Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey

Elegant Enigmas The Art of Edward Gorey The delightful tales and theatrical drawings of Edward Gorey American reflect a special kind of genius for what is left unwritten and unseen In Elegant Enigmas The Art of Edward Gorey than

  • Title: Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey
  • Author: Karen Wilkin James H. Duff Edward Gorey
  • ISBN: 9780764948046
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The delightful tales and theatrical drawings of Edward Gorey American, 19252000 reflect a special kind of genius for what is left unwritten and unseen In Elegant Enigmas The Art of Edward Gorey, than 175 reproductions include samples from Goreys books, illustrations produced for other writers, theatrical sets and costume designs, and a wealth of individual pieces,The delightful tales and theatrical drawings of Edward Gorey American, 19252000 reflect a special kind of genius for what is left unwritten and unseen In Elegant Enigmas The Art of Edward Gorey, than 175 reproductions include samples from Goreys books, illustrations produced for other writers, theatrical sets and costume designs, and a wealth of individual pieces, many never before published Sketches, typewritten manuscripts, doodles, and musings join the generous selection of finished works.

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    1. This is a companion to the art exhibit of Edward Gorey that Brandywine River Museum did. There is some biography on Gorey and then some history of his works, his style. I didn't know this, but he loved the ballet and he was a regular at the NYC ballet and would talk to many different people.I love the eclectic works of Gorey. His stories are somewhat difficult to find nowadays and I am trying to read all these stories. I love this quote that opens the book "the helpful thought for which you look [...]

    2. IL TAO DEL NONSENSEHo incontrato (da lettore) Gorey quaranta anni fa e fu subito amore. Amore a prima vista. Mai deluso, e mai interrotto. E infatti, qui il gradimento sarebbe a dieci stelle se si potesse.L'incontro avvenne attraverso ‘The Gashlycrumb Tinies’, un abecedario in cui a ogni lettera è associato un bambino, da Amy. Cadde dalle scale a Zillah, trincò troppo alla svelta, attraverso M per Maud, il mare le fu boia; N per Nevil, morì dalla noia.”Big Little Lies” la tv series di [...]

    3. This is a book for avowed Edward Gorey fans. If you're not one of those, or worse yet, if you've never heard of the guy, don't read THIS book, go read some of Edward Gorey's own books.This book is essentially the exhibition catalog for an exhibition of original drawings by Gorey. For the Gorey aficionado, it provides a rare glimpse of some of his preliminary sketches, and other previously unreleased materials, such as some wonderful illustrated envelopes Gorey created and mailed to his mother wh [...]

    4. This is an excellent overview of Gorey's art, with some real treats for Goreyphiles. The early sketches and the reproductions of his decorated envelopes are particularly awesome. Those who aren't well-versed in Gorey's books might want to hunt down copies of his Amphigories as companions to this text; otherwise, the inclusion of only a few pages from several of his books might be a little frustrating.

    5. We usually check out some roadside attractions when we go on vacation. We happened upon the Edward Gorey House while we were in Cape Cod, it was recommended, so we decided to stop. Now, I had never heard of Edward Gorey before, so I was delightfully surprised. Think of the cartoons of Charles Adams and put a Victorian spin on them. This book states, "The more you know about Gorey, the more difficult it is to define his work." Words can't adequately describe this eccentric artist, so I'm glad thi [...]

    6. Elegant Enigmas is a great compilation of Edward Gorey's work. It not only highlights the work used for his own writings, but includes work he did for others. His drawings are almost always enigmatic, sometimes surreal, sometimes surprising, but always original. I've always admired such detailed artwork and Gorey takes it to a story-telling level. His books are picture books for adults. I was reminded that he did the art for the children's books by John Bellairs, which were some of my favorites [...]

    7. Edward Gorey is a name that most people are at least familiar with. I've heard a lot about him, but haven't really had the opportunity to explore his work(aside from the Twelve Terrors of Christmas, which I didn't really like.) This is a GREAT book for those who adore Edward Gorey and for those who don't know him at all. This book contains artwork that spans his career. It is also equipped with an interesting mini-bio that brings to light his unique, sometimes bizarre personality (which made him [...]

    8. LOVE this companion book to first major traveling exhibit of Edward Gorey's work. Excellent (if brief, it's a catalog, not a biography) background & insight on/into the artist/writer/theatre person :) in the introduction, and thorough, quality presentation of exhibit. It's not quite the same as seeing the detail & fine line work in person, but a great reference to have. Exactly what I wanted when I purchased. The only thing missing is a few photographs of the quirkier plushes/other more [...]

    9. I've always loved Edward Gorey's macabre drawings and stories, which today might be diminished by categorization in the graphic novels section of most bookstores. Not sure why this art exhibition featured *these* drawings among the hundreds of possibilities, but they are representative. The compilation's introductory essay is terrific, if you like that sort of thing. If you don't, just buy a Gorey book and pass it along to friends who don't yet know how eccentric you really are.

    10. Nearly everything I was going to say is already in the official synopsis at the top of this book's good reads page. I loved seeing the elaborately decorated envelopes from the letters Gorey sent home to his mother while he was at Harvard in 1948. The signs of future promise Of course, this was long before automated mail sorting. If you did that to an envelope these days, it might never get delivered.

    11. I like this easy to read illustrated book of my favorite scenes from Gorey’s not-for-childrens’ books!

    12. xoxoxoe/2012/06/m"Apart from describing Gorey's love of cats and his omnivorous interest in books and popular culture, there isn't too much in the accompanying essay about Gorey the man, or his daily life. He loved ballet with a passion and lived in Massachusetts. His love of Buster Keaton and silent films informs his enigmatic black and white drawings and his intertitle-like text. He may or may not have intended his work to be enjoyed by children. Perhaps appropriately, Gorey the person comes o [...]

    13. A fine, gorgeous book -- perfect for Gorey fans who are looking for a bit more insight into his work. No, it is not a biography, but I didn't expect that. It is a well-written guide to some of the work of one of the most brilliant and catholic minds of the 20th century. Entertaining, beautiful, brilliant.

    14. This book is a lovely addition to the collection of a fan of Edward Gorey. It's no replacement for his works, as the pieces within are not complete stories, but it does an excellent job sampling the bits and pieces, making you want to read more.I enjoyed it thoroughly!I received this book for free through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.

    15. This companion book to a Pennsylvania museum's exhibition of Edward Gorey's work is filled with his unsettling, slightly creepy pictures. It also contains a dry though informative essay about the writerartisttheaterman who refused to be defined by what he did.

    16. An interesting little book of some of Edward Gorey's drawings. The essay that accompanies the artwork was a good introduction into the life and work of Edward Gorey. The first time I was formally introduced to Gorey's work was through a jigsaw puzzle. It was nice to see more of his work.

    17. Delightful catalog book that accompanied the traveling exhibition of Gorey's work. It gives a lot of insight into what inspired him and how he viewed his drawings and stories. The art included pages from many stories I'm already familiar with, and others I've had yet to read.

    18. I learned more from the essays within this book about the enigmatic Edward Gorey than from the biography that preceded it.

    19. Gorey is such an incredibly interesting person to read about. A lifelong student of the arts and a true eccentric, every account I read of him intrigues me more.

    20. This was the best of the not-by-Gorey Gorey books. A nice selection of his art, but I'd still rather have the collections.

    21. The text is fairly similar to Karen Wilkin's first book on Gorey, but the paper and reproduction quality is higher and you get a broader selection as well.

    22. Particularly enjoyed the illustrated envelopes, as this was the first time I had seen them. Good overview of Gorey's work - enough to whet the palate for more.

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