third installment of the Ty Buchanon trilogy because number 2 was excessively preachy. But I did read it and must say I enjoyed it. I don't know if J S Bell lightened up on his right-wing hammering or if I just got used to it. I enjoyed this fast paced, funny story and the distinctive, engaging characters and felt satisfied by the ending.

    18. This series was definitely full of mystery, and it sure left me hanging. Not sure if the author intended to have the main character find the Lord or what, but it left me feeling like it was unfinished somehow. Still, I really enjoyed the series of books. Thanks to James Scott Bell for some great reads!

    19. this series! Ty Buchannan is an enigmatic protagonist along with Sister Mary. He is a lawyer for the lowly - and gets into the rough grit of LA. Very thrilling suspense! Great plot, endearing, developed characters, captivating imagery - super!

    20. Try Fear is a warm and as action packed bookI loved the book. It is filled with heartfelt moments and court room drama. The action presented in this book is a plus. I would like to see another book about Ty Buchanan hope you change your mind and continue the series.

    21. The Best of the TrilogyWhile I have again struggled with keeping up with all his characters, by far, this the final of James Scott Bell's three is my favorite. Ty deserved Mary! Real characters and lots of action-- a man's romance.

    22. Great trilogy!Great characters, story line and pace. The 3 books should be read in order as it is one long story.

    23. Not quite as good as the first two in this series but still very good. A man is accused of DUI and then is killed--and his brother is accused of the murder.

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