Summer's End

Summer s End FAMILY AFFAIR To their respective families Jack Wells and Amy Legend are outsiders A free spirited man of all trades who takes life as it comes Jack is far different from both his mother the ever o

  • Title: Summer's End
  • Author: Kathleen Gilles Seidel
  • ISBN: 9780061013881
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • FAMILY AFFAIR To their respective families, Jack Wells and Amy Legend are outsiders A free spirited man of all trades who takes life as it comes, Jack is far different from both his mother, the ever organized widow of an admiral, and his methodical lawyer sister And Amy, a professional athlete with exquisite taste and golden beauty, has a glamorous career a world apart fFAMILY AFFAIR To their respective families, Jack Wells and Amy Legend are outsiders A free spirited man of all trades who takes life as it comes, Jack is far different from both his mother, the ever organized widow of an admiral, and his methodical lawyer sister And Amy, a professional athlete with exquisite taste and golden beauty, has a glamorous career a world apart from her bookish older siblings and college professor father When Jack s mother marries Amy s widowed father, the newlyweds invite all the children to spend the summer at the Legends retreat in northern Minnesota While their parents hoped they d all like each other, they hadn t counted on just how well Jack and Amy would get along For affection unexpectedly flares into a burning attraction that threatens to destroy already fragile bonds Caught between long simmering conflicts and clashing personalities, Jack and Amy agree to deny their desire until vacation is over But it seems the they resist, the deeper they find themselves falling in love With a passion this strong, how can they possibly wait til SUMMER S END

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    1. SUMMER'S END by Kathleen Gilles Seidel is a contemporary read.A family affair indeed.When Jack Wells' mom marries Amy Legend's Dad the family is invited to spend the summer at the Legend's family retreat in Northern Minnesota. What occurs is an expected affection between Amy and Jack.They agree to wait until summer's end to deepen their growing feelings and their passion. This story weaves family drama of two conflicting families together to make one family through marriage. While one family los [...]

    2. As a romance, this book doesn't deliver. It's much more a family drama, which is fine, I just don't want you to get confused about what you're reading like I was. :)The book is about the coming together of two families after their older parents get married. The synopsis focuses a lot on Jack and Amy, the youngest of the group, but there was o much going on that I can't honestly feel like their relationship was the focus of the book, and judging by that relationship, it's extremely unsatisfying. [...]

    3. 3.75Rarely do I rate a book exactly what it's overall rating is but that is what I give it. Not quite a 4 but still a good read. A book about relationships, different personalities, and families trying to blend and accept loss and change. The setting of a cabin by the lake makes for some fun and exciting adventure. I read it as my summer was coming to an end. A feel good read.

    4. Three and a half stars. I wasn’t sure how I was going to go settling to another book after reading The Captain’s Daughter. Sometimes reading a really good book makes it hard on the book that follows, so it took me a little while to settle to Summer’s End. As one who wouldn’t consider staying in such rustic conditions without essential facilities like and indoor toilet and electricity just to mention two, I failed to see the big attraction of the family holiday at the lake. One of the oth [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book. The characters are so well written and so well rounded. I love when a story is mostly character based, especially when the characters are so interesting and loveably.Gwen and Hal get married, both of their spouses have died within the past few years and neither expected to fall in love so suddenly.They each have grown children, Gwen has Jack and Holly. Hal has Phoebe, Ian and Amy.Each year Hal takes his family to a summer place by the lake. This year, of course, he ta [...]

    6. I picked up this book somewhere in my travels, where it had been abandoned by another traveler. I liked it enough on the first read to bring it home but it has really endeared itself to me in various re-readings since, the latest of which was this past Christmas.There's one scene where the hero and heroine meet again after a long absence, and the hero gives a speech about skylights that's one of the most romantic things I've ever read.That speech aside, Seidel's talent is not in crafting a grand [...]

    7. My grade: B-. Although this is billed as a romance, to me it is women's fiction. There is a romance in it--Amy and Jack's--but that's just one of the plot elements. It's about a big, dysfunctional extended family. I liked all the family members (except the two I wasn't supposed to like). I adored Jack. I'd like to marry him, actually. Everyone in the story has to realize they have contributed to the dysfunction and work to change. There was no description of Jack and Amy's sex or even of their k [...]

    8. This was my first book by this author. I liked the story and the multiple family threads. The internal dialog was sometimes confusing-I would have to read a few times or flip a page to figure out whose thoughts I was reading. I also did not completely buy into the romance or at least the speed of it but I could see the possibility and liked everything else well enough. I give 4 stars despite these problems since I picked it up to read a few chapters and didn't put it down until I finished.

    9. I had not read a Kathleen G. Seidel book in several years. I had forgotten what a lovely writer she is. This book had alot of family dynamics in it, and the romance was not the 100% focus of the book, but Seidel's characters are so compelling, interesting and real that I found the book to be an absolute page turner. I was sad for it to come to an end. imo her writing style is similar to: (small town feeling)Susan WiggsLaVyrle SpencerSheryl Woodsloved it.

    10. Wanneer haar vader hertrouwt met zijn moeder en hun twee families de zomer doorbrengen in het vakantiehuis aan het meer, springt de vonk tussen Amy en Jack over. Maar niet al hun broers en zussen zijn het eens met de uitbreiding van de familie en als ze ontdekken wat er tussen Amy en Jack gaande is, gaan de poppen aan het dansen…Een typisch liefdesromannetje, dat uiteraard goed afloopt…


    12. My Mom passed this book to me after she finished it during our summer vacation. I enjoyed it-definitely a clean read (romance there, but no details!)-definitely more than just chick lit. This is a story of a dysfunctional family and their annual month spent at their lake cabins. At times, a page turner.

    13. Another book I really enjoyed. Love the family dynamics and the awwwww ending. Also another book that I wished din't end when it did, I want to know how everything ends :( It's not finished to my liking LOL I guess that is a sign of a good book - I want more :)

    14. Kathleen is one of my three favorite living authors. I have never lent one to anyone who didn't like Kathleen, men and women alike. Some of her books are date because she wrote them years ago, but all are still very worth reading - even the Harlequins!

    15. This is not a romance novel and more a contemporary fiction about the family dynamic. The synopsis is very misleading since a majority of the novel centers around the two families and goes into detail about their personal issues. No sex, no romance, and very little about Amy & Jack as a couple.

    16. A lovely family story/contemporary romance set at a lake in Minnesota. I bought a lot more books from her back list but this is my first read, so I hope the rest will be as interesting.

    17. I don't know. Seidel is a lovely, subtle and comprehensive writer. This one progressed slowly, surely but I don't think I'm going remember it past tomorrow. *shrug*

    18. Mangaed to make it halfway. I love the writing, but I wasn't invested enough in the characters to see how things turned out.

    19. Boring not too much happened and the love story was not well developed. Hard to follow. She was very choppy in her writing and I got lost a couple of times.

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