Immortal Wife: The Biographical Novel of Jessie Benton Fremont

Immortal Wife The Biographical Novel of Jessie Benton Fremont Historical novel based on the life of Jessie Benton Fr mont

  • Title: Immortal Wife: The Biographical Novel of Jessie Benton Fremont
  • Author: Irving Stone
  • ISBN: 9781417992379
  • Page: 328
  • Format: paper
  • Historical novel based on the life of Jessie Benton Fr mont

    One thought on “Immortal Wife: The Biographical Novel of Jessie Benton Fremont”

    1. Another excellent book by Irving Stone who also wrote The Agony and the Ecstacy and Lust for Life. Immortal Wife is biographical historical fiction about the life of Jesse Benton Fremont, writer, and wife of explorer John Fremont. If you are interested in the history of the American west, it's exploration, and the people, you will enjoy this book.

    2. I read this book in high school, and have remembered parts of it ever since. So I re-read it and was not at all disappointed. Not that this is high-brow literature. It is a historical novel, with some of the contrivances we expect sometimes in the genre (she looks at herself in the mirror and observes her features yawn). But that's not the appeal of this book. Rather, you follow the sweep of US history in the 1830's through the eyes of one of its most intriguing players, Jessie Benton Fremont an [...]

    3. Don't let the cover fool you - this is not a bodice-ripping romance. It is an interesting book about John & Jessie Fremont. He was an explorer of the western half of the United States, crossing the Sierra's in the winter of 1844 and living to tell the tale. This book details their personal and public lives as they live through the tumultuous decades of the 40's, 50's, and 60's. One thing that struck me about these people is the enormous amounts of traveling they did, from Washington D.C. to [...]

    4. Another facinating biographical novel. There were two things I really appreciated about this book. One-it explored the inner struggles of a wife trying to maintain her sense of self as a woman, her ambitions and desires while standing by her man, which in this case was incredibly hard to do. Two-it revealed a tantalizing slice of pre-civil war america and the expansion west. Well worth my time to read, and how did they ever do what they did?

    5. Jesse Anne Benton always knew she would marry a man who respected her, and excepted her help in his work. Enter the world of Jesse as her loving husband leads her through termoil, love, hate, expulsion and other things. Definetly one to read!

    6. The life of Jessie Benton—though this has been largely forgotten—is the story of early American California. Her father was the primary cheerleader for U.S. expansion to the Pacific. Her husband is credited with creating the trails through the former wilderness between Missouri and the Pacific, which later allowed the wagon trains and then the Railroads. When the Gold Rush era replaces the Age of Exploration--John is at the center of that era as well. As the owner of a deeply rich gold mine i [...]

    7. Zanimljivo štivo, lagano za čitanje. Volim Stounova dela, no ovo je na mene ostavilo nešto slabiji utisak nego prethodna dva koja pročitah. Verovatno je do mene, ne do njega :)

    8. I marked this one up like my scriptures. Every wife should read it. There a re several times in the story when John Fremont's wife must cnoose her husband over her father. Good read.

    9. I first read this book in September 1971 in Minot, North Dakota. It has stuck in my mind ever since. I had already lived in Fremont for almost a year previously. I was fascinated by Jessie Benton Fremont and from that time on I said that in my mind my town was named for her not for John. I remembered from the book her crossing at Panama in 1849 overland and sleeping with the snakes in the jungle. I especially thought of that as I rode through the canal on a cruise ship in 2012. California for Je [...]

    10. Not Irving Stone's best but an interesting book, if a bit floridly written. As the story of this controversial couple unfolded, it occurred to me that the writing was similar to their lives, high highs and low lows, a dramatic roller-coaster ride. It inspired me to research Jessie Benton Fremont and to realize how many of John Fremont's footsteps still echo in the West.

    11. The Immortal Wife of Irving Stone's biographical novel is Jessie Benton Fremont. Although she was one of the most famous American women of the 1800's, her name is known only to devout students of American history. She did a lot of writing in order to support her ailing (and possibly mentally ill) husband. A lot of Stone's research for Immortal Wife (1944) came from Jessie Benton Fremont's writings as well as a popular biography from her daughter, Elizabeth Fremont.Most of the historical characte [...]

    12. I'm a huge fan of biographies (although I think it's technically historical fiction). I wasn't thrilled at first that's it's about a woman, written by a man; but the author came through with a strong image of this woman. The story of Jessie Benton Fremont (1800s), the daughter of a senator (THomas Hart Benton, and the wife and partner of John Fremont (a topographer and eventual politician who helped found the Republican party and actually ran for PResident the term before Lincoln.) It includes a [...]

    13. Actually, I didn't finish this book. Having read several of Irving Stone's other biographical novels, I began this one with great anticipation. However, after getting more than 50% through it, I couldn't take any more of the sadness, hardship, and demoralizing experiences of the Fremonts. I know that hard times hit us all, but I don't have to trudge through a book I'm not enjoying. Stone is true to his style -- facts well researched, beautiful writing, elegant characterizations. This one just wa [...]

    14. This book was the classic "don't judge a book by its cover" experience for me. I borrowed a copy from a friend and the cover was a picture that looked like it was straight off of a steamy romance novel. I had a hard time convincing my husband that it wasn't at all about that. I enjoyed the strength of the main character Jessie and her devotion to her husband and her marriage. In our book group, we had an interesting discussion on how Jessie viewed her marriage and how her views affected her acti [...]

    15. Wow! It turns out I've read two books by this author. I read this book years before I ever heard of the author. I didn't like it. It was a good story, and a good history. However I felt like we only saw the good side of Jessie, and none of her faults. People have multiple sides to them. This book was more a praise and worship of the Immortal Wife of a senator, it made her seam unrealistic, non-human, and I began to resent her.

    16. Excellent! Exciting, deeply emotional. Not just a woman's book, for it details the lives of both husband and wife, who had an extraordinary relationship, especially for the nineteenth century! After reading Lust for Life, The Agony and the Ecstasy, and Immortal Wife, Irving Stone has become on of my favorite authors.

    17. This is an inspiring biographical novel about the self-sacrificing life of the wife of John Fremont, Jesse Ann Benton. Set in the pre Civil War west, she and her marriage faced insurmountable hardships. This woman new herself and her calling both individually and as the wife of a man who made great impact on America and the world. I was engrossed in this story!

    18. This was no where as good as THE PRESIDENT'S WIFE. Stone tried to cover too much too quickly. A woman's book in my opinion Too much about the feelings of the people, etc. The important parts were covered in a paragraph sometimes , Just skimmed over. MORE FICTION THAN FACT IN MY OPINION. Author just wanted to sell his book. I am done with Mr. Stone's works.

    19. I gave upo many other books in my stack and this one has a preachy quality (about what a good wife/marriage ought to be) that kept putting me off. I'm passing this on to my sister (it is inscribed to both of us by the author who visited our home in Prague).

    20. For the fans of historical novels this book is a must read. Not only does Immortal Wife give the reader insight into the life and character of Jessie Benton Fremont, but it also gives the reader an understanding of our nation's pre-Civil war political climate and governmental struggles.

    21. I read this book in high school, and thought it was the best love story. I had great sympathy for this woman. And I have always been fascinated with John C. Fremont as an explorer and frontiersman and admired all that he accomplished in the early days of our country.

    22. I learned much history from this biographical novel. Irving Stone's books no longer receive the attention they deserve. If you want to know what life in Washington was like in the days of westward expansion, this is a pleasant way to learn.

    23. Pioneer Travel…Crossing The Sierra's In The Winter Of 1844 and Living To Tell The Tale. Details Their Personal And Public Lives As They Live Through The Tumultuous Decades Of The 40'S, 50'S, And 60'S.

    24. A great work of historical fiction. I wonder why the unattractiveness of Mrs Fremont is so often referred to in the book. Was that to jolt us from any dream of seeing this book as a romance novel? I should think their several tragedies were enough to do that.

    25. A rare gem from Irving Stonead many years ago and fell in love with Jessie Benton Fremont and John Charles Fremont, the man she would love until the end of time. Best historical novel I ever read and I don't have a copy which is a bummer!

    26. One of my favorite books. Strong female character with a side of U.S. history not known to many. What a remarkable First Lady she would of made.

    27. I mention this book because it still sticks out in my mind of an incredible life story written by a man of a womans triumph in life.

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