Till the Stars Fall

Till the Stars Fall Krissa was sheltered from a violent father by the brother she idolized Danny was determined to escape the mines of Minnesota with his sister Quinn is privileged and wealthy Drawn together by the two p

  • Title: Till the Stars Fall
  • Author: Kathleen Gilles Seidel
  • ISBN: 9780451404497
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • Krissa was sheltered from a violent father by the brother she idolized Danny was determined to escape the mines of Minnesota with his sister Quinn is privileged and wealthy Drawn together by the two passions they share music and Krissa Danny and Quinn set up a successful pop group.

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    1. Krissa and Danny French are siblings who live in a small mining town in Minnesota. Danny is an intense young man with a keen mind and beautiful voice. More than anything, he longs leave the small town he despises and his stifling family life with his morose failure of a father and his enabling mouse of a mother. However brilliant he is, he has too much bitterness to really apply himself in school to make it out. Krissa is the perfect daughter with the perfect grades who has the aptitude but not [...]

    2. A month or so ago, Dear Author published their Top 100 romances list (as chosen by their review staff). I've always waited with baited breath for All About Romance's Top 100 (which is chosen by their readers), so I read Dear Author's list with interest. The thing that struck me was how many romances I'd never heard of. So, I resolved to read a few of them. I promptly ordered two of the books that were on the list: To Have and To Hold by Patricia Gaffney, which I've been hearing about for years, [...]

    3. My fifth romance! I could get into these Always a happy ending? What's not to love?The only aspect of this novel I didn't like was Danny's altruistic side. To me it seemed like it came out of no where, and frankly his arguments were too liberal for my taste. "Why should I have better healthcare then them?" Oh please. Because you have the money, money.Other than that, I really enjoyed this read. I thought the characters were likable and the conflicts believable.

    4. I was going to give this book three stars. It was all right, nothing spectacular . . . until literally the very last page. All of it is worth reading . . . for the very last page. Everything comes together with such perfection, it took my breath away. I'm not sure I have ever read a more perfect and profound ending to a novel. And that is all I'm going to say.

    5. I had to force myself to finish this. Not because it was horrible, I've read much worse, but because I really didn't like any of the main characters -Krissa, Quinn or Danny and so it made wanting to read through the end hard. I didn't like them in their early twenties, and I didn't like them sixteen years later. They were all self absorbed, Krissa especially and I just didn't like it. Also why I understand why Krissa did the thing she did back in college regarding her relationship with Quinn, bu [...]

    6. My grade: C+. I ordered a couple of backlist books by Seidel. I've read a few, liked them, and wanted to try more. This one had garnered high praise, but I was disappointed. It was released in 1994 and was just too long. I read about 3/4 of the book, then skipped through to the end. I didn't love or always understand the characters and especially took issue with the complicated Quinn (the hero) and Danny, too. It wasn't bad, but I think the main problem was not going deep enough into the POV cha [...]

    7. A wonderful, heart-tugging story of families, both good and bad, friendship, love, and second chances. The characters are intriguing and richly detailed, and the settings are wonderfully described. The story unfolds slowly, in well-detailed layers, and the ending is romantic and weaves all the plot threads together beautifully, in an uplifting and emotionally satisfying conclusion. Bravado, Ms. Seidel!

    8. Kathleen is one of my three favorite living authors. I have never lent one to anyone who didn't like Kathleen, men and women alike. Some of her books are date because she wrote them years ago, but all are still very worth reading - even the Harlequins!

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