I'll Scream Later

I ll Scream Later Critically acclaimed and award winning actress Marlee Matlin reveals the illuminating moving and often surprising story of how she defied all expectations to become one of the most prolific and belo

  • Title: I'll Scream Later
  • Author: Marlee Matlin Betsy Sharkey
  • ISBN: 9781439102855
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Critically acclaimed and award winning actress Marlee Matlin reveals the illuminating, moving, and often surprising story of how she defied all expectations to become one of the most prolific and beloved actresses of our time.Marlee Matlin entered our lives as the deaf pupil turned custodian audiences fell in love with in Children of a Lesser God, a role for which she becaCritically acclaimed and award winning actress Marlee Matlin reveals the illuminating, moving, and often surprising story of how she defied all expectations to become one of the most prolific and beloved actresses of our time.Marlee Matlin entered our lives as the deaf pupil turned custodian audiences fell in love with in Children of a Lesser God, a role for which she became the youngest woman ever to win a Best Actress Oscar More than twenty years after her stunning big screen debut, the Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress is an inspirational force of nature a mother, an activist, and a role model for millions of deaf and hard of hearing people around the world.In I ll Scream Later, Marlee takes readers on the frank and touching journey of her life, from the frightening loss of her hearing at eighteen months old to the highs and lows of Hollywood, her battles with addiction, and the unexpected challenges of being thrust into the spotlight as an emissary for the deaf community She speaks candidly for the first time about the troubles of her youth, the passionate and tumultuous two year relationship with Oscar winner William Hurt that dovetailed with a stint in rehab, and her subsequent romances with heartthrobs like Rob Lowe, Richard Dean Anderson, and David E Kelley.Though she became famous at the age of twenty one, Marlee struggled all her life to connect with people, fighting against anyone who tried to hold her back Her own mother often hid behind their communication barrier, and Marlee turned to drugs before she even started high school However, she found in acting with the encouragement of her mentor, Henry Winkler a discipline, a drive, and a talent for understanding the human condition that belied her age and her inability to hear By the time Hollywood embraced her, she had almost no formal training, a fact that caused many other deaf actors to give her the cold shoulder, even as she was looked upon as a spokesperson for their community.She has played memorable roles on wildly popular television shows such as Seinfeld, The West Wing, and The L Word, danced a show stopping cha cha cha on Dancing with the Stars, and now, with uncompromising honesty and humor, Marlee shares the story of her life an enduring tale that is an unforgettable lesson in following your dreams.

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    1. I like Marlee Matlin as a person, but as a writer, she has a lot to learn. I know she wrote this book with someone else, which makes it surprising that it's as bad as it is. The writing and execution are poor. She jumps all over the place and there are a lot of gaps time-wise. It would have been nice if she had written more about what it was like to grow up with a hearing loss - she really skipped over that part!There's name dropping, which is to be expected with a celebrity memoir. I liked some [...]

    2. I loved this book. I really connected with Marlee. The things she mentions about growing up deaf the way she had to have the lyrics written out for her to understand a song the preference for action or thriller movies and tv shows simply because they are easier to understand There was so many simliarities between Marlee and myself it was like a literary looking glass. Of course the similiarities stop there as you will certainly never see me on the cover of a magazine or in a movie! But I felt I [...]

    3. Saw Marlee Matlin speak today at the Festival of Books, and she signed a copy of her autobiography for me. She is absolutely stunning in person and so sweet!Okay, have to say I was pretty disappointed in reading this. I didn't expect it to be amazing literature, as most star autobiographies aren't, but it was really, in my opinion, of just a listing of all the men she dated/slept with and all the drugs she did. Made me sad because I do like Marlee Matlin's work so much and she has always been so [...]

    4. I'll Scream Later was an interesting read, but not quite what I was expecting. Admittedly, I don't read a lot of autobiographical, Hollywood-tell-all books, but I found this book to be heavy on the name-dropping and light on the editing. The writing was very choppy, even within the chapters, the subjects would change abruptly. I was also upset by Ms. Matlin's use of the word "Deaf." For people who are not familiar with the Deaf community and Deaf culture, a capital "D" signifies that a person is [...]

    5. I admire anyone who has the drive and positive self-image to refuse to be diminished or defined by a disability. Marlee Matlin is Deaf, and has a happy marriage with four healthy children. She is also an accomplished actress, with a career that began with an Oscar-winning role in Children of a Lesser God. I first saw her in Reasonable Doubts, which I loved, and enjoyed her role as a professional pollster in West Wing. After reading her book, I have to say I also admire her for overcoming her sel [...]

    6. "And though I am Deaf, it is not as if I live in silence. Thousands of thoughts are always buzzing around in my head. That's what defines a life, or at least my life - emotions, feelings, ideas - having them, but also sharing them."I started reading this book on a train ride to New York in mid-March, and stopped reading it afterward because it was on my Kindle, which I tend to neglect. I really admire Marlee Matlin. I love that she's strong and fiesty and doesn't take no for an answer. I love th [...]

    7. This was, to say the least, an interesting read. It was written in a different style than other memoirs I've read. People sometimes say, they write the way they speak. Well, Marlee Matlin does just this. A lot of her speech is short, to the point. Sometimes I would say not as descriptive as someone else might have written it, and this may have to do with her being deaf. I learned through a little outside research, that there is Signed English, which is an almost word for word, more precise form [...]

    8. I had picked this book because I had seen her in the film Children of a Lesser God and thought that she was an amazing actress. After that film I began to watch other shows and movies she had been in. When I had seen this memoir I had expected to read about the actress that I had seen in countless films and her success as an actress. What I had gotten though was far from expectation from eighteen months her life was a constant battle. When I read some of the horrific experiences that she has had [...]

    9. has made me have a huge collection in my wanting to read pile, as of last night there were at least 430 books piled up inviting me to read them. I seldom just go to the library to browse, I do all my choosing sitting on the couch. Cold and chilly nights are making me head to bed early to read too, which is much more relaxing than trying to choose what rubbish to watch on tv.Marlee Matlin was a unknown deaf actress who won an oscar at 21 for Children of a Lesser God. I enjoyed hearing about her g [...]

    10. TNBBC Summer 2009 Challenge 16.6 - Two authors by the same name (part one) 326 pages.I throughly enjoyed this book. Marlee Matlin is one of my favorite actors and it was good to read about her life. I was surprised by her high school yearstypical pot smoking teen. Hollywood didn't have to change her! Fame did change her when she gave up the drugs for a clean life.I would also get the DVD Children of a Lesser God because a big part of the book deals with it. It was also facinating learning about [...]

    11. I had mixed reactions to this book. With her frankness, I almost wondered if she wrote this to have a kiss-and-tell book, with an emphasis on the name dropping bit. Yet I related to her experiences as a Deaf person who also has a role in the hearing world, using her voice. Receiving backlash is something I sympathized with, having gone through it myself. Taking the risk for criticism from the Deaf community always exist when you are in the public eye, and she has handled it graciously. Lastly, I [...]

    12. I've been a huge fan of Marlee Matlin's since I was a little girl; I've always admired and looked up to her. Her new book is full of stories about her life up until now. After reading it, I can definitely say that I admire her even more! The only reason I'm not giving this book 4 stars is that I don't feel like it was very well written/edited. It seems like there are bits and pieces thrown around that don't really fit in the particular spot that they chose to put them. It seemed really choppy an [...]

    13. I knew I was going to enjoy this book from the first chapter!I ended up getting the dvd children of a lesser god to go with the reading, and wow she was so young in that film! Nowadays that guy would be considered a pervert for being with her as she was so young Anyhow the men she has dated was of interest as was her love of Billy Joel and bass music!I love her name, her films her face and really dug the book! the part about a chasm widening as a reference to a relationship really hit home for m [...]

    14. This was definitely a very different read for me.I love Marlee Matlin and this book made me love her even more. I admire that she has no problem admitting that she is far from perfect, that she's made mistakes that people would be terrified to admit publicly like this. This autobiography is very honest, heartbreaking, and sometimes quite funny.This took forever for me to get in the mail. But it was worth the wait. :)

    15. Some parts of this book were very difficult for me to read because they hit a little too close to personal experience; but, Marlee Matlin has lived a very interesting life and I was touched by how candid she was in telling her story.

    16. I'll Scream Later by Marlee Matlin  this book is so freaking amazing and i love it but i never knew about her dark past this book just amazed me from reading it marlee matlin is amazing actress and i love her from my favorite show switched at birth

    17. This book was a bit too all over the place for me. She jumped from topic to topic, sometimes revisiting old ones instead of expanding all at once at times things were mentioned and then laughed off or skipped over. I wanted more, and maybe she just wasn’t ready to share more.

    18. A great work of literature this is not, but it means a lot to me. My mother was Marlee Matlin’s teacher at Wilmot Elementary in Deerfield, as well as a sort of camp counselor for the ICODA when they put on THE WIZARD OF OZ. Everything Mom ever said about Marlee is actually IN THIS BOOK! All of it correct. #FactCheckingMom 😂❤️

    19. Critically acclaimed and award-winning actress Marlee Matlin reveals the illuminating, moving, and often surprising story of how she defied all expectations to become one of the most prolific and beloved actresses of our time.Marlee Matlin entered our lives as the deaf pupil turned custodian audiences fell in love with in Children of a Lesser God, a role for which she became the youngest woman ever to win a Best Actress Oscar. More than twenty years after her stunning big screen debut, the Golde [...]

    20. "I’ll Scream Later" is an autobiography of the Oscar winning deaf actress Marlee Matlin. It was interesting to read through all of the difficult things she has overcome in her life not because of her deafness but because of how other people perceived her because she is deaf. Constantly throughout the book, the reader has the opportunity to understand that Marlee is a feisty, outgoing, witty, and fun loving person who can do basically anything except hear. She puts it perfectly by saying, “Th [...]

    21. I have been loving Marlee Matlin on Celebrity Apprentice and was curious about her life. Her memoir, co written by Betsy Sharkey, is not only fascinating but is illuminating on what being Deaf has meant for her and her career. Matlin's rise to fame and eventual Oscar win for Best Actress begins in the suburbs of Chicago and a chance meeting with Henry Winkler. Later, as a young adult, Matlin lived in the Winkler's pool house while she auditioned for films and tv shows. She survived a violent rel [...]

    22. “I’ll Scream Later“By Marlee Matlin In “I’ll Scream Later”, Marlee Matlin speaks about the numerous events that have taken place in her life. She takes you on a short journey of the things that have taken place in her life. Everything that is discussed in the book is detailed, and drawn out. Needless to say, she’s very candid about what she put in the book. She opens the book speaking about her entering rehab. I thought that was a pretty interesting way to start this off. But, I t [...]

    23. I adore Marlee Matlin. I really do. She's sexy, hot, and a fantastic actor. I give her - as I do any actor - serious props for making it in an industry where most don't.That said, I couldn't stomach most of this autobiography. The schlock that spews from the pages on how wonderful everyone is, and how great her life is made me want to hurl. Even her stint in rehab was painted with rose-colored paint. Her teenage rebellion is looked upon fondly. The tumultuous relationship with William Hurt felt [...]

    24. Don't know why I was so resistant to picking this up. As a deaf person, I've been aware of Marlee and a big fan for my whole life. I think I was afraid of "what happens if she's boring?" and didn't want to know it. She's NOT, it's been a fascinating ride and I'm particularly sympathetic to the travails she's experience of being lauded one second then vilified the next by the Deaf community. By her measure of her hearing loss, I'm actually deafer than her but am completely oral deaf. I don't know [...]

    25. As a deaf person myself, I can appreciate that this isn't your standard show biz biography. Opportunities for a deaf person to rise to the top are rarer than a gold ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. And Marlee Matlin deserves enormous credit for grapping hold of her ticket to Fame and making the most of it, beginning with her visit to Betty Ford's Clinic to tame her drug addiction. She could have so easily squandered her chance. But she didn't. Well done, Marlee!Personally I enjoyed the [...]

    26. I absolutely LOVED IT!!!! I brought this book with me on a road trip to Philadelphia. I started reading this on the way back. I didn't even realize we were home until the car pulled in. This is a good sign for me- not noticing my environment because I'm so engrossed in what I'm reading.I didn't realize Marlee had a past of domestic violence with William Hurt or that she had a history of sexual abuse by two different people. Her drug abuse doesn't surprise me. I know people considered to be in th [...]

    27. I found out about Marlee Matlin through The L-word and instantly got interested. I watched many of her movies and tv-series she's been in and couldn't help but fall in love. So when I found about her book, I'll Scream Later, I just had to read it.Her life has definetely been interesting and at first I was very well entertained by the book. The closer I got to the end though, the more I got the feeling that she wasn't really telling her story anymore but just going through the list of movies she' [...]

    28. This was a swift read about an interesting woman. Matlin covers all facets of her life, if a bit haphazardly. At times, I was uncertain about the order of events. However, it was great to read about her thought process during some her more "famous moments"- like the backlash she got for using her voice to present an award, her "criticism" of Australian Deaf schools, and the like. One aspect of this book I seriously wonder about is her open finger-pointing at the abusive William Hurt, who she dat [...]

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