Island of the Aunts

Island of the Aunts Aunt Etta Aunt Coral and Aunt Myrtle need help caring for the mermaids selkies and other creatures who live on their hidden island and they know that adults can t be trusted What the kindly old au

  • Title: Island of the Aunts
  • Author: Eva Ibbotson
  • ISBN: 0439334772
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aunt Etta, Aunt Coral, and Aunt Myrtle need help caring for the mermaids, selkies, and other creatures who live on their hidden island and they know that adults can t be trusted What the kindly old aunts need are a few sensible and sturdy children who can keep a secret And while kidnapping is generally not a good idea, sometimes it just has to be done After all, someAunt Etta, Aunt Coral, and Aunt Myrtle need help caring for the mermaids, selkies, and other creatures who live on their hidden island and they know that adults can t be trusted What the kindly old aunts need are a few sensible and sturdy children who can keep a secret And while kidnapping is generally not a good idea, sometimes it just has to be done After all, some kids just plain need to be kidnapped When the newly kidnapped assistant caretakers, Minette and Fabio, arrive on the island, all kinds of amazing and wondrous things start happening.

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    1. I'm still not entirely sure what I thought of this book part of me really liked it, and part of me didn't. I suppose if half stars were allowed, I’d award this 3 and a half, but since there aren’t, I’ll err on the plus side.First of all, I very much enjoyed Ibboston's style of writing. She definitely has a flare for words and a wonderful way with unique descriptions. She's also able to give one a feeling of a character in just a few phrases, something it seems few authors are able to do. I [...]

    2. Having read and loved Ibbotson's The Great Ghost Rescue, I had high hopes for my journey to the Island of the Aunts. And I must now consider myself an Ibbotson fan! I love her style. For me, it is the closet thing to JK Rowling's that I've found in terms of characterization and humor and blending magic with "the real world" but Ibbotson also has her own flare and it just makes me smile to read her work.That said, I must say I was a little disappointed with "Island of the Aunts" Maybe my expectat [...]

    3. I just finished reading this book to my son, who is nine, and he expressed curiosity about whether there was a sequel, which surprised me. He never complained while I read it, which surprised me first, because Island of the Aunts is not like the books he reads on his own and I myself had some mixed feelings about the story.An appreciation of Eva Ibbotson in the Horn Book a year or two ago convinced me to pick this up. Like other reviewers here, I loved the author's writing style, which was lyric [...]

    4. Once again I find myself in a "startlingly small" minority about a book. I find myself wondering if it's something generational here? Now, my children are all grown, but given the opportunity, I'd probably not have read this one to them (but to quote one of the Aunts in the book "you know how men are." Really? What would be the reaction if I said "you know how women are"? That's a phrase we don't use anymore because it's deemed to be demeaning. Apparently "men" can't be demeaned. To be fair, the [...]

    5. I got this book at mom's house when she was letting us pick 5 books out. This is a real story - meaning not fantasy, but it actually has some things that wouldn't be classified as "real". It has mermaids that have been in an oil spill and selkie seals that when you look in their eyes you can see a human spirit. There is also the have to read the book to find out why this Kraken is so beautifully created by the author. Taking place from England, there are 3 aunts (they have a nephew &a [...]

    6. Island Of The Aunts is Eva Ibbotson's magical, sea-side fantasy with an environmental message. Three oddball aunts; Etta, Coral and Myrtle live on a secret island.ring for a wide variety of animals ranging from ordinary chickens to mystical creatures like selkies, boobries and even a family of abandoned, oil-slick mermaids. But managing the ever-increasing menagerie is a full-time job and the aunts aren’t getting any younger. So the best option seems to be to kidnap some children and bring the [...]

    7. Eva Ibbotson will teach you how to be a better person. If this book doesn't make you want to run away to a magical island to tend to the natural world (baby krakens and baby ducks alike) and live in harmony with the universe then you probably don't have a soul.

    8. Sisters Etta, Cora, and Myrtle are getting older and they know that they're going to need some help taking care of the creatures that reside on their island. What they need are a couple of strong, open-minded children. Children nobody seems to want. Children who will grow up on the island and learn to love and care for the creatures that come there for help. There doesn't seem to be any other way to get such children except to kidnap them. So that's what the sisters decide to do.When Minette and [...]

    9. I am wavering between 3 and 4 stars. I really like Eva Ibbotson's writing, so I would like to give it 4 stars. But I just wasn't that excited about the book. I think the thing that bothered me most was that the aunts kidnapped children. Sure, I know why they did it. But I still didn't like it. And I didn't feel particularly tied to any of the characters, which is disappointing. The aunts were the best-developed characters, but they were also kidnappers, so I couldn't get too emotionally attached [...]

    10. Short, sweet, cute. Not the best writing, but it doesn't need to be. I just needed to redip my toe back into my little childhood memories, that's all.

    11. Island Of The Aunts is truly one of the cookiest, funniest and craziest books I've ever read. The book itself takes place on an Island where Minette and Fabio are sent to live with their three aunts, who are also caretakers of the island. As the book goes on, you learn more and more about the island, and will keep you reading until you've finished. Suspense is everywhere as Fabio and Minette learn about the Kracken, and how a rich man wants to come and build on the island. I would definitely rec [...]

    12. Last year we had to read Journey to the River Sea for English class, and it was so good.From then on I started reading a lot of Eva Ibbotson, who has become one of my favorite authors. This book is similar to Journey to the River Sea (what's with the M-word female names and F-word male names?), in which the protagonists were lovers of nature. One of the reasons I find this book amazing is that Ibbotson described the magical creatures in detail so fine that I could actually picture these non-exis [...]

    13. Island of the Aunts is the second book I read from Eva Ibbotson. Which makes me pity myself for discovering the author this late. The book didn’t fail my expectations, for Ibbotson makes bizarre things out of common, of creating wonderful and unforgettable characters without being far-fetched from reality.The book tells the story of the three aging sisters who live in a remote island somewhere in Greenland. Along with their father who decided to stay in the island and started everything, the t [...]

    14. Posle knjige 'Sedam veštica, jedna venčanica', baš su me neprijatno iznenadile knjige 'Obdanište za čudovištanca' i 'Pas i njegov dečak', mada znam da se deci sviđaju pa pretpostavljam da je problem u meni: kidnapovanje mi nikako ne može biti duhovito i teško mi je da svarim roditeljske karikature čiji je strašni greh to što su bogati, a čim su bogati podrazumeva se i da zanemaruju decu, pa ih treba pod hitno ukloniti deci s puta da bi ona mogla da dožive predviđene avanture. A s [...]

    15. In this outing of Ibbotsen's, it's the adults who are the most spoiled and badly behaved. I'm unsure about the connection between this and Ibbotsen's Platform 13, but the creatures and characters are just as vibrant - and the kraken is the most enchanting figure I've read about since Aslan. The Island in 13 is in a different realm. This island seems to share space with the ordinary world. Whatever the case, this is an imaginative fantasy written to start some good discussion with children over h [...]

    16. A somewhat naughty adventure story of children and their foray into the world of fantasy creatures these 'aunts' move in. It's a good story with several references to things that probably don't belong in there: adult issues, mainly. There is also a nudist colony in this story, and while I felt it was dealt with well, I also wondered why it had to be in there. Just silly fun, overall, especially once kids are of an age to process the weird parts. Which would vary by age.

    17. (did not finish)I just found the tone, the writing, and really the themes and characters to be entirely too preachy about conservation. Of course we all know how important it is, but the book really managed to make me feel like I was listening to someone begin a 'save the whales' speech rather than a fiction work aimed at children. Not to mention the whole drugging and kidnapping of children just didn't hit a chord with me.

    18. When it comes to old ladies kidnapping kids and making them do strange tasks, I think I can relate. But you have to laugh. They really do mean well, and sometimes you learn some things you never would have if they didn't kidnap you. Other times, you just have to shake your head and wonder if they're not just losing their minds.

    19. Pesan moral dalam buku ini menurutku bagus banget, tentang lingkungan yang mesti dijaga. Meski awalannya ada adegan penculikan, tapi semakin ke belakang, misi para bibi untuk menjaga satwa di pulau menjadi pembelajaran berharga. Konfliknya tentang keserakahan juga tersampaikan dengan baik. Cocok untuk bacaan anak-anak meski tetap membutuhkan pendampingan.

    20. I love Eva Ibboston!!! Even though her books aren't for teens they're amazingly good. They make me feel like a little kid again :)

    21. I read this book in third grade and then in fourth grade and it was literally my favorite book but all my friends are making fun of me because I liked it and nobody understands how good it is

    22. 3 women (and a temporarily missing fourth) live on an island in the ocean where they care for sea animals that are in need of help. They live a happy enough existence until one day they realize how old they have become, and decide that they need someone to pass the island on to when they die. They decide to kidnap some children they deem suitable for the task, but when one child is accidentally kidnapped, chaos ensues With themes revolving around the importance of nature, it is a sweet book fit [...]

    23. This was an amazing book. It starts out with three "aunts" (Coral, Etta, and Myrtle) arguing about kidnapping children and bringing them to their island. The creatures they take care of are getting out of hand, so the aunts need help. They decide that they will snatch children who will easily adjust to life on the island, and who will work hard. Coral, Etta, and Myrtle spot the perfect victims in London. Once the children have been drugged, they are taken to the island and put to work. Eventuall [...]

    24. Aunts (aka nannies) live and care for a magical island. Leaving the island they find three children they kidnap with the hope of giving them a better life and ultimately hoping they want to leave their other sad, undesirable lives for a new one on the island. When one of the children accesses his cell phone and calls for help a greedy dad arrives to destroy all the lives on the island and in the sea.The story was interesting, but not a compelling read. I kept wanting the pace to pick up or for t [...]

    25. This book was one of my childhood favorites, and I hadn't read it in years. Upon re-reading it I wouldn't go so far as to call it a favorite, but it's still a solid book. While obviously written for children, there are enough references and moments of tongue in cheek humor that I still enjoyed it as an adult, and appreciated the underlying theme of environmentalism and respect for nature more than I did as a child. While I doubt I will keep the book, it was nice to remember childhood nostalgia.

    26. What an absolutely charming adventure fantasy! There was something about this that reminded me of Roald Dahl's books. Four sisters live on an island with their father and look after all the animals that come there for help, including some magical, unusual creatures. They decide they need some children to help them and to carry on after they are gone and so the adventure begins. Would make a lovely story to read aloud.

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this quirky, adventurous fantasy book. The author created such a beautiful, interesting setting and strongly written characters. The story itself was engaging and entertaining with a side helping of environmental awareness woven in without being in your face. Totally enjoyable read.

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