Slings & Arrows

Slings Arrows Nobody expects to lose a child but when it happens what can we do In the sea of grief that seizes the soul how can we swim against the tide But when that loss is compounded in each minute of every day

  • Title: Slings & Arrows
  • Author: Julie Elizabeth Powell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nobody expects to lose a child but when it happens what can we do In the sea of grief that seizes the soul how can we swim against the tide But when that loss is compounded in each minute of every day, what do we do then Slings and Arrows is a story about the consequences of a moment, a moment, which separates a mother and daughter in ways impossible to imagine.It chartNobody expects to lose a child but when it happens what can we do In the sea of grief that seizes the soul how can we swim against the tide But when that loss is compounded in each minute of every day, what do we do then Slings and Arrows is a story about the consequences of a moment, a moment, which separates a mother and daughter in ways impossible to imagine.It charts their parallel lives, each suffering, one knowing, one not.It is brutally honest an account filled with bewilderment, guilt, anger and pain yet it also holds the key to hope That whatever happens, the bonds of love can never be broken.

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    1. 'Slings & Arrows' was a difficult book to write but despite its subject matter, it is an important story, especially to those who have suffered loss. So when my daughter, Samantha, was severely brain damaged at the age of two after her heart stopped and she died, then was brought back to survive for a further seventeen years, maybe you can understand why the story had to be told?I could be no less than honest and it'll more than likely be disturbing to read yet it may also help others who ar [...]

    2. While non-fiction isn't generally a genre I read very often, I do enjoy it from time to time. The heaviness of reality can be good for a person who's used to escaping into fiction and fantasy. This novella certainly gave me a good taste of reality, and for a moment, allowed me to connect to another person in a very special way. Every mother who's lost a child would be able to relate to this story somehow. Anyone who hasn't lost a child, won't be able to relate, but can sympathize easily. Written [...]

    3. I was asked to read this book by the author, as I enjoyed her novel 'Gone'. 'Slings and Arrows' is the factual account of what happened to the author's daughter and the true story which inspired the author's fantasy novel 'Gone'. Anyone who has read 'Gone' will be curious to read 'Slings and Arrows' which is a heartrending and honest account of the tragic events leading to the death of her child. It is written from the perspective of a mother who is still to come to terms with the events even af [...]

    4. Julie Elizabeth Powell, courageously and honestly bares her soul so the reader can feel the anguish she feels at her daughter’s harrowing journey through life. This would not have been an easy thing to do and I applaud her courage and the love she had, and still has, for her daughter Samantha who was born with a heart defect and after major heart surgery began a life of hell on earth.I can understand when Julie is torn between her daughter remaining alive in such a painful existence as our soc [...]

    5. Slings and Arrows (julie Elizabeth Powell)This is the true story of the loss of a child. Written from the heart, this tells of a mothers anguish and mixed emotions as she watches helplessly as her child suffers from an early age. Helpless and lost in thought and actionsis is an emotional read, and it left me thinking what would I do in this situation. I can honestly say I would have a lot of the same feelings as Julie had. As a mother I can relate to every word she wrote. I highly recommend to a [...]

    6. Very moving story about the uninvited and unfair judgements we often suffer at the hands of others who have not experienced the trials we have faced.

    7. This story was so powerful and wrought with many emotions and conflicting beliefs. It is about a mother who struggles through losing her two year old baby to brain damage that destroys the brain and deforms the vessel to create a non-response child. She is a shell of a human being, who is encased in a vessel that no longer functions without medical supervision. She is vaguely aware of her environment and stimulus does not awake her from her vegetative state. The mother's heart is breaking, with [...]

    8. I have previously read and reviewed some of this authors stories. Following on from those reviews I started to chat to the author via Facebook, and I found out a bit more about her. After one of these chats I downloaded this book, part of a double edition. I have held back from reading it for quite a while, due to the content I knew was in it. But I decided finally I owed it to the author to read this and give my thoughts.Julie has 3 children. Other people may say she had 3 children, but in my m [...]

    9. "Slings and Arrows" is a moving account of the loss of a child. Julie Elizabeth Powell’s second daughter, Samantha, was born with major heart defects and having survived surgery, the hope was that she would be able to recover fully and lead a normal life. However, this was not to be. Samantha’s heart stopped beating when she was in her third year, and although she was resuscitated, she suffered a huge amount of brain damage. She eventually died, for a second time, when she was seventeen.This [...]

    10. I was asked to read and review this story for I Heart Books. When I started the book I thought oh no I can not read this no matter how short the story. As I kept reading I felt as though if I were to stop reading simply because it is a difficult "emotional" read then I would be shaming the author as well as her daughter. This book is amazingly written, and I'm sure one of the hardest things to write. Would I recommend this book to everyone, no. Not because it isn't well written, I wouldn't becau [...]

    11. This is the true-life account of Julie and her daughter Samantha, who was born with several heart conditions. As you journey through the book with Julie you will feel every emotion possible: a mother's joy at the birth of a beautiful child, her anxiety when she realizes how delicate her little girl's body is, and the horror of watching her daughter become confined to a bed; twisted and unable to communicate.How does a parent cope with the death of a child? What if her child died not once, but tw [...]

    12. Most of us can't imagine losing our child once. Julie lost her daughter twice. The first time Samantha died, she was brought back too late and lived in a vegetative state for nearly two decades. This is Julie's account of events that would have sent many of us to the brink of madness. She tells her story with unflinching honesty and a complete absence of self-pity. I found this incredibly moving, horrifying, sad, but also inspirational.** This is the counterpart to Gone, Julie's fictional and wo [...]

    13. Well I read the fantasy book Gone, personally I preferred this one. I like the way it was written, its a hard read, traumatic in fact, worse still when you know that what you are reading is not fiction. Having had a sister who's child died as I arrived at the hospital from a similar problem, and then not knowing what one should say or do is a difficult life / death experience. I guess knowing God would give me different answers, but still would leave me loads of questions as I guess it has the a [...]

    14. Very heart wrenching. I loved this story even though it was sad. Julie Elizabeth Powell opens herself up to her readers as she tells the story of her daughter Samantha. The struggles that she has just in order to survive day to day. The pain that she was put through as her body changed and basically betrayed itself. The whole family was put through a constant state of worry after Samantha's heart stopped the first time. This is one of those books that just leaves you at a loss for words. There a [...]

    15. This novel was gifted to me by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.A heartbreaking true story from a mother who has lost her child. Her body remains, but her spirit has left. The day to day struggles and emotions of not wanting to let go, but not wanting her to suffer anymore. The guilt and the grief. Thank you Julie for sharing your story with the world. Truly inspiring.

    16. In all honesty, it's hard to express how I feel about this book.It is a traumatic, and deeply moving account of a mothers grief and struggle, to cope and come to terms with the loss of her child.It is beautifully written and gripped me from page one. The authors honesty and expressive writing held me captivatedssed by so many varied emotions as I read.This is a personal account of tragic loss, and as such I find it hard to know if I should recommend it. And yet, Slings & Arrows, is a powerfu [...]

    17. Slings and Arrows is a powerful book which tells the true story of the author’s struggle with grief and guilt and despair after her beautiful two year old daughter suffers brain damage due to a heart problem. Julie Elizabeth takes the reader on an intimate journey with the kind of honesty that makes you feel like you are present in the story. Julie’s book would be a powerful case study for those going into the medical profession who think they might be working with severely disabled children [...]

    18. I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review. This is a true factual account of what happened to the author's daughter. It is hard to lose a child , It is written from the heart, with all the anguish and mixed emotions as she watchs her child suffer from an early age. A very emotional read. It left me thinking what would i have done or would i do if this was my child. As a mother myself i can honestly say i would have the same feelings as Julie had. I look forward to reading more boo [...]

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