The Killing Moon

The Killing Moon No one knows for sure why Don Maddox has returned to his hometown of Black Falls Massachusetts And no one understands why a man with no law enforcement background has hired on with a police force tha

  • Title: The Killing Moon
  • Author: Chuck Hogan
  • ISBN: 9780743289641
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No one knows for sure why Don Maddox has returned to his hometown of Black Falls, Massachusetts And no one understands why a man with no law enforcement background has hired on with a police force that inspires fear than trust in its citizenry What is certain is that Maddox has been asking a lot of questions in his off hours about the activities of his fellow patroNo one knows for sure why Don Maddox has returned to his hometown of Black Falls, Massachusetts And no one understands why a man with no law enforcement background has hired on with a police force that inspires fear than trust in its citizenry What is certain is that Maddox has been asking a lot of questions in his off hours about the activities of his fellow patrolmen, the disappearance of a local sex offender, and the recent incursion of crystal meth into the region When a brutal murder shatters the isolation of this tiny hamlet, both the local cops and Maddox appear to have something to hide from the arriving state police homicide detectives As the tightly wound mystery that is Don Maddox s past begins to fray, he finds himself ensnared in a widespread conspiracy that ultimately threatens his own life, as he learns that even the smallest of towns can harbour the deepest, deadliest secrets Displaying the author s trademark gift for soul deep characterization, crisp pacing, and unflinching realism, The Killig Moon is Chuck Hogan s richest, most satisfying thriller yet.

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    1. Wow !! As the back cover splurge say's 'page-turner is not the word'. I couldn't read this fast enough excellent story, snappy chapter's, superb character's, especially the baddies no time wasting for this guy, what take's other author's a page to set up and/or describe Chuck Hogan does in a sentence and also does it better. Highly recommended read, as it was to me, i will be reading more soon!!

    2. Very weird and slightly surprising -- but ultimately not as satisfying as I would've liked. There ends up being no one to root for or care about (and enough plot to keep you reading, but not really invested.)

    3. LAME. I kept telling myself it would get better and more interesting, but it didn't. No memorable characters, I found the number of players overwhelming actually,I could not remember who was who. It was just, I don't know ? Did I say lame? Lets go with that.

    4. Small town MA thriller mystery. Not very thrilling or mysterious, but it wasn't bad. Sort of like Twin Peaks meets Justified in western mass.

    5. Don't ask me why but this book made me think of James Dickey's "Deliverance" — the theme song from the movie kept going through my head. Maybe because this book has that kinda of vibe, even though it's set in western Massachusetts. But rural rednecks aren't that different wherever their roots are as this tale would have it.Hogan, who penned "Prince of Thieves" as his debut ( it became Ben Affleck's "The Town"), has a fine sense for creating atmosphere, totally believable situations and quirky [...]

    6. "The Killing Moon" is a pretty good detective story by Chuck Hogan. It doesn't hold up against some of his previous books ("Prince of Thieves," "The Standoff"), but should satisfy anyone up for a small-town-murder mixed with some small-town intrigue.A local boy who left town after high school is back, ostensibly to take care of his recently deceased mother's estate. But he's decided to stick around, joining up with the six-person police force. He's got a girlfriend, whom he's told in no uncertai [...]

    7. Perhaps my review can be summed up best by telling you the things I said while listening to this book.1. I've heard worse Massachusetts accents.2. If it's not this guy, I'll be shocked.3. Really? Really?4. Oh puleeze.5. Maybe if this was set in another country I'd like it better.6. Okay, either this chick and her husband are in it together or she's manipulating him.7. Is this guy trying to get tried so he can't be a 2nd time?8. Oh for the love of all things holyally?9. You make her someone else' [...]

    8. Chuck Hogan has a knack for creating characters who are endearing, meaningful, and very, very, interesting. I really love the notion of the stories that he tells. I'm not saying I want to be in his stories, but of the 6 books I've read of his, there are characters who are just fascinating. The stories are incredibly interesting, the action, the plot, everything about his work is enjoyable, and at times extremely frightening. The Killing Moon has some very unseen twists, and Donald, the main char [...]

    9. A gripping thriller set in a small town where the cops are the last people you want to call. This is the kind of book I will avoid like the plague normally. I'm a wimp and grisly deaths or gruesome violence is enough for me to have nightmares if I don't pluck up the courage to stop reading and hurl the book through the nearest window.This book however, ensnared me from the off. There was no question of putting it down, only reading faster to finish it.This is a smart, pacey book populated by cha [...]

    10. 21/2 Stars really. Not a bad mystery on the whole, but felt a bit contrived at times and the character development got lost on the way for certain of the characters (Eddie Pale and his apple- which was so annoying at the beginning). The mystery itself was interesting though with the development of Ripspaw(sp?) and Valerie. Did not think too much of Tracy, however, she was the least interesting character of the book. If you're going to give the main character a girlfriend, at least try to give he [...]

    11. Great pacing, believable dialogue, just enough backstory and detail to fill in the reader but not so much that the book ever slows down or gets boring. Love the way each chapter title is a character. Believable characterization and good description of small-town Massachusetts (though I guess that could be any small town) twists and turns are good, you can figure out "whodunit" at the start, which I think might be part of the point, it's just wondering if the real killer will be revealed by the e [...]

    12. I just started this based on other readers' recommendations. I am not disappointed. I stopped a Deaver novel (Sleeping Doll) after getting not a quarter the way through it. I really like this book by Chuck Hogan. Tell you more when I finish, which I suspect will be sooner rather than later.Finished it. Liked it.I was disappointed by a soap-opera romantic ending. but the rest of the story far overshadowed that temporary slip on the part of a compelling author. This guy, Hogan,achieves a lot and d [...]

    13. I've read a few of Hogan's novels, and this one is probably my favorite so far. Really good murder mystery, and I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised to find out whodunit. The story centers on a crappy little Massachusetts town called Black Falls, which has a corrupt police force and has now been joined by previous resident Donny Maddox, who has (supposedly) had no law enforcement experience. When a child molester goes missing and people start turning up dead, he makes it his mission to get to the [...]

    14. I initially picked up Chuck Hogan books because of his involvement in the Strain series, but I've found that his books are more action than mystery, although he does seem to enjoy a good detective story- and this is what this is. I like that his characters all seem to have flaws, but I was hoping for a bit more in this one. The premise seemed to indicate a darker theme, but it didn't really live up to that for me. I've read a few of his books now, but they aren't horror and they aren't really my [...]

    15. I was somewhat familiar with Hogan based on Prince of Thieves and the Strain series. This is a good story but there is a flaw in Hogan's storytelling. Problem number one is the glut of characters. Problem number two is having the characters narrate the chapters instead of a impartial, consistant narrator. Third problem is the pace. The first twist comes almost 2/3s into the book. The final twist is a good one, but comes so late that readers might have already abandoned the book. Redeems itself i [...]

    16. Picked this up as Chuck Hogan co-wrote The Strain trilogy, and I really enjoyed them.This is a very different novel, a small town police procedural written from many points of view, and focussing on dialogue: sometimes we get a few pages of back and forth dialogue without description. Hence, it is a sparse and sometimes minimalistic novel.Really enjoyed it. Some of the plotting was obvious, and some of the characters were a little cliché, but overall well told. 4 stars.

    17. Like so many crime novels, this one starts out strong. Hogan has great sense of place and creates a very vivid image of the small town in rural Massachusetts where his story is set. The problem is the melodramatic conclusion -- which beggars belief in its plausibility or the sheer survivability of the predicament in which one of the main characters finds him/herself. The end annoyed me for that reason.Still, well worth a read. And I hope Hogan keeps at it. He's good.

    18. I thought this book was amazing and am now obsessed with reading all his other books. I truly couldn't figure out whodunit until the last pages. The characters are all very rich and there are so many twists and turns, I literally didn't put it down until I was done. It turns our Chuck Hogan wrote The Town, which was a GREAT Boston movie, so I guess I slept on him more than a little. Can't wait to tear apart the rest of his books.

    19. I really enjoyed "Prince of Thieves" and felt it was one of the best reads of the genre. This one left me a dissapointed, however, for one simple reasono many characters to keep track of. I know that's pretty lame. I should be a more rigorous reader and break out an excel spread sheet to keep track of everyone and their relationships, but that's just not gonna happen.

    20. MEDIOCRE :pAlthough since we did the audio version (Bob and I on roadtrip) I have to say John Slattery is a really, really good narrarator.Oh yeah, and I hate it when the story has absolutely nothing to do with the title. This story has NOTHING to do with the title. A book can easily loose half a star to a whole star when that is done.

    21. I listened to this as an audiobook as a trial to see if I should sign up to Audible for when walking the dog, but I'm not sure it's for me. I had a stint in the middle where I wasn't paying enough attention then felt I was trying to catch up with the story the rest of the way. Despite this, I loved Hogan's characters and think had I read this I would've enjoyed it more.

    22. I wasn't too thrilled with my choice of this book at the beginning, but boy did it grow on me. Just when I thought that the author should get to the point, he did, love obedient authors lol. I will definitely read more of his work.

    23. This took me a long time to get into and the story was quite fractured, with lots of different characters and story lines combining. It was reasonably enjoyable as crime books go, but I wouldn't rush out to read another Chuck Hogan novel as this book did not really capture my imagination.

    24. It's due tomorrow maybe I can bully through 300 pages tonight. Prove whether it's a page-turner!With a small "donation" to the public library it's done. Light, easy, and hey -Stephen King liked it! Predictable but okay.

    25. I wasn't really impressed with it. The first half of the book seemed confusing. It kept jumping back and forth from character to character. The second half was much better and pulled everything into a tightly knit package.

    26. Good book! It's the lone gunman from the old westerns transplanted to Massachusetts, with a monster lurking in the woods, lots of sad characters. A bang up ending with a little bit of the Maltese Falcon feel to it.

    27. Chuck Hogan is one of the best there is and with this novel he cements himself as a gifted story teller.Fast paced, punchy and thrilling, I loved this tale of a small town and the secrets that it hides.5 out of 5a must read.

    28. A very good read. Author develops his characters so that you get to know them and are more interested in them with as the plot develops just under the surface. Nothing outlandish, but does have surprises.

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