One thought on “Troll Trouble”

  1. For what it is, it's pretty entertaining. It's like a little sample book so you can get a feel of the main characters, and the monsters they will be encountering in the actual books. The quest is to find the lost twin brother but just as that story line reaches its conclusion, we get another to be continued moment. Following that there is another lite "missing chapter" at the end of the book. I enjoyed this sampler though and kind of want to give it more stars, but it just wasn't complete enough [...]

  2. I absolutely loved reading the Spiderwick Chronicles in elementary school! I would highly recommend them to anyone.Such a quick and easy read. Nice short number of pages for younger amateur readers.

  3. Since this kid book is 40 something pages, I don't count it toward yearly reading challenge. This one was a bigger breeze to get through than the first even. Almost like a series of small scenes in a bigger novel, this one has plenty of tension and the pacing is relentless. Great way to get younger people into reading, short chapters at a time, and to get parents to keep dishing out money. Not expensive though really, and I'm sure you could probably find them in a larger book together. The illus [...]

  4. Spider Wick is a fiction novel, and is a really good book to me. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action books and mystery books. This book is about a family who moves into a old house. There is a secret attic. There are three children and they go into the attic and hear a ruckus. All of the kids see all kinds of shadows, and then the kids find a seeing glass. One children puts the seeing glass up to his eye and can see a goblin or troll and jumps. from there a lot of bad things h [...]

  5. In sprite of starting sort of in the middle of this series, I have enjoyed the first three books of the second series. I love the illustrations and like the three children's characters along with the fantastical circumstances they stumble into and around in. They behave believably and imperfectly- nice! Also, the occasional feeling of dread is appropriate and the action described well. I'd recommend this book to children, definitely.

  6. I thought it was interesting, imagine if creatures like goblins, trolls, and spites around this world coming after you and all you can do is know what you read in a book that you found in a house you just moved into. Your knowledge is the only thing that can help you from that book and you cant let anyone else have it. when I read the book I felt amazed by the creatures in the book and the adventures that Jared went on with Simon and Mallory.

  7. I really enjoyed this book even though I haven't read the spiderwick chronicles, which I want to start so badly!! But, when I found this in my reading teacher's book shelves. I pick it up and read the whole book during lunch and I love it!! They are really short and I can't wait to pick up the first book!

  8. A short special edition book that accompanies the spiderwick chronicles books. Three children have learned about the secret world of faires that surrounds us and have adventures fighting goblins. Well written and very descriptive.

  9. this was just a little tease of what the actual series is about. if you're into creatures like trolls, griffins, sprites and goblins - then this seems like a good book for it. i would like to read an actual full-length book to form a better opinion of the series, though.

  10. What a horrible family. Not a single decent role model in the book. [return]The story line is a bit stale and cliched; I didn't care for these books at all.

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