One thought on “Babar's Friend Zephir”

  1. This book's been out of print for awhile, which strikes me as strange. Anyhow, out of the classic Babar books by Jean de Brunhoff, this one is probably the "least" among them. It's a great read, and the artwork is delightful as all hell, but I did feel a little tricked by the title. The book's called "Babar and Zephir," but Babar's only shown on the first page, and even then, it's his back! The book's all about Zephir and a crazy adventure he goes on, so it really should have just been called "Z [...]

  2. I'm a bit of a Babar fan, so I was surprised to find out about this book from Jean de Brunhoff that I had never heard of. I triple-checked to see if it was, in fact, part of the original series and it is. The story itself felt like a Babar book in the manner of storytelling but really it's a kind of spin-off to Zephir's homeland that is similar to Babar's kingdom of elephants. That being said, after having finished the book I could see why it isn't common on bookshelves: The mermaids are topless [...]

  3. Now a book in the Babar series which I do not remember from my childhood Best in Children's Books. I can see why: mermaids. Mermaids who, in the French fashion, do not trouble to wear bikini tops. They're not the least bit sexed up, but no children's editor in America in the 1950s would have dared present them. The narrative in any case mostly wanders away from Babar and the elephants and travels instead with the Old Lady's monkey Zephir to the dwellings of the monkeys, who though quite as civil [...]

  4. Yet another delightful Babar book by Jean de Brunhoff. Babar and the elephants only appear in a tiny illustration on the first page; the rest of the book is taken up by the somewhat fantastical adventures of Zephir, their little monkey friend.I'm unsure whether I read this one as a child; the story doesn't seem familiar, but a few of the illustrations strike a chord with me.

  5. This is a surprising fantasy of monkeys and mermaids. It doesn't have much to do with Babar. The President of the land of the monkeys is a general who wears a Napoleonic hat. So the book is a souvenir of imperialism. Once the monsters come in, including some sort of naked Moses or caveman, it's hard to be upset.

  6. The Babar books by JEAN De Brunhoff are incredibly imaginative, beautiful works of art. This one in particular, starring Polomoche, Zephir the Monkey, Aunt Crustadele and others, is one of the best. "He who smells of rotting apples"

  7. I loved this one. I really enjoyed the adventures of Zephir, who by the way had the most awesome name EVER.

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